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Ode To The Lap Dance
by Exakta66

Went to the local go-go to see what's shaking,
Found me a hottie who was really quaking,
Moving to the music, the pulsing beat,
This young beauty was light on her feet,
Back arched, legs high in the air,
As I sat with my drink, I just had to stare,
This young thing was really on fire,
So much energy, seemed she'd never tire,
She soon had the crowd eating out of her hand,
Watching her was more than I could stand,
I then called over the cocktail waitress,
A hot looking babe in a tight mini-dress,
I said to her, 'Get the lady a drink.'
Buying some time, I started to think,
This little dancer just looked so fine,
I had to walk over and throw her a line,
I see you're a girl who likes to climb poles,
Well, I'm a guy who likes to fill holes,
If you're a girl who likes to dance,
I got a pole hiding in my pants,
She got on my lap with that big behind,
Moving to the beat, she started to grind,
Working her body nice and slow,
The tent in my pants starting to grow,
I reached forward and grabbed her butt,
As she reached down and stroked my nut,
As I reached forward and stroked her thigh,
She glanced back and looked me in the eye,
She looked at me and called me 'Honey.'
Pretty soon I had spent all my money,
I left the bar completely broke,
Had to go home and start to stroke,
But I'll never forget that hot looking chick,
Who left me broke and stroking my dick.


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