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MIL goes black
by SIL50

I was sitting home bored to tears when my MIL dropped by rather unexpected. She said she couldn't stay but left me a DVD to watch and told me I would really enjoy it. Not having anything to do I popped it in the player and got ready for whatever. When it came on there was my MIL alone in what was obliviously a motel room. She was fully dressed but soon began to perform a very cock stiffening strip-tease. Soon she was totally nude except for her heels and was giving me great views of her mature body. After the tease she covered herself in the provided robe, sat down in a chair and just chilled out leaving me to wonder what was next. It wasn't long till I found out.

There was a knock on the door so she got up and answered it. Much to my surprise in walked two black men. It surprised me because while she hands nothing against blacks she just didn't like interracial sex. But, it was oblivious by the way she greeted them they were already acquainted. She dropped the robe and asked them what they thought about and this old white woman. One guys hands went straight to her tits, and the other began to feel her ass and cunt. I knew she was in to it because her legs were spreading as she stood opening up so they could explore her body. They were laughing and talking about how much fun they were going to have and how this white bitch was going to scream. My MIL got on her knees in front of the both of them unbuckled their belts, unzipped their flies and pulled out two of the largest dicks I have ever seen. Both guys asked her how she liked dark meat and began to rub their limp dicks on her face and tits. She took one in each hand and began to masturbate both at once. Once hard both must have been in the10 inch or larger range. She took the"smaller" one in her mouth but it wasn't easy for her. Finally I guess he got tired of waiting and just pushed it all the way in. She made a gagging sound but toughed it out. He chuckled and told his buddy that this bitch really liked big cocks and started to fuck my MIL's mouth. After a while he pulled out and his larger friend took his place, and gave her the same face fucking treatment. Finally they stopped so she could get a breath.

She laid on the bed spread her legs to give her lovers a good view of her soaking wet cunt, laughed and asked which one thought he was man enough to satisfy her. The one with the big dick told his buddy he better go first because he wouldn't do her any good if he fucked her first. I knew she could take a nice sized dick easy but this guy looked like he was trying to enter a virgin and so did my MIL's expression. She almost sounded panicked as she asked him to be easy as her pussy felt like it was about to rip into. I could not believe he got that 10inch cock bottomed out in her but somehow he did and started to pump her. It didn't her long to find his rhythm and begin to fuck back. She kept telling him to fuck her pussy and how much she loved his dick. She must have came three or four times while he was banging her cunt. he mus have screwed her for 30 minutes. While the big guy was giving her tits a nice work out with his hands, he told her to suck his cock and make sure it was nice and slick because he didn't want any problems when it was his turn This time she had no problem getting it in her mouth and took turns sucking his cock and balls. Mr. Big finally told his friend to let him have a turn they changed places but not before my MIL told him to lay down and let her mount him. She straddled him grabbed his dick, held it straight up rubbed it against her pussy and began her mount. Her face turned blood red as it spread her outer lips and began to enter her womanhood. It seemed like several minutes but she finally slid all the way down on that black monster. After a couple of strokes she started too moan and I knew what was about to happen as she hit bottom she had one of her squirting orgasms. Her cum splattered her African lover.(by now I was rock hard and slowly masturbating my own dick) He told his buddy "see how much she likes this big black snake " and then told his friend to stick his dick in her mouth. She had a dick in her mouth and cunt I couldn't believe it. I could not believe sexy she looked in that position. Both guys were working her tits over, and she was sucking and fucking like a woman possessed. Finally she tired and laid down on her new friend both of them were covered in sweat. even laying down she nevr let that monster out of her pussy. She laid there for a few minutes and then began to passionately tounge kiss him. She raised up and kissed her other fuck buddy the same way. After that she began to rock her hips and told him she wanted him to quit holding back and fill her with his cum.

She started riding him again and was getting a good motion going when the smaller guy walked behind them got back on the bed grabbed her ass checks said he'd always wanted to fuck a stuck up white bitch in the ass but, since there was only an old white whore here she would have to do. He pushed his dick against her butt hole and I heard her protest but it did no good he was going for it. He got that big thing in her and both were giving her the ride of her life. I don't know how many times she came but twice more she squirted(and even I squirted all over myself). Both of the guys started moaning and the one in her ass started to come. Some of his sperm went in her ass the rest on her ass cheeks and back. His buddy followed close behind filling her pussy to over flowing. Both got off made her suck their dicks clean got dressed and left. The laughed telling her they would have paid but enjoyed the freebe and they had morefriends for next time. She finished by showing me close ups of her stretched cum covered ass hole and her stretched cum dripping pussy. Then she told me HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hoped I liked this year's present.

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