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My Wife Gets Double Teamed
by Lizzy Ches

My wife Liz and I have been married 15 years and recently we agreed to open up our marriage where each of us could pursue other sexual partners. This arrangement would allow us to spice up our sex lives and yet keep our marriage intact. My wife has already had several encounters and I have yet to find my first.

The other night in bed, Liz shocked me by stating, "Honey, I would really like to try a threesome." I looked at her and said, "Are you serious?" She nodded and I happily replied, "That would be great! Do you think any of your girlfriends would be into it?" She hesitated and responded in a low voice, "Actually, that is not quite what I meant. I was hoping I could convince two of your friends to join me." My jaw dropped and I angrily shot back, "Are you fucking kidding? Thanks for leaving me out! I can't even get anyone to fuck me and you want to bang two of my friends! What the fuck do you want me to do? Watch?" She replied, "Actually, I would like that. You could hide out in the downstairs bathroom. Please honey. We agreed to this open relationship and I really want to try this out. They do not have to be any of your good friends. How about a couple guys from your basketball team?" I exclaimed, "My team? Those guys are all in their low 20's! They're almost kids!" My wife's eyes lit up and she said, "Please, honey! I will try to help you get laid. Do this for me." I reluctantly agreed but I was not happy.

The next night, Liz attended one of our basketball practices and saw all of the guys on our team. By the end of the night she knew all of their names and more importantly to her, what they looked like. On the way home, she said, "Thanks for introducing me to all the guys. I will give you a couple names tomorrow morning." I responded, "You do know that some of these guys have girlfriends and they may not be into a threesome, especially with another guy." She replied, "I'll take my chances. If only one complies, I will still have a good time. If both turn me down, you can have your way with me for the afternoon. Just remember, whatever I say or do, do not interrupt us." I thought about it for a second and then reluctantly agreed. I admired her confidence but I wondered if she could handle the possible rejection. My wife is still hot for a women in her late thirties. She is petite and has a washboard stomach, a tight ass and great breasts. I think she has a shot at convincing one, but no way she gets the threesome.

The next morning, Liz had already left for work and there was a note on the table. It only read, "Pete and Mike. Thanks again. Love Liz." I knew she would pick Pete who was the best looking and tallest guy on our team. He also has a hot girlfriend. My wife also chose Mike who happened to be black and a little shorter than Pete, and he too had a steady girlfriend. Both guys were in phenomenal shape and both were well endowed since I have seen them in the shower. Based on these two choices, I thought my wife did not have a chance on convincing either, but I had to let her try and perhaps fail. I talked to both those guys that morning and asked them to come over on Saturday afternoon to work on some new plays. They both agreed.

That day came quickly and before they came over, I parked my car down the road so it was out of sight. I wished my wife luck and then hid out in the bathroom. At least I would be close by if they shot her down. I had know idea how she was going to even bring up the subject. This was going to be interesting.

Both guys arrived in the same car, which seem to be bad news if one guy was not interested. Liz greeted them at the door and invited them inside. They asked where I was and she replied, "He had to go down to the store but should be back soon." She asked them to turn on the game in the other room and make themselves comfortable. They both sat down on opposite ends of the couch. Both were wearing gray shorts and tank tops. My wife was dressed to impress. She had on a string bikini top that showed plenty of cleavage and very small skirt. They both gave her the once over and seemed to like what they saw. She walked in and stood in front of them with her hands on her hips and said, "You guys want something to drink? We have water, soda, sports drinks, beer and a full bar." They both went for a beer. She came out with a couple of tall glasses of brew and she fixed herself a mixed drink. They chatted for awhile and each of them had a couple more beers. After the last round my wife came in and sat between them on the couch. She loved the attention as both guys were fawning over her with small talk. As I watched from behind the door, I noticed that neither guy asked when I was coming home.

I believe the alcohol was kicking in now because my wife suddenly put one of her hands on each of their thighs and left them there. They did not seem to mind as the conversation continued. Liz then piped up with a sly grin on her face, "What do you boys like do for fun?" Mike responded with a big smile, "Lots of things. Did you have something in mind?" My wife replied, "Maybe. Do you guys like to have sex with women you barely know?" Pete replied, "Sometimes. Depends on the situation." Liz looked at both of them and said, "How about a situation where you boys can fuck my brains out?" As she spoke, both of her hands moved on top of their packages and she started rubbing them through their shorts. It did not take long to see their bulges appear. She then said, "I will do anything you ask. I mean anything. I am your slave for the afternoon." She then reached into their shorts and grabbed both cocks and started to stroke them. Mike and Pete looked at each other and Pete answered, "Anything?" My wife nodded, "Anything your hearts desire." They both did not answer and instead quickly pulled their shorts down and let their massive cocks see the light. Pete's cock was long. I am guessing 10 inches with a good amount of girth. Mike's cock was slightly shorted by an inch but he was incredibly thick, maybe twice the thickness of Pete. Both had huge smiles on their faces as my wife spit on her hands and stroked them off at the same time.

Pete then spoke up first, "Why don't you start by sucking my cock." Liz responded, "Anything you say." She then turned to Mike, "I will be right with you, Mike." His responded, "All right. You better not forget about me!" My wife climbed on the couch and knelt down on top of Pete's long stick. Her ass was facing Mike so he lifted up her skirt and saw that she did not have any underwear on, so he shoved his fingers into her clit and started massaging it. Liz started at the tip of Pete's cock and slowly sucked on it. She then licked from his balls all the way up to the tip before reinserting it back in her mouth. Even with both hands wrapped around his member, there was plenty exposed. She managed to get half of his cock into her mouth with ease. Pete's eyes were closed and he laid his head back and started breathing heavy.

Mike on the other hand managed to insert three of his fingers inside of my wife's cunt and was jamming them in hard. He then laid on his back and slid his head in between her legs and started tonging her wet snatch. She pressed her ass down on his face to try to take in as much of his tongue as possible. He grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them hard. She started moaning loudly while still working Pete's shaft. Liz then started increasing her pace by removing her hands and taking in more and more of Pete's cock. His hands were now on top of her head and he was pushing down in order to jam it down her throat. I could hear her gag but just then the entire cock disappeared from sight. She repeated the full length throating a couple more times before stopping for a second to moan, "Ohhhh, yesss!" as she orgasmed all over Mike's face.

Liz then looked up at Pete as said, "Umm, Pete. Is it okay if I take care of Mike, now?" Pete look at her and said, "OK, but I am going to fuck you till you scream!" My wife nodded and flipped around to face Mike who had already sat up. She grabbed a hold of his huge cock with both hands. She pleaded with him, "I do not think I can throat this whole thing." Mike responded, "I think you can." He grabbed her head and pushed it toward his cock. I said to myself, "I hope she knows what she is doing. There is no fucking way she could handle his cock." She went to work on it, struggling to just get the tip inside her mouth.

Pete then stood up and unstrapped her bra top and threw it across the room and grabbed and squeezed both of her tits. He then got on his knees and positioned his piece into my wife's soaking wet pussy. He slowly slid his yardstick into her. I did not think my wife could take that kind of length. He kept pulling out and pushing it in further. My wife grunted on every push. Then my wife screamed in either pain or delight as he buried it completely inside her. In the mean time, Liz continued to take in as much of Mike's piece as she could. She was struggling though as I heard her gag several times. But she continued to take in more and more on every stroke. Mike was helping out by hip thrusting it into the back of her throat. She was finally able to throat about three-quarters of his mammoth cock before she rose up and yelled, "I want to swallow all of your cum!" He yelled back, "You'd better!" She went right back to work and started pumping away at a feverish pace while she was being railed by Pete. All of a sudden Mike held her head tight, closed his eyes and released his load right down my wife's throat. She gagged but swallowed every drop of it and then lay there as Pete followed things up and shot his own load deep into her dark chamber.

They all relaxed for a few minutes on top of one another. Pete then looked over at Mike and gave him the thumbs up. He then told Liz, "You know you are not done yet." My wife responded, "What would you like me to do next?" Pete spoke up, "It is time for a DP." Liz meekly asked, "What's a DP?" I was not sure if she really did not know or was she faking. If she does this, they will rip her in half. I started thinking that I should stop this. but chose to do nothing, remembering our deal. I hoped she knew what she was doing.

Pete then told Mike to lie on the floor. Mike stood up and high-fived Pete and said, "Thank you!" It was his turn to enter my wife's cunt. Pete then commanded my wife, "Now climb on Mike and fuck him!" My wife got up and mounted Mike and very slowly placed the tip of that mountain inside of her. Mike did not care that Pete's liquids were still oozing out. Liz proceeded very slowly as I feared he would tear her insides. Then in one quick motion, Mike grabbed her ass and pushed his dick all the way in. She let out the loudest scream and I feared the worst. But she seemed to recover quickly as she started riding that huge cock. He pulled her down onto his chest and started french kissing her while ramming his rod inside her.

Mike stopped pumping my wife for a time and he just left his dick completely buried inside of her. That was Pete's queue. He came over the top of my wife and said, "This is what's called a DP." He grabbed my wife's ass and slowly fit his cock into her tight opening. It took him several tries but he was able to slide a good portion of it inside. My wife's face showed some pain as he continued to push it in and my wife started screaming louder the further he pushed. It took him about a minute before his final thrust caused his cock to disappear inside of my wife's ass. There were now two huge cocks inside of her. The both started gyrating while my wife could do nothing except take the pounding and scream out, "Oh fuck. I can't do this. Please stop." I decided I'd better intervene this time but then she started yelling, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Don't stop, don't ever stop!" They both were jamming their cocks deep inside of her, each taking huge thrusts. Then Pete let out a loud groan and climaxed inside of my wife's ass. Mike followed up about a minute later shooting his load up into my wife's cervix. Pete then fell over onto the floor and my wfie just continued to lay there on top of Mike with semen flowing out of both crevices.

I was completely stunned right now. Liz got what she wanted although I am not sure if our relationship would ever be the same. I could never follow that up. My wife finally rolled off of Mike and she grabbed a towel and her clothes and said, "I want to thank both of you guys for helping me fulfill this fantasy. I loved every fucking minute of it. You both are welcome over here anytime." They were both still laying there on the floor looking up at her. She bent over and gave each of them a long passionate kiss before heading upstairs. The then guys got up and threw their shorts back on and sat on the couch. They looked very tired with their arms laying by their sides.

I crawled out the back window and ran around the house and came in the front door. As I walked into the family room, I said, "Hey guys. What's going on? You boys ready for some hoops?" Mike responded, "Dude, maybe later. Your wife wore us out!" I asked, "What do you mean? Did she have you do something around the house?" Pete then replied, "No. She just fucked the crap out of us! Boy, she can sure take it." They high-fived each other again and laughed. I responded, "C'mon, you wimps. You call yourselves athletes! Get your asses on the court!" They finally got up and we went our and shot some hoops.

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