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My sexy neighbour
by once

I live on a very cool and calm street, where, if someone is in danger, you would not know.
I did not know when, we had a new neighbour, that packed in, next to our house. As a tradition, me and my parents went to greet them( and mind you,now i am very handsome). The door was opened, by a rather, old woman(whom i guess is strict). I sat on the cushion, while my mom chatted with the woman,and my dad gist with the man, who later came and join us................... This left me, with no person to communicate with.
So, i just strolled around the house, looking at portraits, and China set. As i neared the upstairs, i heard a sound of a guitar. This aroused My curiosity, making me to move further, up the stairs.. I soon realised, the music was coming from a shut door. I knocked on it, and an angel opened the door. Yes, an angel, because, this girl was packaged. Ukwu in appearance. She had a very big ass, a very full boobs, her face was charming. She just stared at me, mute. Can i come in? I said. She looked at me, in a kind of sexy way, and opened the door wider. As i passed her, i could smell that pussy smell. Am sure she was horny by just looking at me..................
We stared at each other for a long time.................. What's your name? I asked her, breaking the chemistry in the air. My-my- , omg. She stammered. She blushed. She just came near me..................
And then, we fell into a deep kiss. French kiss, to be precise. After some time.................. I moved down to her boobs, they were getting bigger, i removed her shirt, and bite the reddening nipples . She moan, in such a way that intoxicated me.................. I sucked, sucked, sucked, as big as there are. The nipples stood erect. I kiss her collar bone, deeply. I then moved down to her panties. I slid ma hands down her bikini, and touched her wet pussy. I brought my hand out, and smelled the slim. It was heady. I licked it, watching her reaction. Owhhhhhhh,! Take me now, she cried, grinding her hips near ma dick.
It stood erect immediately. She took out my penis and sucked them, nearly making me cum in her mouth. I pushed her to the bed, spreading her legs open. I could see, the lips were already red and swollen. I smiled. I gently entered her, shocked to notice that, she is a virgin. She was so tight, which helped the more. I moved within her.................. She was gasping for breath, and moaning seductively. I increased my tempo, faster. And, i could feel her cuming. Owh, ahh, hmmm, haaa, she screamed as she came. Thank God, for the music. It covered her sound. I cumed after. We lay on the bed, looking at reach other.
Do you have a boyfriend? I asked. Nope, she answered, her voice like summer rain. Hmm. Do you mind if i fill that post?????? I asked her.................. I wouldn't mind. I kissed her gently , and sacked her breast. We went for round two.
I dressed up, and, together, we went down stairs. Luckily for me, my parents were still there, sipping a cup of wine. She introduced me to her parents, while my mom eyed me" a very good catch" her eyes said. Her parent approved our friendship. We went to the same school. And, now, we are married, with three kids............................

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