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My Best Friend
by rae

Faith was my best friend since kindergarten. We'd been through everything together - the good times, the bad times - everything. I wanted to go out with Faith and she knew it. I had written her a poem asking her out and she said she didn't want to risk hurting our friendship.
She was spending the night at my house like we did almost every weekend. I had never flirted with anyone before, but decided I may as well start now. All night I had been shooting her seductive smiles and winking from the corner of my eye. She seemed to be responding quite well.
So well, in fact, that I decided to be bold and kiss her on the cheek. She turned her head and kissed me back - full on the lips. We were in our own world. There was nothing but the two of us kissing. I felt her hand at my thigh and moving up. I was getting so hot I couldn't believe it. She started fingering me. I moaned in pleasure and took her shirt off. I was lucky - she wasn't wearing a bra. I kissed and sucked her nipples until they were hard and erect. Suddenly I came. I was screaming her name... It felt too good to be believed. I kissed down her stomach to her beautiful pussy, desperate to return the favor. I teased her, kissing her thighs. She was moaning and I was getting really turned on at the sound of it.
"Suck me, slut" she moaned. I did as I was told, flicking my tongue across her clit and shoving it into her warm juicy hole. She came unbelievably fast, screaming my name. I turned so that we were in a 69. We kept cumming and cumming until we were spent. We fell asleep there in my bed, and woke up in each other's arms.
"See you next weekend," I whispered, a secretive smile on my face.

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