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Man-handle me baby!
by Monikerr

Its one of those nights where yu r so horny but yet home all alone. Yur fighting with yur boyfriend and you just need a good fuck.

I call up my boyfriend to see if he wants me to come over and talk. Of course he says yes. I go over to his house and start telling him I feel and how this arguemrnt is stupid. He looks at me and tells me to shut up.I get up to leave.

He gets up and grabs me by the arm and takes me into his bedroom. I just look at him cause I don't want him to know how much I'm enjoying him man handling me. He grabs my shirt and rips it off along with my bra and pants. He pushes me on to the bed. All I have on is a thong. He gets on his knees like he is about to eat me out but he bites my thongs and pulls it off by his teeth. I notice his dick is becoming erect. I try to lean up to stroke it. He pushes me back on the bed and tells me if I don't obey him and be still he will have to go get ropes. I lay there and just watch him.

He takes all of his clothes off and starts shaking his dick at me. I'm gettin so wet but he doesn't touch me in a compassionate way at all. He walks over to me and pulls me by my legs. He tells me to stand up. I stand up and he pushes me backwards against the bed. My face is buried in the bed and he tells me not to move. I feel him take both of his hands and open up my butt cheeks. He starts runnin my anus. Goes down a little and feels my pussy hole. Sits in half a finger slowly and pulls its right back out. He then Rubs my wetness all over my anus. I feel him move down and start licking my ass hole. I move a little cause noone has ever touched me in the way. I feel the head of his dick resting on my anus. I try to move because I know this is going to hurt.

Before I could move he thrusts his dick inside my anus and starts going at it. I scream in agony but I also moan of pleasure. He keeps fucking me in the ass till he cums. I feel the warmth of his cum go in my anus. He pulls out and it drips all over my vagina. He then jerks me up and turns me over. By this time I'm so horny I just want him fucking me so bad. I lean up to grab his dick. He grabs my hair and says"suck it now bitch."

I start sucking his dick. Goin slow at first then I pick up the speed. He cant handle this rate of speed..he cums again in my mouth. I swallow. He pushes me back down on the bed. He climbs up around me holds my legs around me and slides the head of his dick in me. Leans forward kisses me and tells me he loves me. We start fucking missionary style. He is going so slow. i love the way he is doing me. I'm gettin hornier by the second. He pulls out his dick looks at my and thrust it in as hard as he can go. I scream out in pleasure. He keeps up the thrusting. He is beating my pussy up. My hands r on his back. I'm scratching him, screaming his name, breathing hard. This is by far the best sex we have ever had. I get to my climax point. He pulls out and I squirt all over his face. I then collapse asleep.

For the record we atleast get in a fight once a week so we can have our make up sex. Its the best. Try it sometime.

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