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My hot wife Janu
by Ranjit

My sexy wife Janu is innocent at heart but her only weakness was her hyper sexuality which nobody new except me. She would be so proactive and imposing in bed that i must confess i could never satisfy her. Her favourite position was always herself on top of me. All that doesn\'t mean that she is an adulterous or a whore.
My landlord was as young as me but a great cheating husband to his wife. He never missed a chance to seduce any sexy women he would find vulnerable. So i knew well ahead Janu could be his prey one day. I therefore maintained a distance from him and kept Janu away from interacting him as far as possible. I even fixed a spycam on my home to keep any unwanted movements by him. But Janu always played so innocent and talked to this man whenever she would meet while passing by the gate. I don\'t know if she had any liking for him but she looked very comfortable with him.
But what i discovered one day from my recordings of my spycam that what i feared had already happened. One day i was out on a business trip. The spycam recording showed the following: The landlord entered our premises, exchanged greetings with Janu. They talked for a while and janu offered tea to him. They were talking so intimately. Soon i saw Janu heading to our bedroom probably to fetch something. This guy too followed her. Janu was probably looking for something which she could not find. The chap seemed to help her find out what she was searching. They were alone in the room but seemed as if they were husband and wife in the bedroom.
Soon i saw the guy hold her hand and took my lovely sexy Janu on his arms. Janu seemed to resist this sudden move but the guy pressed hard with his arms around janu pressing over her bulging sexy boobs. Janu was struggling like a fish stuck in fishing net. The guy then began smooching her even while he held her close to his chest. It seemed after a bit of struggling Janu gave herself up this man.
The guy soon laid Janu on the bed; he kissed her around her neck. Janu was now coiling like a snake. He ripped open her sexy red night gown. My janu was now bare with her silky white body, her bulging boobs exposed to the delightful mercy of her secret lover. The guy by now switched to sucking her cheery brown nipples. This is the part of her body the sucking of which completely turns her on the bed. By now janu is a willing partner in this hot game on the bed and she was literally enjoying every bit of it. She was kissing his head and combing his hairs with her fingers in great approval and displaying the great pleasure she was getting from the suck.
Now the Janu pushed the guy down her chest and pointed to her love button to him. The guy immediately slided down to suck her hot pussy. As the guy licked her love cherry (clit) Janu seemed to be in ecstatic pain. She was lifting her buttocks every two minutes as the guy was sucking and fondling her cunt. I knew she was secretly craving for this moment all along. A hot women like her had no option either.
It was now time for the final show down. Janu got up and kissed the guy. Now the guy mounted upon her and thrusted his shaft inside her. Janu closed her eyes and clasped him with both his hands. He acted upon janu with his rod for a six minutes and janu perhaps gained her orgasm in a few minutes as she once clasped her legs around him.
So this was how my hot janu had her best moments in bed with a guy other than her hubby. I have no regrets as i loved my Janu so much that i can't object to her having the greatest of her pleasures of life. And i want to put a message to all hubbys with hot wives: You can't stop your hot wife from having wild pleasures.

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