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My Hot Step Mom
by Ashley_Davis

I turned 18 years old this year and my parents have been split up since I was 5.My father got remarried a few months ago ever since I saw her the bisexual side of myself came out.Her name was Sarah only 35 she has long black hair 5'8 very slim with DD tits.She is a very nice lady and looks after us well.My father went out west to work for a bit to make more money so me and Sarah had the house to our selfs for awhile.

I had a very rough day at work one day I came home. Sarah was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper in the kitchen.She asked me how was my day I told her not good she gave me a hug and told me she is always here for me I thanked her.I asked "could you run a hot bath for me" "sure" she said.I was wearing a tank top with my green bra strap showing with jeans with a green thong underneath.She was wearing a t-shirt with a very short mini skirt she looked hot.Sarah went upstairs to the bathroom and started running the water.I followed her shortly after her I got to the bathroom and Sarah said "I hope you feel better" I replied "thanks".I never got dressed in front of Sarah before because I never changed in front of a women before.The tub was almost full and Sarah shut it off and said "here you go and smiled" I hugged her again and said thanks for being here for me.That moment I felt better about my body around her as I strip down to my thong Sarah's eyes turned real big and she started to blush.I never said a word.She walked out and closed the door as i removed my thong I went in the tub and all I could think about was her.

After my nice hot bath I got out of the tub and seen she left me my housecoat but no change of clothes.I dried off and put my housecoat on.I went into Sarah's room to ask her for some new clothes.She said "All of your clothes are in the wash.I said okay as me and Sarah went to go watch some TV in the living room.I asked Sarah if she misses my dad she replied "Sorry to say but not really".I said "why" she saids "between us he isn't giving me any sex".I started to laugh don't laugh she said I never had sex in months.I said "I haven't" I said I am horny alot.I'm sorry for bring it up she said."it's okay".Ever been with a women she said."no I haven't but I want to sometimes.Sarah get's closer to me and toughs my leg I been with a few girls as she goes to undo my housecoat.I look at her "dad wouldn't like this" he won't know she said.She kisses me and rubbing my tits,my housecoat drops to the floor.

Sarah leads me to her bedroom we start to make out some more.Lot's of things were running through my mind but this felt some good.She sucks my tits as I let out a little Moen.She lays me down on the bed I open my legs my pussy is dripping wet,she started to finger me really hard as I morned louder and louder.It feels good I say then she eats my pussy getting faster and faster with each lick.She stops to take her top off I sit up and unhook her bra once the bra was off her I couldn't stop feeling them I wish mine were big like yours.She slapped my ass and said "shut up and suck em".She rammed her tits in my face.I started to suck on her tits then she laid on the bed as took her mini skirt off she had the hottest g string ever.I played with her as I rammed a few fingers inside her she was very wet.I took her g string off and starting eating her out she moaned really loud wanting more.

Sarah got up and kissed me and told me she wanted me fuck me for a long time.She went under the bed and got out a strap on and put's it on "bend over I'm going to fuck your brains out she said".I was scared a bit but I trusted her she put the strap on in I moaned really loud the strap on felt so good inside me pounding me back and forth.She pulled me by the hair as the strap on got deeper inside me I started to scream her name.

Sarah fucked me and sucked me for hours and we cuddled for the rest of the night

Years went by and my father and her got divorced but me and her see each other once and awhile.

This is the first time I wrote something like this please rate and tell me what you think =)

Thanks Ashley

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