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My Hot Wife Got Fucked on the Train
by BAT

I was reading a story written by Julio and he closed it by asking if anyone else experienced what he did when he was a kid and would they share their story.  Well I also had that experience.  This is a true story, real life experience.

There were four of us playing near a baseball field which was surrounded by woods.  I had to take a piss and headed towards the trees.  After all there wasn't anyone else around to see me pissing in the woods, so why not.  There I was pissing when I heard someone say, "what a nice cock".  I turned away from the woods as fast as I can and zipped up.  The voice yelled out, wait, don't run off, I'm Jeff (name changed for this story) your neighbor.  I stopped and looked into the woods and recognized Jeff.  Jeff was 18 years old and a football player so he was in great shape.  I asked Jeff what was he doing in the woods watching me take a piss and what was up with the comment about my cock.  By this time my two other friends ran over wondering who I was talking to and what was going on.  Jeff told us to come by him because he wanted to show us something we've never seen before.  Being young and curious, we walked deeper into the woods following Jeff.  Jeff then laid down on the ground on his back and told us to do the same.  We were all looking up at the sky thinking that what he wanted to show us was either in the trees or the sky.  While we were looking up, Jeff pulled off his shorts.  Jeff then said, ok boys, have you ever seen a cock this big before?  We all looked and sure enough we gazed at the biggest cock we have ever seen.  Thinking back now, it had to be at least 11 inches and extremely thick.  Jeff then told us to take off our pants and compare your cocks to mine.  None of us would do it.  We were all still amazed at the size and of course it was getting bigger since he seemed to be aroused at us looking at it.  He told us we could touch it and not to worry about him telling anyone what we were doing.  One of my friends said that's queer and I'm not interested.  As for my other friend and me, we wanted to feel what it was like so we both grabbed it and squeezed it a little.  Jeff then instructed us to gently hold it and rub it up and down.  He went on to tell us that if we rub it the right way and long enough it would shoot cum all over.  We did rub it for awhile but stopped before he came.  We all decided to take off and left Jeff in the woods half naked and rubbing his own cock.  Later that same week, I was sitting on my front steps and saw Jeff walking towards me.  He stopped and told me that he was headed for the woods and asked me if I wanted to go with him.  I yelled in to my mom that I was going to the ball field to play.  I was going to play ball but little did she know that I was going to be playing with two balls and they were Jeff's.  We went to the same place in the woods and this time, Jeff got totally naked.  He took me by the arm with force and pulled my shorts down to my shoes followed by pulling my underwear down as well. Then he told me to take them off with my other hand.  I had no choice and followed his directions.  Once I had my shorts off, he took them and through them as far as he could in the opposite direction.  He then told me that he was going to let go of my arm but if I ran away, he would tell everyone that I was gay and gave him blow jobs in the woods every day.  I told him I won't run.  Of course if I did I would be half naked...not a good idea.  Once he established that I wasn't going to run off, he told me to take my shirt and shoes.  I want you completely naked.  While I was doing that, he got naked as well.  There I was naked in front of Jeff looking at his huge cock again.  Jeff laid down on the ground again and told me to come over and start rubbing his cock.  I did and it seemed even bigger than the first time.  Jeff then reached over and starts rubbing my cock.  I must admit, it started to feel good.  I said to myself, if Jeff doing this is making me feel good, I must be making him feel really good since he was now rock hard.  Jeff stopped and told me to stop.  I thought we were done and were going home but not by a long shot.  Jeff told me to stand up.  He then sat up in front of me with his legs straddling mine and told me to pay attention.  He took my cock in one hand, reached around and held my ass with the other and went to take my cock in his mouth.  I pulled back and he wasn't ready for that.  He then grabbed my again by the ass and pulled me closer again.  He looked at me while squeezing my ass and cock explaining the pain I would be in if I didn't relax and go along with what he was going to do.  I did mention that Jeff was a football player...he could easily break me in two.  Jeff tried again to put my cock in his mouth and did.  He started licking me, sucking me and stroking my cock.  I started to get hard and was somewhat enjoying the warm, wet rubbing feeling I was experiencing.  Every so many minutes he would take it out and tell me how much he was enjoying my cock.  I don't know how long he was sucking me but he then told me that I was going to cum soon and he wanted me to do it right in his mouth. Minutes later I came in his mouth as he predicted and he continued to suck me until there was no more cum.  That was my first blow job and it was with a man.  I wondered if I was going to end up gay from that day forward since I enjoyed it.  Jeff then got up and said, ok, it's your turn.  I asked him what he was talking about, my turn?  He reminded me of his first statement before he sucked me and that was to pay attention.  With a demanding voice, he told me that I was going to suck his cock next.   Now I wanted to run naked or not.  I guess the fear was all over my face and Jeff reached out and grabbed me by the arm again.  Oh no he said, you're going to do this and right now!  He pushed my down to my knees and put his cock right in my face.  If I were taller this position would have worked for Jeff but he realized that I would have to stretch too far for me to reach him and it wouldn't be good.  Stll holding me, he laid down on the ground again positioning me between his legs.  He then wrapped his legs around me like a wrestler would locking his feet together.  Now then, I have you and you can't get away.  Now open your mouth and shove as much of my cock in your mouth as you can.  START SUCKING!  I bent over and put the head of his cock in my mouth.  It was warm, hard and tasted like a salty finger (a big finger).  I did pay attention to how Jeff sucked me and started to go up and down on the head going a little deeped each time.  Of course I could never get all 11 inches in my mouth but I sure he wanted me to try.  I stopped for a couple of seconds because my mouth was starting to cramp.  Jeff noticed this and told to to relax my mouth and just let his cock go in and out.  He also pointed out the spots on his cock that he wanted me to lick and explained how that would make him hot.  I started again and this time it didn't taste salty, it tasted sweeter.  I now know that what I was tasting was his pre-cum. Jeff was all over that as well.  He told me keep sucking and stroking it because it won't be long before I would taste his hot cum.  I had no idea what to expect with eating cum but I know I didn't want it. I sucked Jeff for quite awhile and the longer I sucked, the more he enjoyed it and yes, I was starting to enjoy it too.  I learned to suck the head with tongue action and lick his entire shaft up, down and all around.  It was an eleven inch glistening rock hard cock pointing straight up. I was licking his shaft and started to feel it move on its own and noticed his balls starting to move as well.  I didn't know enough to realize what was about to happen and was totally taken by surprise when I started sucking him again.  After about three or four strokes and sucks my mouth began to fill with this hot fluid...Jeff was coming in my mouth.  Jeff moved his hands around his cock moving and squeezing it in my mouth.  He was making sure I took every drop.  I started to gag and Jeff then grabbed my head and held it in place with his cock still in my mouth pushing it up and down telling me to keep sucking and licking.  I don't want to see one drop when you're done.  The taste of his cum was not sweet like the pre-cum but instead, a little bitter and very slimy.  So in a weeks time frame, I looked at the biggest cock I've ever seen, touched it, sucked it and tasted a mans cum.  I also had a blow job by a man.  I was forced to do all this and will never forget it.  I contribute this experience to the reason why I later in life did suck another man and get a blow job by one as well.  I am happily married and I gues you can say I'm a bi but preferr women.  I wrote this in response to Julio's story/experience and I hope he gets to read it. 

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