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In our complex we have a small apartment for the handyman. He has a job at night as a security guard. His wife lives with him and she has become the object of my sexual fantasies. They are both in their early 30s and seem to be active sexually. From my spare bedroom window I can see her and she is often outside at around 7.30 in the morning hanging washing and so on. She, and here I must tell you that her name is Lindelani, does not have a job and is always around during the day except for occasional trips out to the shops. Lindelani does not often wear a bra but her breasts are full and firm. Her nipples are dark and the aureole is large. I know that she has had one child who lives at her home in the country.
Her breasts are 36C and I know this because before I managed to put my cock into her vagina I had taken one of her bras off the wash line and masturbated into each bra cup. I let my thick white sperm soak each cup before I returned the bra to the wash line.
The bra on the line that day was a black bra from one of the local chain stores. It had some under-wiring and two hooks at the back. A few days later I saw her going out and as it was quite hot she had on a thin blouse and I could see the black bra that I had masturbated my semen into supporting those lovely ripe breasts.

I often used to masturbate when I knew Lindilani was going to be near by. When she came out to hang washing she used to bend over and I could see right down into the warm valley between her breasts. I fantasized putting my erect penis in between her ripe breasts and into her vagina's lips and thrusting deep into her cunt. My cock is when fully rigid just over 7 inches long and I am uncircumcised. I produce huge amounts of sperm and I was really keen on getting into Lindilani's vagina. On one occasion I managed to be positioned so that as Lindilani looked up at the window I was standing there naked with a complete erection. The head of my cock was glistening with pre cum and my foreskin was pushed down over the head of my penis. I had been masturbating of course and as I saw her look up I took my hand off my cock and tightened my cock muscle and my cock jerked up and my sperm shot out of my rigid cock. A long thick string of white cum shot out of my cock and splashed against the window. Lindilani saw me cum very clearly and a smile came across her face. I was a bit worried that she would be offended or tell her husband but she turned away and I eventually stopped pumping sperm out of my cock.

A few days later I managed to again be in the room naked when Lindilani came out of the door, my cock was still stiffening and I had my hand on my shaft and was masturbating when she looked up at me. She waved and I let go of my cock and waved back. She then started walking over to the front door and I rushed down stairs completely naked and waited for her to knock on the door. I was completely erect and ready to cum so I stopped masturbating as she knocked on the door. I opened the door and she walked in to my townhouse.

I closed the door and turned so that she could see my full erection. Lindilani put her hand gently on my erect penis shaft and slowly stoked my cock head with her hand. I put my hand onto her breast and knew that I was in for a first class fuck. She had on a sleeveless T shirt and a skirt. She was not wearing a bra but her nipples were quite stiff on her rounded breasts.

I led her upstairs to the main bedroom where the queen size bed was still unmade. I have an on suite bathroom and Lindilani asked me if she could use the toilet. I sad Yes of course and she went into the toilet and had a piss. She then asked me if she could wash her self and of course I sad yes.
I in the mean time had got out my KY jelly and a new bra that I had bought for her. It was a 36C Wonderbra and as Lindilani came out of the bathroom I was holding one of the bra cups on the head of my penis. Lindilani smiled at me and said to me that she now knew who and put sperm in her bra a couple of weeks ago. I said yes it was me and would she please wear this bra for me as I entered her vagina for the first time. I told her I would go and wash my cock while she put it on for me.
Lindilani said yes she would do that for me and as I went into the bathroom she stripped off her T shirt in one quick movement. She then picked up the bra and settled her magnificent ripe breasts into the cups. The dark brown of her African skin was contrasted by the bright yellow of the Wonderbra. As she put her hands behind her to fasten the bra strap her breasts were pushed up and together in a wonderfully erotic display of sex. I could see her stiff nipples through the yellow silk of the Wonderbra and my cock jerked up at the sight.

I washed my testicles and my nearly fully erect penis with warm water and cleaned the pre cum off my penis head. I took a small amount of KY jelly and covered the rim of my cock with it. I then slipped my foreskin back over my fully erect penis. My cock head was pushing through my foreskin as I waked back into the bedroom. Lindilani was naked except for the yellow bra. Her vagina was shaven and the lips of her vagina were slightly parted and I could see the dampness of her juices on her vagina's lips. Her hips had a swell to them and I knew that sexual ecstasy was near.

I walked over to her and knelt in front of her damp vagina and pushed my tongue into the top of the lips of her vagina. She gave a sigh and grasped my head and pulled me closer to her cunt. My tongue found her clitoris and I started to suck on the tip. I felt Lindilani open her legs and push her cunt harder against my face as I worked her clit with my lips. I stretched a hand up and cupped her left breast and started to milk her with my fingers on her nipple. My cock was rock hard and after a few minutes of tongue fucking her cunt I stood up. My erect penis brushed past her vagina and was pressed between us. I put my mouth wet with her cunt juice onto her lips and pushed my tongue into her mouth.
As we kissed I felt behind her and undid her bra. I couldn't wait hold her breasts and suck on the nipples. She was pushing her wet cunt against me all the time and moving her pussy lips against the base of my erect penis. I pulled away and gazed at her breasts and the bra hanging on her arms. Her breasts were firm, even though she had had a baby and breast fed the child. I lowered my mouth to her right breast and took the nipple in my mouth and started to suck. At the same time I was fondling her left breast and playing with the erect nipple.

After a short while I knew that I had to put my cock into Lidilani's vagina. I let her breast go and stood up. I lifted the yellow bra back over her breasts with their now fully erect nipples and hooked it closed again. I adjusted the shoulder straps so that her breasts were fully supported by the Wonderbra.

I took her hand and led her over to the bed. Now I wanted this my first entry of my cock into her vagina to be memorable. My very first fuck was with an African woman who had large breasts but that was a very quick and hurried affair. With Lindilani I wanted to make every second of my penetration into her vagina last as long as I could.

I lay down on the bed with my erection and Lindilani got on to the bed and opened her legs and straddled me over my penis. Her vagina was about 9 inches above my cock and I lifted the head of my cock, and pulling back my foreskin as far as I could, and lifted myself so that the tip of my penis was just touching the lips of her vagina. I could see her breasts encased in the yellow bra. I held that position for a few seconds and then Lindilani lowered her vagina onto my rigid penis. I slipped my penis deep into her cunt and felt the warmth of her vagina all around my rigid cock. I had my dream come true. My penis was as deep into Lindilani's vagina as possible in this sex position. I asked her to take off her bra and as she stretched behind her to unhook the strap my cock was pushed slightly deeper into her vagina. The bra came off and I was gazing at a perfect pair of 36C breasts and my penis was in her vagina. Her breasts were firm and Lindilani slowly very slowly started to lift up and down on my cock. She stroked up and down so that my cock almost came out and then pushed her cunt firmly down against me.
I lifted my hands to her firm breasts and she was smiling down at me as she slowly fucked me. I said Lindilani that "I want to cum in you now" and she replied "Yes please fill me with your cum" and as she said that I had the biggest orgasm I have ever had. I pumped semen into her vagina and had 5 major shots of cum in her.

After my penis had softened Lindilani lay down next to me and rolled over and took my penis in her mouth. I rolled and found her sperm covered vagina a few inches from my face. I plunged my mouth against her semen soaked vagina lips and thrust my tongue into her cunt. I could feel my cock stating to get harder as she sucked and licked my 7 inches of penis and I knew that I was going to fuck her again very soon.

Lindilani let my cock slide out of her mouth and turned so that she was kneeling on the bed. Her legs were apart and I could see her vagina and anus. She looked bak at me and said "please fuck me doggy style" I got behind her and put the head of my now erect penis at the entrance to her cum soaked vagina. I thrust my cock as deep as I could into her and felt my testicles slap against her vagina lips. She groaned with pleasure and as I kept my penis as deep into her as I could I felt her vagina muscles grip and relax grip and relax against my penis. I kept still and said to Lindilani " This is the best position for you to fall pregnant with a boy" she replied " Fill my cunt with your sperm I want your babay Please make me pregnant Please please please' This was the signal for me to start a hard fuck into her cunt and as she groaned beneath my erect and hard slaming cock I realized that we would cum together. I said "I'm coming" and she replied "So am I" and with that I had another huge explosion of my sperm into Lindilani's vagina. This time I kept my cock in as deep as I could while I pumped my sperm into her womb. I was holding her breasts and squeezing the nipples while I shot my huge sperm load into her cunt..That is one of the best things about doggy style sex you can fuck her cunt and hold her breasts at the same time. As my cock started to get soft Lindilani rolled over and held her legs up. She told me she didn't want to waste any of my sperm and wanted to keep it in her womb so as to fall pregnant as soon as she could.

I looked at her vagina and bent down and kissed the open cunt lips. I ran my tongue up and down her vaginal opening and she squeezed my head between her legs as I did this. I asked her if, when she was pregnant if I could drink from her breasts as I had always had a desire to feed on a woman's breasts and she said "Of course you can" I asked her how her husband would feel about er falling pregnant and she said that she would fuck him tonight so that would take care od that problem She then told me that my cock was much firmer than her husbands and also quite a bit thicker and longer which she really liked. I asked her if she was shocked when she saw me masturbating and cumming when she looked in the other day. She said that she had thought for some time that I was trying to attract her and when she found her bra damp with my sperm she was certain it was me who had cum in her bra.

We went into the bathroom a little later on and then we had a shower together. I soaped her body and she soaped mine. I washed her vagina and her anus with a soft soap and then washed her breasts. She washed my penis and pulled the foreskin back so that she could wash the rim of my cock head with some soft soap.

Eventually we got out of the shower and I started to dry her body with a large towel. When she was dry she used another towel to dry me and to carefully dry my penis and testicles and around my anus.

I watched her dress in the new yellow bra and told her I would get her some new things as her panties were not very sexy. I asked her how big her breasts had got when she had her child and she told me she was at the time she was breast feeding her daughter she had gone to a 38 D cup bra. I told Lindilani that I wanted to photograph her at every stage of her pregnancy and that I wanted her to breastfeed me. She said that of course she would so long as I kept on fucking her the way that I had today.

More to come....

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