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My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend
by xoxoamberxoxo

´╗┐My name is David. I'm in a tough situation right now. I have this amazing girl named Shanna whom I've been with a little over two and a half years now and she is the best thing ever. We get along great and can talk about anything. She's smart, funny, sweet, and incredibly attractive. The bad thing is, I kind of have another girlfriend on the side named Svetlana. Or maybe I shouldn't call her "girlfriend" maybe I should just call her what she is. She's my little whore, and she's been my whore for almost a year. The worst thing about all this is the girls are friends, BEST friends. I feel like such a dick. But they are both so beautiful and I love being around both of them but in different ways.

With Svetlana, of course, it's all about the sex. I enjoy sex with her very much. But other than that, there's really nothing there. I've tried conversation with her several times and it just doesn't work. We have nothing in common except a rockin' time in bed, and that's just not enough for me. That's why I have Shanna. Not only is she great in bed with a smokin' bod, but she's got the brains and personality to go with it. So it seems like a no-brainer right? On the one hand you've got a hot chick with a bright mind and a killer personality, and on the other hand you've got JUST a hot chick. Seems simple doesn't it? But it's not. Because even though Shanna appears to have it all, whenever I'm with her, I can't help but think of Svetlana. And when I'm with Svetlana I can't help but think about.. Svetlana. Terrible, huh? I just don't know what to do.

Let me give you a little visual to help you out here so you can understand the dilemma I'm in. Shanna is about 5'8 with wavy blond hair, green eyes and legs that go on for miles. She's got perfect C cup breasts and this little mole close to her perfectly shaved pussy that's almost shaped like a heart which drives me wild. I love to lick on it when I'm eating her pussy which is her favorite thing for me to do her. That girl loves it when I go down on her, and I don't blame her. I'm great at it.

Svetlana, on the other hand is almost the complete opposite of Shanna. She's shorter at only 5'5 but she's European with loooong wavy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes like chocolate. Her skin tone is much darker than Shanna's and she's curvier too. Her breasts are a little more full, probably coming in around a D cup, and her ass is PERFECT. That's definitely a huge advantage she has over Shanna, that ass of hers. Shanna's is cute but small, while Svetlana's is round and full and my favorite position with her is fucking her from behind and watching that ass jiggle.

Both girls appeal to my desires in totally different ways and I just don't know how to give either of them up.

Tonight, Svetlana pulled a gutsy move. I decided to have a party at my place and of course Shanna was there and Svetlana and several other people. Around 3 in the morning, Shanna and I are in bed with an assortment of people passed out in various locations of the apartment, including Svetlana. Or so I thought. Shanna was giving her usual "I'm deeply, deeply sleeping" snore, when Svetlana crept in. Shanna sleeps against the wall so I'm on the outside part of it. Svetlana practically crawls in and snakes her hand in under the covers to me. She finds my dick and squeezes it gently, bringing her face up to mine to lick on my ear. I'm instantly aroused and listen for any signs of Shanna waking, but she's not. I let Svetlana fondle me for awhile and then we begin to kiss. She takes off her shirt and I stare at her amazing tits while I touch and squeeze on her little brown nipples. She pulls the blankets off my body, slowly, gently, and pulls my dick out of my boxers. She puts it in her mouth and begins to suck my cock, right there as I lay on the bed next to my girlfriend of two and a half years. It feels as if it's the best cock sucking I've ever gotten in my life, maybe because of the naughtiness of it, but it takes all I have not to yell out in pleasure when I climax in her mouth. She swallows my cum and wipes her mouth delicately and smiles at me. She pecks me on the lips and strolls out, leaving me wanting more.

So I go get it. I follow her out and we go to the bathroom where we can be alone and lock the door behind us. I yank down her skimpy little pajama shorts and hot pink thong and bend her over the sink. I sink my fingers into her warm wet pussy as I kiss and bite at her neck. With my other hand I fondle her perfect breasts as she pushes her pussy against my hand, forcing my fingers to go deeper inside her, and she moans just loud enough to get me fully aroused, but not loud enough for anyone else to hear. I can't take it anymore, so I pull my soaking wet fingers out of her warm tight pussy and push my aching hot cock inside her almost violently. She gasps and her head bangs against the mirror at the force of it, but she immediately grabs my hands and pulls them to each of her breasts as I continue to ram her from behind. She feels so good I want to scream. I fuck her this way until I make her cum all over my stiff wet cock, then I turn her around and put her on the sink and enter her from the front. I fuck her until I make her cum again (I'm good at giving multiple orgasms, just ask any girl I've ever been with) then I turn her back around and I fuck her in the ass until I finally allow myself to cum. I usually like to end a fuck session with me fucking the chick's ass, because I don't like to have to pull out and I don't like to wear condoms. So I figure ass fucking is the best way to go. Sometimes, I'll just make them suck my dick right at the end when I'm about to squirt and let a load go in their mouth. Either way, it's great.

Afterwards, I leave her in the bathroom to clean up, and go back to bed. I lay there awhile next to a snoring Shanna, getting all aroused again at the thought of fucking Svetlana. I almost get out of bed and find her for some more, but I don't want to risk getting caught, so I just turn to Shanna. She's a really deep sleeper so she didn't even wake when I rolled on her stomach and fucked her from behind. I kept picturing Svetlana while I thrusted my cock in Shanna, and I got so excited that I came within three minutes of being inside her. I wanted Svetlana so badly.

I lay there a bit longer and still my boner wouldn't go away, so I got out of bed and found her. She was lying on the living room floor and she was awake. I was completely naked, cock stiff as a corpse, and I got right on the floor on top of her and stuck it in. I didn't care that five other people were sleeping in the living room. I didn't care that Shanna could wake up at any moment and catch us. All I cared about was fucking Svetlana, right here right now, and I never wanted to stop. When we were finished (somehow not waking ANYONE, at least as far as I could tell) I again crept back to bed with Shanna. This time, she woke up, startling me and giving me a good scare too, I have to admit. I almost thought she KNEW what I'd just done with her best friend, but my fears were quickly put to rest when she wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it.

"What time is it?" She asked sleepily as she stroked me up and down. "I'm so horny."'

You'd think I'd be completely exhausted of sex by now but HELL NO. I love sex and I could have sex a thousand times in a row. I'd make a hell of a porn star, I'm sure.

"Well, maybe you should do something about that," I said and so she did. Without a word, she climbed on top of me and sat on my cock, wrapping her warm, already moist pussy around my dick and started to rock gently up and down, back and forth. I fondled her perky breasts as she rode my cock and thrust it up inside her, getting it in as deep as I possibly could. Shanna moaned and whimpered and made all those little sex noises that I loved about her as we fucked and fucked. She rode me until she came and when she did, I could feel all her juices releasing against my cock, but I wasn't finished just yet.

I picked her up off of me and spun her around onto her hands and knees and entered her pussy from behind, jamming myself inside as hard as I could. Just then, the bedroom door creaked open and there was Svetlana, apparently creeping in for some more secret sex with me. Shanna didn't hear her come in, over the noises she was making, but I did and it turned me on more than anything in this world, Svetlana watching me bang Shanna. As I continued thrusting, I just stared at Svetlana until I came the hugest load I'd cummed all night, forgetting to pull out of Shanna and everything.

Svetlana quickly backed out of the room, but not before giving me a big sexy smile and I just knew that one of these days I would have both girls at the same time, and I'll let you know how it goes when I do.

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