Lesbian Sex stories

my best friend (which is a girl) and i (girl) had sex! hawwt!
by lesbofreak!

Okay, my bff elesia came over to spend the night. we were texting and we never had sex before. ever. no lesbian, no straight. so we wanted to know what it feels like to be fingered and licked. so we made a plan, i would tell my mother i was taking a shower and she would go in there with me just not in the shower, she would wait outside till i was done washing my hair and shaving my pubes. she doesnt shave, she trims (hawwt!) and she was sitting on my bathroom floor, trimming. it was really steamy in there and she looked so sexy. i told her to leave it kinda long and she left it just long enough to make me urge to get in that pussy. so i washed up and shaved. i even asked her what kind of body wash she liked, and i put it on and I asked if she would help me rub it in and she smiled and licked her lips and helped. So after that, i got out but left the water running, so my parents wouldnt hear anything. i even put on music and locked the door. and then since i was already naked, she was all up on me before i knew it! she put her undies and pants back on so i had something to look forward to. she gave me a lap dance and she was stripping at the same time. it took her about 1 minute to get all of her clothes off. she dropped to the floor and i dived in after her. she opened her legs wide. she was a cheerleader for 3 years, so she was flexable. i said licked or fingered? and she said neither, suck on my tity\'s. and i got excited. i was sucking on them and she was moaning and it made me more excited so i was moving down for her vagina, she was sitting there, looking pleased. I started licking her pussy and it felt good on my tongue. The hair was so good. I was sucking and licking and then she was like finger me you whore and I was going nuts. I put in 1 finger, before I knew it it was two, then three, then she said it was hurting and I should stop, so I did, I went back to licking. And mannn she can MOAN! I was like my turn and she laid down on her back and I got on top of her and she was licking me like crazy I almost fell over! She moved her tounge so fast and got my vagina wet and she was loving the taste of it in her mouth. Then I turned towards the other way so she could lick me and I could lick her at the same time. We did and then I was looking around the bathroom for something like a dildo. I grabbed a tooth brush and I shoved it in her vagina and went up and down and put it on vibrate mode and she loved it. Then we stopped and we waited til my hair was dry and my parents went to bed and did it on the bed! Best night EVER!!!! Now we do it every night when she stays the night and its way better each time! I LOVE PUSSAYY!!

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