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My girlfriend her son and me
by Vic

I am Jim 50 6'3 good shape and a nice sized cock 7 long but very thick around, my girlfriend Sally is 38 years old redhead full figured with 38dd tits great full ass and killer legs. Her son Bob is 19 5\'6 small build and very attached to mom. Sally is very vocal and loves dirty fuck talk. She loves to fuck and suck and loves to lick assholes.
We had been going together three months when I started to notice how attached Bob was to his mother. He would be all over his mother , sitting next to her holding her hand, and giving a kiss on her mouth when he would be leaving the house. Sally loved to dress sexy all the time low cut blouses, short shirts and nylons or pantyhose.
One night when I was over Sally and I were fucking. She was wearing a cutout bra showing her big puffy nipples, black crotchless pantyhose and pair of heels . I was eating her shaved cut and fingering her tight asshole.
She was telling me suck her cunt , get my whole fucking head up her slut hole, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye Bob was standing by the bedroom room watching us. When turned around to look he was gone. I went back to Sally eating her cunt, I turned her over she is 5 foot tall I pread her ass cheeks and started to tongue fuck asshole.
She was screaming that I was a dirty cock sucker that I should fuck her fuck her slut holes. I rolled her over I told her to suck my cock. She put my cock in her mouth as I looked her her body. I told her she was a fucking slut and said she should suck my ass. She had me on my hand and knees as she licked and sucked my shaved cock , balls and asshole. I told her to suck my cock and to stick two fingers up my ass. As she was ging wild I asked her if she ever fucked her son. She started to get even wilder. She was fucking my ass and sucking my cock even harder. I threw her oh her back taking her high heels so I could kiss her feet as I fucked her. I put my hard cock deep into her cunt and I asked her if she was a mother fucker. She gripped my cock with her wet cunt even harder. I asked her one more time as I started to finger her asshole. Sally said yes she was fucking her son and she loved it. Bob was bisexual and Sally loved that it was so taboo. I moved her legs over my shoulders the feeling her pantyhose drove me wild I put my cock up her asshole. As I was fucking her ass I was telling her how hot it would be to fuck them both. I told her I saw Bob at the door watching us. I pulled out of her ass and told her to get Bob. I wanted to watch them fuck and suck then join in. She got up wearing only her pantyhose and went to get Bob. They came back and got on the bed, I sat on a chair to watch them . They started to kiss Sally getting hooter by the minute. Sally took off his shirt kissing his nipples. Bob was sucking his Mother nipples and feeling her big tits. Sally pulled off pants , he was not wearing underwear.
His cock was about 6 inches hard and he was totally shaved. Sally told him to eat her hot cunt. His tongue was all over her clit as she fingered her cunt. Eat your mother baby, eat my cunt your mother fucker. His tongue was deep in her cunt as screamed she was cumming. She came all over his face . He went to kiss his mother she tasted her
cunt juices on his lips. I was jerking off watching them, it was so fucking hot . They got into 69 Sally on the the bottom . She asked him if he wanted mommy to suck his cock . He buried his face in her ass. He was tongue fucking her asshole. She took hi cock deep down her throat. She sucked him as she spread his ass. She put her tongue up his asshole. He was loving it. She asked him if he wanted mommy to finger fuck his ass. He begged her to fuck his ass. She started to fuck him calling him a dirty mother fucker. She told him to fuck her and he got on top. Sally told to stick his cock in mommys cunt. Fuck me, fuck me baby she yelled. I watched her son fuck his mother. I went over to them and put my cock in her mouth. She was sucking me. Bob reached down and started to jerk me off in his mothers mouth. I told her how fucking hot this looked I stood up and put my cock in his mouth. Yes mother fucker suck it suck it your fucking cock sucker I yelled. Sally was moaning as her son kept fucking her. He was sucking my cock really good. I told him pull his cock out of hi mother I wanted to fuck her as I sucked his cock. I put my cock in sloppy cunt as I sucked his cock . I tasted their juices on his cock. I fucked her as she screamed what a fuck in slut she was. She loved getting watching two men suck cock. She loved that her son was a fucking cock sucker. I told Bob I was going to fuck his ass. Sally got up, Bob laid down on the bed. I put my cock right up his ass. I started to fuck hi tight young asshole. He begged me to fucjpk him harder Sally was fingering her cunt telling her son how good he looked with a cock up his ass. Sally put her ass over her sons head. Eat my shit hole baby she asked. Bob put his tongue up her asshole. She started to start his cock and then he yelled he was cumin. I put my cock deep up his as as he came in his mothers mouth. She sucked every last drop. She did not swallow but kissed her son as they swallowed his load together. I needed to cum so I told them to knell in front of me I started to jerk off calling them motherfuckers, cock suckers and told both to put a finger up my ass. As they fucked my asshole i looked at mother and son . I told them to kiss and then I started to cum all over their faces. I shot the biggest load I ever had, I told them to lick my cum off each other. I then watched as they started to fuck each other again.

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