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my first time......
by wa..girl

! had been talking to this girl online for about 3 months... Let's call her '' Tem'' we were getting along really well hit it off excellent, so we decided to take things to the next level. We started chatting more frequently and talked for hours on the phone I knew that I really liked her and it was clearly reciprocated.

She had sent me photo's she was very attractive 5''6 dark hair and eyes tanned skin, she was a knockout and also 13years my senior.... I had often let my hand slip to my crotch when we spoke on the phone, the sound of her voice made me dripping wet as it did her, we knew then that we needed to meet asap, so we organized to meet one another....

The wait felt like it took forever as nerves built up on both ends as did the sexual tension, the time to meet finally came, my tummy had butterflies I was so nervous finally meeting the woman that was able to make me want her so bad from the other side of the country, there she was sitting across from me, she placed herself down, smiled at me right then I could feel my wet pussy starting to tighten with nerves, as I sat and spoke to her looking at her high firm breasts in her singlet, her seductive voice and smell, I tried hard to concentrate on the conversation when all my mind could do was think about placing her on the table removing her trousers and burying my face and tongue deep into her pussy.... But I didn't....we chatted more and got to play fighting I landed on her, we looked into one anothers eyes and smiled I inched my way closer to her lightly kissing her lips, as our lips met we both let out a slight moan I could feel my pussy dripping into my undies.. I was so wet we kissed for a little longer I then started running my fingertips lightly up over her hard toned tummy, she quivered at my touch letting out soft breathless moans, I leaned in and kissed her neck running my tongue lightly over to her collar bone she leaned to my ear moaning and said " I am so wet baby I want you to touch me"

so I slid my thigh inbetween her rubbing it against her now also dripping wet pussy as she moaning and writhing beneath me each time I rubbed my thigh against her wet pussy she moaned more and louder.... I kissed down licking and sucking her nipples they were now errect and so hard she had goosebumps all over from my light touching, I reached down and slid my palm down to her underwear, she opened her legs allowing me access as I ran my hand over her pussy her underwear was drenched, I then kissed along her pelvic bone removing her pants and undies I could smell her sweet dripping wet hot tight pussy as I kissed her thighs, I kissed up along her outer lips then I ran my tongue from her hot tight wet pussy hole upto her errect throbbing clit, as I sucked on her clit gently I could feel myself getting even wetter (didn't know it was possible)

I flicked my tongue back and forth over her yummy clit tasting her pussy juices as I drove my tongue deep into her pussy hole... I then took my tongue and slid it back to her clit licking and sucking it as I slid my finger into her pussy, she was moaning and bucking thrusting her wet pussy onto my fingers I could feel her getting tighter around my finger as I worked up my pace, she came on my tongue as she thrust her pussy down hard onto my face I could feel her juices running down my throat I wrapped my hands around her waits pulling her in closer to my face driving my tongue in and out of her until she come again and again she begged me to stop, she then pulled my face toward her kissing passionately she pushed me onto my back straddling my hips she looked at me and said "my turn baby" she reached down and rubbed her fingers on my wet pussy I was wanting her so bad I have waited so long to feel her fucking me, she thrust her fingers deep into my soaking wet pussy, lean down and whisper to me "baby I want to eat you" with that said she moved down my body to my awaiting pussy she flicked her tongue on my clit omg I was so wet I could feel my juices running down my thighs accompanied by her tongue, she slid 2 fingers deeper into my aching throbbing pussy as I bucked and moaned I could feel my orgasm builing I pulled her face closer into my pussy as I came she licked it all up, afterwards we got dressed kissed some more and she left we met up many times after that and had just as much fun, my pussy is dripping wet even now just remembering it.... I still often masterbate to this MY FIRST TIME....

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