Lesbian Sex stories

My Day Job
by Andrea

This is a true story. I had just moved to a new Town and needed Part time work.
I saw an Ad in the paper for part time help in house ironing light housework.
It was well paid and just a lady to look after and a few days for a few hours a week.
I had a key and just let myself in.
One day I saw her car was still outside . I let myself in and started on my routine in the kitchen.
There was no sound from anywhere. I took some ironing upstairs and opened Linda\'s ( that was her name)
She was about 5 years older than me 45 very attractive and well spoken and quiet.
I stopped dead she was laying on the bed her legs wide appart rubbing her clit lost in her world.
She suddenly shuddered and relaxed.
I was transfixed. I had done this myself alone on the bed just like her.
She suddenly saw me. I put the washing down and went downstairs. Nothing was said that day.
I went home and laid naked on the bed and did the same as I has seen Linda doing.
The next day I saw the car was there again. Linda was in the kitchen making tea. She asked if I wanted a cup.
She also asked me if I mastubated. I said that I made myself come yes.
After a moment she asked me if I would lay on her bed naked and make myself come and let her watch.
I sipped my tea and realised this might be my one chance to explore something wonderful .
OK I said. Go upstairs and strip and I will walk in on you... It was a role reversal...
I did as she asked and I was strangely turned on laying on her sheet naked.
I rubbed my clit and with my other hand rubbed at my tits. I was so aroused. Hurry up I thought I am going to explode. I opened my eyes and saw Linda eyes wide open looking at me breathing heavy. I suddenly screamed
With an amazing rush I felt the sheet wet beneath me.
I laid there and Linda just said Thanks that was amazing....
The strange thing is linda will never touch me but now a few times a month she asks me to go upstairs and on the bed is a sex toy or an item of really erotic clothing. She now sits on a chair and asks me to fuck myself ...faster ...harder ..arch my back lick the vibrator.
It has become a drug now. I like to perform for her . I am getting to put on a good show and have never come so much in my life. I just get turned on that she is watching me......
I am hoping Linda will join me soon....

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