Group Sex stories

My mother in law
by Sundar

Before I had this experience, I would have always considered myself as straight. Okay, so I shared an apartment with three other girls, but they always have and will be friends. I had never had a girlfriend alway boyfriends but I never really got anywhere with them.
My friends had booked this villa with a pool hot tub in Spain for two weeks in the summer and had payed my share in it for my birthday present. I thought this was really sweet of them, but I had one small problem; I couldn't swim. So I decided to go to some adult lessons at my local leisure centre. They where every Tuesday night only from 7 till 8. So they fitted in quite nicely with work and so on. There was know one else in my group either, and the instructor was pretty nice. He was about 29 so a couple of years older than me, honey coloured,wavy,side swept hair and brown eyes.He was called Jamie.
I had been going to theses lessons for about a Month now and I was getting gradually better but I still wasn't comfortable in the water. That week Jamie couldn't make it, family problems. So I had a replacement, her name was Kirsty. She was stunning. She was 38 but you'd never have guessed. Her long chestnut hair, blue enchanting eyes and have gorgeous lightly tanned skin mad her look like a goddess. She casually strode over to me and splay Ed about Jamie and asked if I was comfortable in the water. I replied "no,not yet". Don't worry I'll soon take care of that.
As she slipped off her tight strap top and tiny little pink shorts, leaving her in a pale blue bikini which was at least 2 sizes to small. I felt a tight tingling feeling in my pussy and my nipples where starting to go hard.
She helped me into the water and for about 10 minutes we did all these different exercises. Then Kirsty dragged over this board and laid it on top of the water. It was like a floating stage. She told me to lay on it, with my eyes closed tight. I couldn't help but dream of Kirsty and made up all theses fantasies. Little did I know I was in one. It was almost Like I had forgotten Kirsty was in the room, as I started Stroking my warm tingling pussy. As I rubbed it with one hand my other caressed my hard nipple.
I don't know how long I was pleasing myself for but I felt soft, long, straight hair on my skin. Then a delicate little lapping tongue, gently circling my nipples. I stopped what I was doing and suddenly I felt a finger creep into my clit. It went up a hole only tampons had been and started stroking and feeling my inside. It was like I was in a trance, it felt so good and yet I knew we could be caught at Any second. Kirsty was amazing sheave my body feel like a temple, she smooth body would press against my'n and she would take places I never thought I woman could take me. My wet aching pussy was throbbing and my hard wet nipples where just wanting more. But the lesson was over. Another student was getting changed. It was my time to leave. I never had another experience like it, however I'm bow alot confident in the water. And sharing a villa with 3 ladies and pool in spain for two weeks, seems a fantastic place to try and recreate those magical moments I had with Kirsty. Xxxxx

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