Group Sex stories

my wife and my ex girlfriend
by plumber

My wife forced me to go to a neighbor party last year, she told me they wanted to meet some people she heard about as being very sexy and she did not want to go alone. If i didn\'t go she would ask our neighbors to go as a three some

when we got to the party the first person I saw was my ex girlfriend, she was my ex two years before we had gotten a total of five years

she came over gave me a friendly hello peck and I introduced her to my wife..... my wife shocked me and asked my ex if she was the one who taught me to suck pussy so well

my ex actually answered and said I was the best at that and she missed my mouth............ with that said my wife pulled me and my ex into a bedroom in these peoples home. She looked at us and said I want to see what you guys use to do, and what my ex use to do to me ...puzzled i was at this request, because our sex life was pretty damm good

it was obvious she was not kidding, and immediately took off her cloths, she has beautiful tits and she knows it.... my ex took the cue and removed her cloths, her breats were smaller than my wife but firm and pointed up, my wife immediately went for them, she loved to suck tits..something I did not know

she yelled at me to get undressed which I sheepishly did....witha raging hjardon she wanted to suck me in front on my ex...and wanted me to suck my ex\'s pussy

not sure she was serious i hesitated...she immediately went down on her knees and started suck my rigid ex shocked me and went to my balls...sucking away like i never had been............... after a few minutes they were taking turns sucking my cock, my balls and my ass...which my wife had never done before

then as tehy were sucking mee they were kissing each other...I shot my load early seeing this and they licked it up and kissed each otehr deep

as they were kissing my wife told me she wanted her ass licked lick she did to me...again i never did this either... i heisitaaed and immed=iately my ex took that position and licked her ass.... i went to my wifes pussy and it was so wet

after a few minutes my ex started to kiss my face , my wet pussy sucking face...she grabbed my cock as she kissed me and all of a sudden I felt a tongue in my ass hole, I again shot my load..... i was drained and tehn to my surprise the two ladies started to sixty nine right in front of me...this l;asted for hours and we were all a mess......

when we were wiped out we fell aslepp on teh bed,o only to be oken in the morning by teh host of the house

he had taken our cloths and washed them hours before and invited us all to take a hot shower........... when we were done we went to the living room and saw people watchinga movie

It was the three of us from last night all the way into the shower this morning...we got loud applause

need less to say we have been invited back and my wife is now the center of attention every cock sucking time

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