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my mother in law jill
by young man

Jills house needed work done so she asked her daughter if i would do the work for her and i agreed, i noticed jill hanging around more than than she normally would while i was replacing the damaged decking, jill is around 60yo has blonde hair big boobs is around 5.5foot tall and average looking but ive always wanted to give her my lenght ever since she walked in on me after showering and seen my cock hanging out, she is married to a man 20 years older than herself so i dont think she been getting any dick for a few years now, while i worked on the deck jill hung out clothes and i kept adjusting my bulge as i knew she could see in the reflection of the glaas sliding door, i could see jill getting flustered and when she was done hanging out clothes she asked if i wanted some bacon and eggs for breakfast and i said i did, i neede to get a tool from my car so i went inside and heard moaning coming from down the hallway so i had a look and it was jill rubbing her pussy and saying she wanted my big cock in her pussy, i quietly went and grabed the tool i needed and when i came back jill was cooking in the kitchen, i started chatting with jill and i made sure she could see i had a nice bulge in my pants and i could tell she was very wet, when she finished cooking she bent over the dinning table to put the plates down and i noticed she had no knickers on, i could see her pussy was wet and shinny and as i walked past i said very nice and smacked her ass, jill moaned and said oh my god neale your so naughty and i said that moan made my cock tingle, jill smiled and i put my hand back on her ass and she bent over again so i moved my hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit, jill moaned and said no neale we cant but i pulled my semi hard cock out and jill looked back and said oh my god thats a big cock, i rubbed the head of my cock on jills pussy until i was hard then i tryd to push it in jills soaking pussy but i couldnt believe how tight she was, i finnally squeezed my cock into her neglected pussy and jill screamed, i slowly moved my cock each stroke pushing more of my lenght into her pussy until jills pussy was full of my throbbing cock, i fucked jills pussynice and slow but after around 5 minutes i was hammering her real hard and jill sounded like a farm animalas she moaned that she loved my cock, she had cream all over my swollen cock and and couldnt take it any longer and i pulled my cock out and shot my load all over her swollen pussy, jill was thrashing about, i pulled up my pants and walked outside, and we never spoke of that day again, il never forget how her pussy squeezed my cock and if she asked me to id smash her pussy again but this time id fucking hammer her so hard, i hope she lets me plough her granny pussy soon.......

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young man

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