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Morning In The Park
by Exakta66

After nearly 20 years in a rather unexciting marriage and finding myself single again at the age of 45, meeting Joyce seemed a bit like a dream come true. She was a rather leggy 23-year-old with perky breasts only a woman her age could possess. Like a lot of younger women, she wanted to try it all, including being with an older man. I was only glad to help out. She said she liked my maturity and the fact that I took my time in the bedroom. Heck, it was probably more middle age than any real skill, but I never told her that. I was really enjoying her willingness to experiment and her youthful energy was refreshing. By comparison, to my ex wife oral sex meant talking about it.

Besides her hot body and her exuberance under the sheets, the thing that I found most attractive about Joyce was her long hair. She wore it straight down nearly to her waist. When she was naked it flowed down past her shoulders and if she moved just right you could see her perky young nipples poking through her shiny blonde strands. I loved the way her hair engulfed my whole head and teased my face when she bent over to kiss me while I lay on the bed. Most of all I loved the way her golden locks caressed my inner thighs and balls as her beautiful head bobbed up and down between my legs. Yes, Joyce was a find, and I was enjoying every single minute.

As much as this could be viewed as a relationship from paradise and a well deserved reward for putting up with Mrs. Boredom for nearly 20 years, there were a couple of areas of friction between Joyce and I. As much as most of our bedroom time would be cause for envy among even long time residents of Heaven, Joyce had a definite submissive side and I wasn't sure I was always the man she needed for this position. Perhaps it was my long held belief that sex was a beautiful thing best experienced between equals or maybe long suppressed inhibitions, but my heart wasn't always into it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed tying this perfect female specimen to the bedposts with her own stockings and watching those perfect 23-year-old nipples point to the sky as her back arched in passion and I loved the way she got so excited as I held her arms tight over her head during lovemaking, as any man would. The problem was, this just wasn't enough for her. She wanted to do it all and she talked of wanting me to publicly humiliate her and the like. In my mind, the day I walked around a girl six years older than my daughter on a leash through the mall would be the day my friends would have me committed. So, it seemed any possibility of public humiliation games would be unlikely.

The other source of friction was my daughter herself, or rather the time I spent with my daughter. As far as I was concerned my daughter would always come first. If Joyce were jealous of the time I spent with my daughter, she would just have to deal with it. Nothing was going to come between my daughter and myself, not even a hot-looking 23-year-old.

One particular Sunday morning things were really bad. We had an argument the night before because I insisted on going to see my daughter's high school play. Apparently, to some 23-year-olds, Saturday nights are meant for going out and having drinks and nothing else would ever do. This morning, I was feeling particularly angry with her for her selfishness. I was wondering in the back of my mind if it was something she would soon grow out of, and if it was worth the wait.

Those issues, combined with her experimental phase, were making me uneasy. I needed to get out, badly. I suggested a game of tennis at the local park. It was early and it would be easy to get a court. I needed to take out my anger on something and it was either pound tennis balls or pound her. I decided to pound tennis balls first and pound my balls against her butt later.

She agreed to the tennis game and said she would pack a lunch so we could make a picnic of it. She was good at that sort of thing. Joyce made a lunch of hummus and pita with assorted sprouts, rabbit food if you ask me, but I was getting used to it and I really wasn't thinking much about food at the moment. She also said she would pack some fruit and asked if bananas and strawberries would work. I told her they would be fine.

Joyce looked hot in her short skirt and T-shirt when we arrived at the park. It was still early and it was an overcast day, so there was no one around. We passed a swing set as we walked through the park on our way to the tennis courts. She asked me if I would push her on the swing. I agreed and we headed over there. As I pushed her on the swing, her long hair blew back every time she swung away from me. It looked so beautiful in the breeze. Suddenly I had the urge to grab the chains as she swung back. I grabbed her wrists between my thumb and index fingers while holding firm on the chains with my other fingers. I lifted up the chains with an abrupt movement and held the chains to my shoulders, forcing her butt against my crotch. I felt like hiking up her skirt and bouncing that soft butt up and down on my stiff cock by hoisting the swing up and down by the chains. But I didn't. I just slid her clothed body up and down my crotch a couple of times. My feelings of arousal mixed with my feelings of anger as I dragged her butt over my stiff cock.

"What's up?" she asked.

I just remained silent. I lifted her off the swing and we proceeded to walk to the tennis courts. As we got to the courts again there was nobody around. A slight breeze ruffled the canvas tarps that were tied to the fence to break the wind, but otherwise all was silent. As Joyce bent over to put down the cooler with the food and take out her racket, a sudden burst of adrenaline shot through my body, like a convict hurdling over the prison wall. The sight of Joyce bending over incited me like fresh blood to a shark. I grabbed her by her wrists and held them above her head, spinning her around and forcing her back against the fence. As I held her arms above her head, I tied her wrists together with her long blonde hair. I then looped the remainder of the hair through the fence and proceeded to tie her securely to the fence with her own hair. I took off her skirt and pulled down her panties as I sat down for a moment on the cooler to survey what I had done. I got up only to rip her T-shirt down the front, letting the few remaining untied strands of long blond hair rustle softly in the breeze over her erect nipples. I sat back down briefly again for a moment until once again I started up like a man possessed. I opened the cooler and surveyed my findings. I took out the hummus and walked over to her. I opened it and started spreading the cold paste onto her nipples, down her tummy and on her thighs. I then proceeded to lap it off her like a lion devouring a steak with hard firm strokes of my tongue. She tried to struggle and as she did the sound of the chain link fence clattering against the fence posts clashed with the ruffling of the canvas tarp. My saliva made her round breasts glisten as the morning sun tried to poke through the clouds. I then reached back to the cooler and pulled out a banana. I proceeded to tease her with it as she remained totally helpless tied to the fence. I touched it to her lips and proceeded to drag it slowly down her neck, circling her nipples and outlining her breasts.

"You like bananas?" I asked. "I know you do."

I slowly worked my way down with the banana, stroking her thighs softly. Then I slowly dragged the banana across her womanhood, slightly harder and deeper each time until the banana glistened in the morning breeze with the wetness of her fresh juices. I took the banana and dragged it over her top lip, under her nose, forcing her to smell her own scent.

"You smell good, don't you?" I asked. The only answer was a soft moan.

I then took the banana and inserted the tip into her vagina. I moved it up and down slowly at first and then pushed it in as she moaned again. I started moving it in and out as she remained helplessly tied to the fence, bound with her own hair. After a few minutes my own excitement started to get too much and I knew I would have to end this soon. I stood before her and dropped my pants and my underwear, unleashing my own erection. I hoisted her legs up, ankles on my shoulders, guiding her onto my erection. Slowly at first I began working her into a frenzy. My arms supported her backside as I had my hands firmly gripping the chain link fence. At times I was thrusting, other times I pulled the fence back and forth, moving her wildly like an animal. The sound of the chain link fence snapping against the fence poles was like a gorilla trying to escape its cage. The canvas tarp fluttered wildly like the waves behind a passing speedboat. The only sounds to drown it out were her screams as we both came. I pulled out in time to cum on her stomach and breasts, my cum again making her breasts glisten in the morning sun.

After exhausting myself, I sat down again for a moment on the cooler. I looked around. The only person I saw was an old lady walking a small dog. She pretended not to notice us. Maybe she didn't. After a few minutes I untied Joyce and offered her my shirt, as I had ripped hers.

"You still want to play tennis?" I asked.

"No," she said. "Let's eat. I'm too tired for anything else right now."

We made our way over to the grove area and sat down on the grass. I reached into the cooler and pulled out a banana.

"You like bananas?" I asked.

She just smiled.


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