Bi-Sexual stories

My first and best
by Cunt/Cocksucker

It was my first time to have sex it was amazing with not one person two people it started like this..

I had two friends when i was at Uni, Beau and Carli. Beau was muscly kind of guy who liked to work out, I\'ve dreamt of touching his cock and was curious, but i dared not to. Carli more of a studious person, but whoa was she hot.

I found out I was bisexual since i was in year 7, during PE i was like \"whoa!\" at the girls and took a peek at one of the boys and i was like \"That boy is hot\".

It all started like this..
I went up to my friends to say hi, and we ended up talking about math and the answers to it (Carli was willingly sharing the answers). All of a sudden Beau invited us to his dorm, Carli and I agreed.

Beau suddenly whispered in my ear \"Hey, Mandy have you ever had sex?\" I was abit shocked and excited at the same time that my pussy started getting wet, I whispered back \"Um, no i haven\'t, Im a virgin\"

A cocky smile washed over his face and he whipered, \"Then your in for a treat\" My pussy became more wet and started throbbing with excitement.

As Carlie and I came in Beau went to the door and locked it. Carli told me, \"Hey, Mandy would you mind getting us a few drinks?\" *She points at the mini fridge* I said \"Yeah, sure why not\".

When i got the drinks I turned around to give them the drinks, but to my shock Beau and Carli were making out, full-on frenching. I saw Carli\'s tongue coming in and out of Beau\'s mouth.

Beau spotted me and stopped kissing Carli and he headed straight to me taking off his white shirt, then i thought \"Whoa, Beau really has a toned body\".I even caught a glimpse of Carli taking off her flowery shirt and realising her C-cupped sized boobs from her red smoking hot bra. I became wetter and wetter.

After all of us stripped down to nothing but wearing socks, Beau came down on me. It was the most amazing feeling in the whole entire world i have ever felt. I saw his cock it wasnt hard yet but whoa does he have a big one. Even though he wasnt hard yet it was almost like 6 inches already.

Carli came along and went down on him. Carli instructed me to do the same for her but i said \"I dont think i can, cs i have no idea wat im doing\". So Beau told me wat to do. i followed him and i almost had a orgasm. We were stuck in a 69er three way or something like that.

This is wat i did to Carli, i slowly licked her clit tasting her sweet juices, next i strted putting my tongue into her hole. The louder she makes the faster i do it. Then some juices exploded in my face, she came and sucked it all up. I had no idea wat Beau did but it made me explode with female cum and made me scream.

With no hesitation, Beau grabbed Carli\'s dildo and he bent us both over his bed and started fucking me in my cunt. The feel of his hard warm cock in me was amazing (it was already 10 inches) it was throbbing and fantastic. HE took Carli\'s dildo and he started using it to fuck her in her cunt.

After a while both me and Carli was screaming \"Harder!!Faster!!Deeper!!\" Until he removed his dick from me and he turned myself and Carli to his dick and he came all over us it was so delicious.

And right theres on the spot me and Carli came on his face. Lets just say
we have more \"study sessions\" at his dorm.

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