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My second Woman part 3
by Braboy

A few days later I was again at June's and panting for sex. June was only too happy to oblige and as soon as she had put Ann down to sleep we proceeded to get naked.
As you know I love bras and breasts and I had a wonderful time sucking on June's 34C breasts and pushing my fingers into her cunt. We both had a great orgasm and I filled her cunt with sperm. As my cock started to soften and I was about to pull out of her vagina June asked me to hand her the KY jelly. June always used KY as she told me it made her vagina so slippery and smooth and even fucking John was better with KY jelly in her vagina. She took the tube and squeezed a large hand full out and then as I removed my softening cock she lifted her hips and sealed her vagina with the KY jelly. She told me that a doctor had told her to do this to retain John's sperm in her, but that John always pulled out very soon after cuming and often before he actually shot his sperm into her. She said that she liked sperm on her belly but wanted to be pregnant again, and preferably with my sperm.
So I helped to seal her vagina and she remained lying back with her legs up while we talked about sex and fucking.
June explained to me what turned her on and got her vagina wet. She loved breast play and for me to suck on her nipples and then onto her clit was very satisfying. She said that she knew that nearly all men liked to have their cock sucked and she was happy to suck me and if I came in her mouth she would swallow my semen. She also said that she liked to see semen on her breasts and even have sperm shot into her face. I said that I had always dreamt of putting my cock into her anus and fucking her that way. June said that she would let me do that, but that I must get her pregnant first.
I then asked her if she would breasts feed me once she was pregnant and I wanted to drink her breast milk. She said that of course I could, on condition that I put my cock into her vagina regularly. She said she really wanted my sperm in her vagina and wanted to be pregnant again.
As her vagina was closed with KY she said that I should stand in front of her and she would give me a cock suck. I had never had one before so my cock started to stiffen at the thought of pushing myself into her mouth. June was completely naked underneath me and my cock head was pushing through my foreskin. As Junes lips touched my cock head the head of my cock pushed through and into her mouth. June took about half my cock into her mouth and then started to use her tongue on my cock. She also took my testicles in her hand started to softly massage my balls.
I strained to push more of my cock into her mouth but she stopped me and letting my cock out of her mouth told me to be patient and not go too fast. She took me back into her mouth and slowly sucked and pulled my cock deeper into her throat. When my cock was completely into her mouth I felt her finger start to work it's way into my anus. I was being sucked off by a naked woman I had just fucked and she was also playing with my balls and had her finger in my anus. Suddenly I couldn't wait and my sperm pumped out into Junes throat. There were four huge pumps and I unloaded my sperm right deep in her throat. June swallowed and then I pulled my sticky cum covered cock out of her mouth. She grinned at me and said that was very nice, now suck my tis please and put your cum covered cock on my belly.
My cock had a little sperm dribbling out and I made sure that it all spread on June's belly. I then licked it and took her left nipple in my mouth. I sucked on her cum covered nipple and June caressed my body with her hands. I put my mouth on June's lips and pushed my tongue into her mouth. My cock had been in there and my sperm had filled her mouth and throat. June still had some of my semen in her mouth so I was able to taste my sperm.
After kissing I felt my cock starting to become erect again. I pulled my mouth away from June's lips and asked June if I could perhaps go into her anus. June agreed and turned over and knelt down. Her breasts hung down and she asked me to lubricate her anus with KY. I squeezed some KY into the palm of my hand and put a blob at the entrance to her anus. I pushed my forefinger into her and got some KY deep into her anus. I then coated my erect penis with KY and put the head of my penis at the entrance to her anus. I could see her KY coated vagina just below and as I pushed my cock head into her I felt her anus grip my cock and pull it into her body.
I made a few short stokes of about 3 inches and then June said to me to push it right into her. I drew back until only the tip of my cock was in her anus and then slowly pushed my entire penis right into her.. I drew back and made 5 or 6 complete stokes with the full length of my 7 inch penis. I was standing behind June and could see every bit of my cock sliding in and out of her anus. I bent forward and cupped June's full breasts with my hands and rested with my penis deep into her body. June then asked me to go into her cunt again as she wanted my sperm in her vagina and hopefully deep in her womb.
I stood up and withdrew my Ky coated penis from her anus. I moved my cock down a little and my cock head was positioned at the mouth of her vagina. Her vagina was still coated and filled with KY jelly and I pushed my whole erect and rigid penis into her vagina. As my cock slid into her slippery cunt I lent forward again and cupped her breasts in my hands. As my penis slipped into her I felt a huge load of semen building up and June's vagina was gripping my cock and rhythmically pulling me in towards the mouth of her womb. June screamed out COME IN MY CUNT NOW MARTIN. I was as deep as I had ever been in a woman and I shot all my sperm into her womb. I could feel the tipoff my penis against her cervix so I was sure that I had made the best effort to get June pregnant. I had three huge spurts of sperm and I felt June orgasm as I was cumming.
After a few minutes my penis started to soften and June asked my to reseal her vagina with KY jelly. I took the tube and as I withdrew my now soft penis I coated the mouth of her vagina with KY jelly, so as to trap my sperm inside her vagina.
June remained with kneeling with her body and particularly her vagina up so as to keep me semen in her.
About half an hour later we got up exhausted and I kissed June who was still holding her vagina closed as she wanted my sperm in her to work.
I was very hopefull of having impregnated June, she told me she was at her most fertile time and we would know soon if I had made a baby for her in her womb

To Be continued...

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