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My wife in an adult theater
by Joe 94

My wife and I learned about the adult theaters from a coworker who took us to one. After that first experience at an adult theater we made it a point to be there twice a week Friday evening Saturday afternoon.

When my coworker asked me if my wife and I would like to see an adult movie I told him yes but nothing was mentioned about him getting anything from her but I figured it would happen anyway so I said okay.

He picked my wife and I have Friday night we arrived at the theater we had to stand back to let our eyes get adjusted to the dark my wife was in the middle after our eyes were adjusted we found a seat I went in first then my wife then my coworker.

After watching the movie a few minutes I noticed my co-workers hand was on my wife's leg she made no attempts to remove it so I knew it was going to be a pretty wild evening at that time. But eventually she opened her legs up so he could play with her pussy after a few minutes he told us to follow him to the up to the balcony.

I had no idea that things went on in a public theater but when we got to the second landing in the balcony told my wife she remove her panties he had his cock out ready to give her a real good fucking. Men started to gather around to watch the action my wife was getting one of the best fucking have ever seen plus had a rather large audience.

When my coworker was done with my wife he asked me if the other men could have a go at her I told him to ask her if she says okay go for it. She agreed she had about two more hours of real good fucking.

After that we went to that later tonight week it became a regular thing for a long time. Any time after that that I met a man that I wanted to watch fuck my wife I would tell him to meet me at the theater not telling him my wife would be with me he would find that out soon enough.

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Joe 94

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