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Mother in Law discovers my secret
by plumbob999

Well, there I was, standing in the middle of the room, wearing my mother-in-law\'s bra and pants, when who should walk in, but my mother-in-law.

She stopped in the doorway and I\'m thinking,
Uh, oh! this is embarrassing.

Hello Paul, she said, I guess you didn\'t expect me.

No Margaret, I agreed, you have caught me at a disadvantage, what happens now?

I\'m not sure, she said, but I\'m sure you wouldn\'t want me to talk to anyone about this.

I\'d rather you didn\'t, I said, so what do I have to do, so that we can keep this amongst ourselves?

Well Paul, I haven\'t seen a penis for a long time now, but at the moment I have a pretty good view of the outline of yours through my knickers, and it doesn\'t seem to have gone limp, considering our situation. Do you mind if I have a proper look at it?.

Are you sure mum? You actually want to see it.

That\'s the least you owe me for keeping quiet, she said.

OK, here goes!!

I pulled my mother-in-law\'s knickers down under my testicles and my stiff member flopped forward into view.

Oh wow, said Margaret, that\'s beautiful, can I touch it?

Well you seem to be in charge mum, help yourself.

Margaret stepped forward and her fingers traced the contours of the head of my penis causing it to buck. She grasped it with her hand and stroked it lovingly.

Oh Paul, you don\'t mind me doing this, do you?

I just shook my head but could not speak.
Margaret cupped my balls with one hand and worked my cock with the other and watched, fascinated as my sperm shot high in the air and landed on her skirt.

Oh dear, she said, I\'d better wash that off before it stains. She let my softening penis go and unzipped her skirt, dropping it to the floor before picking it up and leaving the room. I watched the swish of her pink nylon petticoat as she disappeared into the bathroom.

She returned, having put her skirt, and her blouse, and her petticoat in soak, and appeared before me in her bra and pants, with black stockings and suspenders.

Hey mum, you look beautiful, I said.

She smiled and said, not bad for an oldie I guess.

I said, you\'ll never be old.

You are really sweet, she said and came up to me. I enfolded her in my arms. This felt so wrong but so right at the same time. I was still in her bra and pants as we held each other close and kissed.

Take me to bed Paul said my wonderful mother-in-law, and I did..........

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