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My wife has a very hot night
by Harold Spencer

Over the years I have had many sexual adventures, both as a swinger and as a world traveler meeting some interesting and exciting partners. I hope you enjoy this adventure and let me know me if you do.

My wife and I had been working out of town for several months, and corresponding with several men that we hoped to have a 3 some with. Cat was a very attractive lady, 5'4, about 130#, very busty and long auburn hair almost to her waist. We enjoyed 3somes, she loved the attention of 2 men with hard cocks, loved to suck and swallow, loved having 2 cocks at the same, one in her mouth and one in her cunt, and was a VERY enthusiastic lover! We were both safe, so she could fuck bareback, no condoms required, and she could feel her partners hot cumm as it filled her cunt, which was a big turn on for both of us.

I loved watching her suck a hard cock and the pleasure on both his and her face as she swallowed every drop. I loved watching another man fuck her hot tight cunt and the obvious pleasure she was enjoying. Once he filled her and pulled out she would lay there, a smile on her face, her legs spread, and a river of cumm running out of her cunt. I would then clean her up, sucking up all of their mixed juices, then move up, slipping my thick 8°… cock into her still sopping wet hole. I love the taste of a well-fucked cunt as well as the feel of another man's, or men's, hot sperm around my cock as I fuck her. She could fuck for a couple of hours, so she was always wet and slippery.

We had left a message for Bill, a proposed partner on his answering machine and he called us back at our motel while I was eating her hot cunt and teasing her clit. He figured out from her voice what was going on and asked her if I was fucking her. She explained, not yet, just eating my cunt! He wanted to hear her describe it, so she proceeded to give graphic descriptions between her moans. I then moved up and started fucking her while she gave VERY detailed descriptions of my cock and what it was doing to her cunt! He was also telling her about how he was stroking his cock, how hard it was and how much he wished he was with us. I held off until she came and then I came hard, squirting lots of sperm deep into her cunt. Our climaxes put him over the edge and he came all over his hand, telling her how good it felt. After we calmed down we tried to get together for later but he was already tied up with a couple of out of town buddies for that night and we were leaving the next morning, so we decided to keep in touch.

We decided to drive downtown and pick up some new Swingers Magazines after dinner. (This was in the days before the Internet) It was about 8 PM, just after dark when we drove over to the Adult Book Store to get the Magazines. My wife stayed in the car as we were not comfortable parking in the only place available. I slipped into the store and spent a few minutes locating the ones we wanted. We loved reading the ads, looking at the pictures, and deciding who we wanted to contact. We also ran a couple of ads and would spend a lot of time going over the answers we received, and enjoying the enclosed photos. We always answered every one and were able to meet some of the ones we wanted. It was fun to call them and talk sex over the phone too; most of them also seemed to enjoy it! My wife has a very soft and sexy voice!

When I came out she was talking to a very good-looking Blackman of about 25 or 26, my wife was about 35 and I was 12 yrs older. He knew where I had gone and had stopped to see if my wife was going to go in and join me as he thought she was pretty hot and hoped to join us. I talked to him some when I returned and my wife indicated she was interested in letting him join us in our motel. We had really planned for, and looked foreword to meeting a couple of men while in town and we were both quite horney and disappointed in not getting to fuck anyone. The schedules just didn't work out for that weekend.

John joined us in the front seat as Cat had moved over closer to me. Her blouse was partly open and she did not have a bra on so John had already gotten a nice view standing outside the car looking in. As she moved over Cat let her skirt ride up her legs quite a ways, showing lots of leg, but doing it quite casually! We could see that John had quite a nice bulge in his pants, Cat reached over and stroked it, John let out a gasp and slid his hand between her legs and felt a soaking wet pussy, no panties. It only took a few minutes to get to the motel and John fingered her cunt all the way home! I parked; we straightened up and went into our room.

I immediately went over and removed Cat's blouse letting her large, full breasts loose, while she dropped her skirt to the floor, then lay back on the bed, telling John to get out of his clothes as I was shedding mine.   John had a nice cock about 8 inches, 2 inches thick and a pronounced curve to the right. This fascinated Cat and she immediately took it into her mouth and began sucking and stroking it, driving John up the wall! She sucked on his knob while her hand stroked his shaft, then she took him all the way into her mouth, then back to the knob again. He only lasted about 5 minutes then exploded into Cat's mouth, not believing she would swallow it! She took every drop, sucking him dry. Cat told me later that it was one of the biggest loads she had ever had, she thought he must not have cumm for quite awhile. John immediately dropped down, took her full succulent breast into his hands and mouth and started squeezing and caressing them as he sucked her nipples. John would nibble, then suck each nipple for several minutes, alternating back and forth as he caressed and gentle squeezed her large breasts. Cat loved having her breasts played with and nipples sucked. I sat and watched, and she reached over to stroke my cock for a bit. John moved down and started sucking Cat's cunt, running his tongue up between her labia and flicking her clit. He was pretty good and she came in about 10 minutes and again 5 minutes later. He soon moved up and slipped his curved cock into her hot cunt and I loved watching as first the knob, then the shaft of his cock disappeared into her soaked cunt, then he slowly pulled it out. He started pumping it in and out, slowly, then gradually faster, deeper and harder. Cat was really enjoying it as he was hitting places not often reached as she cried out and matched his thrusts, working her muscles and legs. She was moaning and was also sucking on my cock too, though John's fucking distracted her from my cock some. He had cumm once so this time he really lasted longer, and he fucked her for almost 20 minutes as she cried out in pure enjoyment and ecstasy, but was still trying to work on my cock. I was really enjoying watching his cock as it almost left her cunt, then he rammed it back in, again and again, between the sight of his cock fucking her cunt and her mouth on my cock I finally exploded in Cat's mouth and a moment later John came, pumping his hot load deep into her cunt, triggering her through another big climax. She had had so many I lost track!

He collapsed on the bed alongside Cat and she immediately moved down to suck all of the cumm off of John's cock and I dove into her cunt and cleaned it up again.

Finally we just lay there for a bit talking about what we had just done, then John got dressed and left. I slipped my now VERY hard cock into her cunt and fucked her for almost 20 more minutes, feeling the hot, wet, slippery cumm around my cock as we fucked. I really love that feel! After I came again, depositing some more cumm deep into her cunt, I slipped down and sucked her cunt and clit for almost 15 minutes, giving her a couple more climaxes and sucking up every delicious drop of her's, mine, and John's juices.

It was now about 11 PM and we were still horney, but about ready to call it a night, when the phone rang and it was Bill. Cat answered as I was in the bathroom. He apologized for calling so late, but wondered if we were still interested in meeting him that evening. Cat got excited and said of course, she was really looking foreword to his big hard cock. (We had seen a picture of it that he had sent, and it was not only about 8 °» long, it was quite thick, about 2 °», with a very big knob!) Cat had really been disappointed when he could not meet us, she could almost feel that beauty buried inside her! He said there was one slight problem, his friends, 2 of them were looking for sex too and did we know a couple of other women so that we could have a party. Cat paused, then answered no, that we did not know anyone we could get on such short notice. He was disappointed as he too was very horney and really hoped to spend some time with us. After that after noon's phone call he could not get her out of his mind. She asked him to wait a second and then explained the problem, would I wind if he brought up his friends, she could handle all of them!

We had talked about this in the past, and it seemed like as good a time as any to see how it went.

She asked Bill if his friends would object to sharing her? He was surprised but thought that they would agree as they had really been wanting to get fucked.

About 15 minutes later they knocked on the door and she let them in, she had on an almost invisible thin nighty! They whistled in appreciation and told her how sexy she looked, just what every woman likes to hear! Cat told them to get undressed and join her on the bed. Soon there were 3 naked men plus me climbing onto the bed. All 3 were mid 30s, and had nice cocks, which is what she had hoped for. Cat lay on the bed, her legs spread so that they all had a good view of her cunt, the nighty open, exposing her breasts. Bill immediately went down to her cunt and began to suck her clit, while she grabbed Joe's cock and started sucking him off. Chuck started on her breasts as he was a big °»titty°… man, and loved what she had. I just leaned back and watched her suck a nice thick cock into her mouth and begin to pleasure it! She sucked Joe like he had always dreamed of and in a few minutes he said, °»I'm going to cumm!°… and tried to pull out but she held him and close and swallowed ever drop as his cock pulsed and throbbed, sending a big gob down her throat. He could hardly believed what she had done! She pulled Chuck up and started sucking his cock, starting at the knob in her mouth and the shaft being stroked with her hand. Bill was busy devouring her cunt and sucking her clit, guiding her through a couple of climaxes. He moved up, took his cock in his hand and slowly rubbed it up and down her slit. I watched as he eased the knob in between her labia, still rubbing and teasing her cunt with it. He gradually pushed it in, stopped, then pushed some more. Cat was crying out, °»Fuck me, oh, please fuck me!°… She was trying to talk and suck cock at the same time! Bill finally buried his cock into his balls as she gave a little scream of pleasure. He began a slow steady thrusting as she thrust back, matching him. Bill fucked her for almost 20 minutes as Cat experienced climax after climax, still sucking on Chuck's cock, until after about 10 minutes he exploded in Cat's mouth, pumping a large pulsing load of sperm into her, and she swallowed it all too. She was so involved with fucking Bill we all just watched for another 5 minutes or so when he cried out, drove as deep as he could and shot his cumm deep into Cat's body. She lay there as Bill slowly pulled out, large amounts of cumm running out of her fuck hole. Joe immediately moved in and buried his cock into her sloppy, dripping cunt and started fucking her real hard and fast. I kissed her and whispered how much I was enjoying her getting so much cock! I loved watching! Joe lasted about 10 minutes then he added his hot sperm to her hot cunt. As soon as he pulled out, Chuck mounted her and also started long deep strokes as he fucked her, deep and hard. He lasted about 20 minutes before crying out and driving his cock deep to add his steaming load to her hot hole. As he pulled out I noticed a big puddle of cumm on the bed, her cunt lips were spread about 2°… from almost an hour of steady fucking by big cocks, and it was full to overflowing with sticky white cumm. Oh what a great sight!! I eased my hard throbbing meat into her well-fucked cunt hole and made long deep strokes, feeling the sperm in her cunt ooze past my cock with every thrust. While I was fucking her cunt she was back to sucking their cocks again, I always felt this was one of her favorite pastimes!

I took my time and she was able to get a couple more hot loads swallowed before I came again. Every one took a turn fucking her again, thanked her and I and then they got dressed and left.

Once they left I spent about 10 minutes cleaning out her well-fucked hole and sucking up every thing I could, then we went to sleep, in the other bed, as this one was quite wet in one spot! Both totally worn out and fully satisfied! It had been a great day after all!

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Harold Spencer

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