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Our First Time!
by Mistress J

We often fantasized what it would be like to delve into the world of slave and master, but never thought it would or could be this erotic! My husband and I always had a more than exciting sex life; satisfying any and every fantasy imaginable. If we thought of it ... hell, we did it! That's just how great it was. Neither of us knew that fantasies could be so exciting until the day my husband revealed to me that he always fantasized about being a slave and having a master ... yes, he wanted to enter the world of dominatrix! Needless to say, I had never thought of this and was a little shocked when he said it, but the more he shared his thoughts, the more turned on I became. I love him and he loves me so of course I said WHY NOT!!

To enter this world of being a dominatrix and a bad BITCH, first I had to do my homework. I wanted his fantasy to be like none he nor I had ever experienced. I started reading stories online to learn of this life and more I read, the more excited I became. Once the research was done, I was now ready to fuck my slave.

Our next step was how we wanted to carry out our fantasy. We decided to go to a hotel to carry out our master and slave fantasy. He asked what did I want to be called. I thought for a few seconds and responded, "Mistress J, you fucking slave!" With every curse word I said, it turned him on more and more. I watched as his dick grew harder and harder. Once I knew that, cursing became a part of my life style. Everything I did and said was done with one purpose ... to make my slave's dick hard.

The day had come to finally fuck my slave, so we made our hotel reservation and the fun had begun! I had already instructed him to go and purchase a pair of red silk boxers and a black silk necktie and bring them with him. He didn't ask why, but only smiled and kissed me passionately because he knew I was ready to fulfill everything he asked. I arrived to the hotel first so that I could set the stage. Prior to arriving at the hotel, I had already written out his detailed instructions and left them in the bathroom on the counter along with a pair of black leather handcuffs and a black silk blindfold. A note was also written and left on the hotel door instructing him what to do once he entered the room. The directions were as follows: "Slave, behind this door is the sexiest bitch you have ever seen ... your MISTRESS! You are to follow every direction that I give or you will be deeply punished. When you enter the room, you are to immediately go in the bathroom, remove all of your clothes, neatly folding and placing them on the counter. You are then to put on the red silk boxers and the black necktie. Once you have on the boxers, you are to leave your dick out so that your master can see it. Additional instructions will be written in the bathroom. Now, knock on the door and prepare to ENTER MY WORLD!"

There it was ... the knock on the door! I could feel my breathing getting heavier and heavier as I started to get so turned on. He opened the door and yes, he immediately went in the bathroom. He didn't look for him or anything. He just followed the directions of his MISTRESS!

I stood at the door and could hear him reading the directions as I instructed. I could hear him removing his clothes and heard the sound of his belt when he placed it on the counter. I heard the handcuffs clinking as he put only one cuff on his arm as the instructions stated. Once my slave had followed all of the directions and had on his blindfold, the note instructed him to knock on the door and wait for his master to come and get him.

Now, while he was getting dressed as my slave, I was in the other room getting dressed as the sexiest dominatrix he could imagine in a sexy black corset with a matching thong, garter, and hose. With my 5'7 slim body and longer than life sexy legs, I put on my 3" stilettos and slowly walked to the bathroom door with my whip in hand to get my slave. I waited patiently and then suddenly I heard a noise ... "knock, knock, knock! Master, your slave is ready!" That was clue to let the games begin!

As I walked to the door, I asked my slave was he ready for this. I knew how much he wanted me, so I spoke to him in my sultry, sexy voice to turn him on. I slowly opened the door and there he was ... my 6'4 240lb slave standing in front of me with the hard dick! Damn, I was ready to fuck him right then but I knew I couldn't. I grabbed the necktie he had on and pulled it hard, directing him to follow me as I spoke no words. He couldn't see anything so he had no idea what was going to happen next. Yes, he had to trust his master's every move. I led him over to the chair and made him stand there. I then took my whip and slowly ran it all over his body. With each stroke of my whip, his breathing became deeper and deeper as his dick got harder than I had ever seen it before. It was as if it was reaching for my wet pussy and had a mind of its own. "No, your dick didn't touch me!" I screamed at him and pushed him down in the chair . I stood over him like a Roman goddess ... POWERFUL ... as I watched this 6"4 240lb man sit there helpless, waiting for me, his MASTER ... to give him his next order. Now I felt the POWER!

While he sat there helpless, I knew he wanted me. "Slave, do you want to touch me?", I asked. "Yes Master!", he replied. "Do you want to fuck me?" I asked. "Oh yes my beautiful and sexy Master! More than you know.", he responded. I immediately straddled his dick without touching it and watched it grow harder and harder as it reached upward for my dripping juicy pussy. I rubbed my nice firm tits in his face and made him lick between them as I moan with delight. I slowly brought my lips to his and allowed him to kiss me as I slowly licked his lips with my tongue. His breathing became heavier and heavier as our kisses became more and more passionate and then it happened ... his 9" dick slowly was thrust deep and hard in my wet pussy.

I let out a loud moan because it felt so damn good. I wanted to stop him, but it felt so damn good I couldn't. I started riding his dick up and down, up and down, over and over. I knew if I continued this, he was going to cum so I grabbed his face and told him that he had better not cum and if he did, I was going to punish him with my whip. After stroking his dick a number of times with my pussy, I got up and stood above his mouth, this time forcing him to not only eat my pussy, but also taste his cum that was dripping from my pussy. I began to moan over and over, louder and louder, telling him, "Eat me slave, lick me, eat me, lick me!" while holding his head firmly against my pussy. On no, it's going to happen! I thought. Before the thought finished entering my head, I could feel the warm rush of my juices flowing from my pussy as my body started to tremble and shake. "I'm cuming slave!" I moaned loudly and my cum flooded his mouth.

I had never experienced an orgasm like that in my entire life, but now it was time to satisfy my slave. After I finished cuming in his mouth, I kissed him hard so I could taste my cum in his mouth, feeling our tongues touch just turned me on even more. I got up from his waist and pulled him from the chair by necktie, directing him to go to his knees.

Once I had him on all fours, I told him to lick by stilettos. "Yes, Master!", he said. Did I just hear him correctly? Did he say he would lick my shoes? Yes, he say it because when I looked down there he was ... his tongue out of his mouth licking my stilettos! My pussy immediately got wet all over again. I could tell how this really excited him so I asked him if he was ready to cum. "Yes Master!" he said. I wasn't going to let a slave fuck me that easily, so I said, "Beg to fuck me!" And he did!

I was so turned on with that that I grabbed him up by his necktie and ripped his blindfold off so he could see his master and the pussy he was about to fuck. He immediately grabbed me and bent me over the bed and thrust every inch of his big dick deep in my ass harder than he ever had. I screamed in pain, but i wanted more so I said, "Fuck me slave!" As soon as those words came out of my mouth, he started fucking me so hard I could feel his dick in my stomach. I began grabbing the sheets and pulling them toward me and the pillows to muffle my screams, but that seemed to make him thrust harder and harder and harder then faster and faster and faster until he said, "Master, I'm cuming!" At that moment, he put his hands firmly around my slim waste and pulled my ass to his dick and flooded my pussy with his thick cum. It seemed like he would never stop cuming. After he finished, he collapsed on top of me, kissed him passionately, looked me in my eyes and softly whispered, "I love you baby!" and we drifted into a deep sleep.

I can't wait until our next fantasy. I don't know how it could beat this, but we are definitely going to try. I am loving this new life of being my slave's master! Nothing is more fulfilling than this!

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Mistress J

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