Group Sex stories

Magic Panties
by Thesandman

One of the nice things about working in, as well as owning an adult novelty store, is the perks associated with doing so. I'm a people person, anyway. I love watching people. Often going to the mall to pick up one thing or another and finding myself sitting down, watching people walk by. It's interesting to wonder what they are thinking about, who they really are inside. Which is one of the reasons I love my job so much. When people enter my store, I have a pretty good idea of what they are thinking about. Sex.

Admittedly, the majority of clients who enter my store are men. Most of which are there to find something that will put the spice back into their sex-life, or pick out something that they've been harboring as a fantasy for a while, that they've managed to persuade their respective partner into going along with. Or at the very least, hoping they will. I do however, get a fair share of women too. And they are, of course, the ones I really enjoy watching whenever they come into my store to shop.

Most women tend to buy gag gifts, things for bridal showers, things like that. Though occasionally, one or two will browse through the toy section, looking for a particular vibrator or dildo so that they might pleasure themselves or in a few cases, their female partners. Usually most of these women spend less than five or ten minutes inside the store. They seem to know exactly what they are looking for, searching briefly, selecting something and then bringing it up to me to purchase. Rarely do I ever get anyone who actually asks me for help, though this does happen. I love working with these kinds of women, as they seem to be more open-minded and at ease with themselves. More so than anyone else, including the men who come in.

As I like to do, I usually come in about an hour or so before the store opens. Generally I restock the shelves or straighten up the merchandise, though occasionally I may try out one of the new toys that have come in, especially if they are designed for a man. Though most of these are merely novelty items, which I've found actually have very little to offer.

I had just finished restocking some body oils on the shelf when I turned to see a nerdy looking guy standing just outside the door, peering in. "We're still closed!" I said, approaching the door and pointing at the closed sign, which had the hours I was open clearly indicated on it. I watched as he looked down one side of the street and then the other, before turning back to face me. Just the way he acted made me a little suspicious of him; suddenly glad there was a locked door between us. Not that he looked violent, or even capable of being able to cause anyone physical harm, but as I watched him open a plastic bag he was carrying, I half expected to see him withdraw a gun or something. Instead, he reached in and brought out a pair of women's white cotton panties. The kind you would see sold in generally most stores, certainly not the kind I sold in mine. I looked at him inquisitively, once again yelling through the closed door.

"Not interested!" I yelled, knowing he could hear me, at least. "Now if they were crotchless...maybe!"

I honestly expected him simply to turn and walk away. But he did not "They're not normal panties!" he exclaimed back at me. "I've invented something...and I think you might be interested in seeing what I've done," he implored.

Against my better judgment, I unlocked the door letting him inside. He immediately introduced himself.

"Name's Marty Wilder" he told me. Even his name sounded nerdy. I was almost afraid to shake his hand as he offered it to me.

"Benjamin Roberts", I said introducing myself, "Though everyone calls me Ben."

"Thanks for letting me in...Ben,"he began. "You're the first person who's actually been willing to see what it is I have to offer." Once again he withdrew the pair of white cotton, obviously women's panties. The fact they looked brand new still did not tell me anything, though I was curious.

"If you're trying to interest me in a pair of women's panties, it's really not my thing. And I don't care who you might claim actually wore them, it's not something I'd actually be interested in."

My comment seemed to catch him in mid-stride. For a moment, I thought he would stuff them back into his bag, turn and leave. Which in a way, was something I was now hoping for, already regretting that I had let him in. He smiled awkwardly, looking almost embarrassed.

" misunderstand. They look like normal women's panties, but they're far from it. My panties are special...very special."

Once again I was starting to believe I was standing there talking to some kind of a pervert, or worse. And not that I had any problems with any particular fetish of course, after all, I sold a lot of things a hell of a lot kinkier than women's underwear.

He must have noticed the look of doubt on my face, worried perhaps that I was a second away from asking him to leave, which I was.

"Hear me out....please," he begged. Being the people person that I am, I decided to give him a few more minutes. I was now interested in what he really did have to offer, or at the very least, discover what it was that he thought he had and why I would be interested in them.

"Ok...but keep it short. The store opens in fifteen minutes." I told him.

Marty relaxed considerably, genuinely relieved. "I work for a major micro-chip computer factory," he began. "Research and development specifically. For several years I've worked on an idea I had, on my own time. With the access that I have to certain materials, as well as the freedom to work on my own in relative privacy, I eventually perfected, and made a very small microchip that's designed to do only one simple thing. And that's bring pleasure to women."

"Ah huh...." I said dubiously. "And just what does this little microchip of yours have to do with women's panties?"

Obviously he was excited to finally be able to tell someone about his little invention. Opening a small tiny little envelope he poured the contents of it out on top of a white handkerchief he had spread out. What I saw were perhaps a dozen or so small razor thin translucent little disks no bigger than the size of an aspirin. Once again showing me the panties, he pointed directly at the crotch area.

"One of these microchips is inside these," he said. "You can easily insert them into any woman's panties, purchased from any store. As you can see...the chips are so thin that you can make a simple cut with any sharp razor, insert the chip between the layers of material, a tiny...very tiny dab of superglue is more than enough to hold it in place."

"Yeah, right." I said going along...becoming more and more sure this guy really was some kind of a nut case. "Listen...I really do need to open the store," I said, hoping to convey in not so many words that I was no longer curious or interested in his panties.

He was too excited explaining things to me though, to have listened. "The chip is triggered by body temperature, as well as moisture." He said continuing. "It sends out a pulsating electrical energy wave that is very...stimulating."

That got my attention.

"It does what?" I had started towards the door to turn the sign around and invite him to leave. Hearing what he had just told me, I froze with my hand still on the doorknob.

"These panties induce orgasms," he said simply. "But the best part is...most women don't even know why, or how it could possibly even happen, as there's nothing to detect in the panties they're wearing to indicate how...or why. They're completely washable, the chips are virtually indestructible unless you burn them of course, and I've yet to find a chip that's gone bad or worn out."

"You mean to tell me...women wear these panties and simply experience an orgasm from doing so?"

"Well in theory...yes."

"In theory?" I asked...suddenly thinking I really had been duped into some guy's get rich quick scheme here, thankful that I had not agreed or worse, actually given him any money for his so-called climax-chips.

"I've only been able to test them on one or two subjects, without their knowledge of course..."

"Of course..." I said skeptical as hell, wishing I had never allowed him to enter my store.

"But both women appeared to have some kind of pleasurable experience, one eventually even fainting from it...though admittedly that was my fault because I'd sort of increased the intensity just a little too much I think."

" lost me," I told him. "How do you increase the intensity of this little super-cum ship, or whatever the hell you call it?" I asked

"Well...that's the other part I haven't told you about yet," he said, once again speaking in low tones as though worried I had surveillance cameras or microphones hidden inside my store, which suddenly...I wish I did have.

"There are two ways the chip can be activated. One is simply by the increase of body temperature, coupled with the slightest trace of moisture. So, in other words, if a woman becomes aroused, even slightly...the chip picks up on that. It begins to send out miniscule little pulses that a woman wouldn't even associate with anything except her own body causing it to happen. She would initially feel nothing more than a nice "itch" no different from the first stirrings of arousal in any woman. The more she becomes aroused however, the greater the signal that begins actually to interact with the sexual nerve endings with a woman's clitoris. Before she knows what's happening...or why, she can actually experience an orgasm without ever having had to even touch herself."

I know I was standing there looking at him with my mouth open in disbelief. But truth was, he had my complete and undivided attention now.

"Go on..." I prompted, letting go of the doorknob, having no intention of turning the sign around now.

Seeing that I had done so, he looked particularly relieved. "The second that you can by remote control...activate the chip too." Now he was grinning, and even more excited to explain to me what he had invented than he had been. And was I.

"Each chip has its own private identification number, or access code if you will. You can actually bring up the "clit-chip" program on your home computer, preferably a lap-top of course...especially if the subject is within view when you access the panties she's wearing."

I was not about to interrupt him this time, and found myself actually sitting down on the stool behind the counter willing to let him explain the rest of it to me, even if it took him all day to do so.

"Once you've accessed the memory, you can increase the levels of intensity, though I'd recommend if you've got the time and patience to begin at one...possibly level setting two but no more than that. That way she'll subconsciously never really know why she became aroused...only that she did. Gradually you can increase the levels one at a time until you can see where it is that she's actually experiencing pleasure. I'd certainly never go right to level seven, for a woman, it would be like having her clit licked...rapidly. And that WOULD make anyone suspicious I would think. But getting to that point slowly...gradually, you'd probably never even need to go any higher than a three or possibly even a four to see a woman eventually experience some sort of unexpected, unexplained orgasm."

The sound of someone knocking at the door turned my attention from him momentarily. I saw a potential customer pointing at my sign, then at his watch expectantly. For the first time since I had opened for business, I turned a customer away. "I hope I don't come to regret doing that." I told Marty.

"I won't," he replied. "But......."

Of course, I knew there was a but some place. I had known that from the beginning. But as they say, 'In for a penny.....' "Ok, what's the catch Marty?" I asked, expecting the worst, hoping for the best.

"I've sunk every single penny I have into this," he began to explain to me. "I'm completely tapped out, if I don't recoup at least half of what I've put into it soon, I'll not only lose my job, but I'll lose the ability to even make any more of these," he finished indicating the twelve or so tiny little disks still sitting atop the hanky.

"How much is half?"

"Fifteen thousand."

"Jesus H Marty! That's like over a thousand dollars a pair. No one in their right mind would pay that kind of money for a pair of women's underwear, no matter how many times she was able to cum while wearing them!" I shot back at him.

"That's just what I need to cover the start up costs," he told me. "I can now make each chip for less than ten dollars. If we could just get enough of these out there...well, you can see the potential," he stated hopefully.

"Like I said Marty...fifteen thousands a lot of coin, even for me." Marty looked dejected, even reaching for his handkerchief. "Tell you what...let me have these chips of yours, for a week, maybe even two weeks. show me how to access and use the codes from my laptop. I've got a couple of possible subjects to try these out on. If...they do as well you say they will. Then...we've got a deal. How's that sound?"

"A week Ben. I can't wait any longer than that. I'm already pushing it as it is."

"OK...since tomorrow's Saturday, give me this weekend, and the next weekend at least. I'll need that time if I'm going to have any chance to try these out for myself. On Monday, if I think it's worth taking the risk, I'll have the money for you then. Deal?"

Marty did not hesitate, grinning as he offered me his hand. "Deal!" he said.

We spent the next two hours together going over the entire program. Marty downloaded the access codes onto my laptop, and showed me the fairly simple process on how to access, and gradually increase their intensity levels. He also explained to me that they had a range of over two miles, though at the moment, I could not see the practical application for that as I would much rather be close enough at least to see what was actually going on.

By the time Marty left, I had turned away at least a dozen customers, already worried and concerned that I had already invested more into this deal than it was really worth. At least I had the weekend to experiment a little. And I had two perfect candidates. Christy and Diane, my neighbors and unsuspecting friends.

I lived in one half of a fairly large duplex. I had been there for nearly ten years after my divorce, happily remaining single meanwhile. I rented the other half of my duplex out, which is how I had initially gotten to know Christy. Christy had moved in and we had gotten to know each other fairly well, after a time...even intimately even though she had a "girl-friend", being more lesbian than bi-sexual actually. Diane had come to live with her a couple of months later. I had thought initially that she was the girlfriend, and was quite surprised when I found out a short time later, she was not Diane was in fact pretty straight-laced having grown up in a fairly strict religious family. She had been a high school friend with Christy, which is how she came to know her, eventually moving in with her, as she needed a place to live after she had moved out. All in all they made for a fairly strange pair of friends as well as roommates, especially as Diane was not very approving of Christy's intimate relationship with another woman. Which was one reason Christy's girlfriend rarely if ever came over unless Diane was not planning on being there.

Christy worked as an X-ray technician at a local nearby clinic. Diane was a flight attendant, so she was periodically away which Christy enjoyed as she could then invite her lover over without bumping heads with Diane over it.

I had installed a fairly large pool in the backyard, seeing no reason to divide the property, allowing both myself as well as the tenants to have access to it, which had been a main factor in getting and keeping fairly decent renters. I eventually left work leaving my two employees to run things and headed home. I knew Christy would be open to hearing what I had to tell her, deciding she would be the best one to try these 'Magic Panties' of Marty's on first. Christy was lying out by the pool when I arrived. Though I had gotten home a little earlier than usual, it was not any big surprise to find her lying out without her top on. I made no pretense of trying to hide my approach either.

"Hi Christy." I said simply... crossing the back yard.

She had been lying on her back, though she did not exactly cover the fact she was topless, she did roll onto her stomach smiling at me. "Hi Ben...home a little early aren't you?"

"A little." I responded. "But that's because I have something I want to tell you about...and then show you." I said seriously.

I spent the next hour telling her about Marty and his invention. To my surprise, Christy sat there listening to me the whole time not even interrupting me once. She had gotten so interested, finally sitting up to become a little more comfortable, forgetting entirely that her full sized breasts were suddenly and very prominently displayed.

"Show me!" Christy said wide-eyed, obviously excited when I was done telling her about them. Reaching into my jacket pocket I removed the simple pair of white cotton briefs handing them to her.

"Put them on I said. But remember...for them to actually start to work, you have to be a little aroused anyway, unless you want me to get on the computer." I added.

"I don't think that's going to be a problem," she said, standing up, removing her bikini bottoms without even batting an eyelash. "Though I would like to see what you mean by increasing the intensity level later," she said lustfully.

Within seconds she had replaced her bikini with the panties. "I don't feel anything," she said disappointedly.

Once again, I began to wonder if I'd been had.

"Wait a minute...." she added a moment later. "Maybe I do after all!" Christy gave me a quick wondrous look just before collapsing down onto the chase lounge she had been sitting on.

I continued watching her as the look in her eyes became even more expressive. "Holy shit Ben...these are for real!" she exclaimed excitedly. "It's almost.....almost like someone was gently thrumming my clit. Nothing major mind you...just a delicious little tingling between my legs, but the more excited I'm getting, the more I seem to be feeling it." Christy shuddered involuntarily. "Oh's definitely working!" she finally admitted.

I watched as she slipped her finger down between her legs, pressing it against the material, in turn pressing the material against her self. "I don't feel anything either," she said in surprise.

"You're not supposed to Christy. I think that's the whole point, most women won't even be aware that it's in there unless someone tells them it is". I watched as Christy continued to slide her finger up and down her cloth-covered slit. It was obvious that she was becoming more and more aroused by the sudden discoloration of the garment as it pressed against her suddenly very wet, very aroused pussy lips.

"Well?" I asked her. "Is it getting stronger or what?"

Christy looked at me as though seeing me for the first time. The look on her face was sheer pleasure.



"What are you feeling right now?" I asked curiously.

"Shut up...give me a moment, I think I'm going to cum," she said by way of an answer.

It was evident by her reactions a moment later...she did. Christy even seemed to recover slightly, but then much to my surprise, she appeared to start the whole process all over again. "Good heavens Ben...I think I'm going to cum again!" she said excitedly.

By the third climax, Christy forced herself to remove the garment, holding it in her hand like it was some sort of a cherished friend. "Can I have these?" she asked.

And then I knew how I could persuade her to help me. "You can...if you'll help me perform a really, really important test." I told her.

Christy grinned almost evilly. "Diane?" I nodded my head smiling back at her.

"How?" she asked. I produced a small little envelope, pouring the contents out into the palm of my hand.

"With these." I told her. "What I need you to help me to do, is figure out which of Diane's panties she's most likely to wear over the course of the next few days. Then...we need to put these inside each pair. The tricky part is... you'll need to somehow let me know if she's wearing a pair of them that has these in them. Once you do...I'll take things from there."

Christy sat back smiling even wider than before. "That's going to be fairly easy actually," she said. "You're never going to believe this Ben, but she wears those panties that have each day of the week on them? And even better...I know for a fact she wears them in order too!"

I had already known that Diane was flying in on Saturday, she would have at least a week before taking another transatlantic flight over to London. The window of opportunity was now; it could not have worked out any more perfectly.

"Then lets get these inside her panties as soon as possible. I told her...starting with Sunday I guess?" I asked her.

"Probably...since I'm sure she'll be wearing Saturday's," she giggled. "We just need to make sure that all of her next weeks undies are on top...all of which will have one of these little chips tucked away inside."

"Then we'd better get busy." I told her.

"How about after?" Christy questioned.

"After?" I said somewhat confused. "After what?"

" make me cum again." Christy said, already beginning to unbuckle my belt, unzipping my fly as she did. Obviously she did not need the panties at the moment...but I could not help but wonder if they had gone a long way in getting her here to begin with.

The feel of Christy's warm velvet mouth engulfing my shaft took my breath away. She nibbled the head teasingly, licking up one side and down the other in slow tantalizing strokes, sucking me in...engulfing me once again, sucking harder, firmer this time.

"Oh...let me get out of these clothes." I said forcing her head away from me momentarily. "And maybe...we should take this inside." I suggested.

"Why? No one can see us unless they're using binoculars," she said. "And even if they are...doesn't the thought of that sort of excite you?" she said.

I finished taking my clothes off, spreading out the towel she had brought outside with her. "Lay down." I told her. "I'm going to eat your cunt until you're screaming." I informed her.

"Now....that might alert a few neighbors," she said laughing, laying down on the towel knee's already bent, spread wide waiting for me. "Ok Ben...make me scream."

Christy and I had not been together all that often. The fact that she was into women more than men might have had something to do with that. But at the moment, she was the wettest I believe I had ever seen her. I slipped my tongue into the wet juicy folds of her slit, tasting the musky scent that greeted me, reveling in it like a perfectly aged wine.

"Damn Christy...I truly do love licking your pussy." I told her.

Christy moaned. "You're not bad either...for a man," she added. I sucked her lips inside my mouth, chewing them gently...sucking, licking...chewing again.

"Actually Christy...I've always believed I was really a lesbian. A man trapped in a woman's body."

It had been a running joke between us, every time we had been together, few times that they were, she had always compared me to some of her women lovers. Each time however she'd let me off the hook by winking at me, sufficient ego stroking so that I at least felt "competent" in whatever I was doing to make her feel good.

"Hmm, I wonder what it would be like eating you with those panties on." I said jokingly.

"Want me to get them?" she said seriously. I sucked her clit between my lips, pulling on it. "Oh shit...never mind! Just keep doing that!" she said groaning as I continued pleasuring that tiny little nubbin of flesh. Christy was soon bucking against my face, arching her back thrusting herself against my tongue. I'd already reached up, filling my hands with the softness of her breasts, toying and teasing her aroused nipples. Christy loved it when I did that, especially when she was close. I had learned how she liked it when I tapped them with my fingers, rapidly keeping tempo with the way I flicked her clit with my tongue.

"Faster!" she demanded. "Harder Ben...harder!" she screamed deliriously as she came.

For a moment or two...I really did worry about the neighbors.

Christy and I switched places. This time when her warm wet mouth took me in, I had no intention of interrupting her. She continued milking my prick with her hands as well as her lips, going so far as to insert the tip of her finger inside my ass, tickling my prostate, triggering within moments the orgasm that had been building. I'd never cum in her mouth, knowing that was one thing I never would do. Not with Christy anyway. The moment my orgasm began, she quickly removed my penis, placing it comfortably against her tits instead, where I joyfully began emptying a very large thick load of cream.

"Oh shit, Christy!" I groaned loudly, still trying to keep it down in the event someone really had heard us. Watching the copious discharge bathing her breasts was extremely gratifying, very sensual to me. Christy jacked my cock rapidly, delighting in each and every rope of semen that shot from the tip of my dick to cover her luscious breasts, as well as her chocolate colored nipples.

I remained on the ground for long moments afterwards, trying to catch my breath. "I'm going inside to shower," she told me. "You can join me if you'd like...then I'd like to see what those panties can really do!" she said laughing. "Not until we've inserted the rest of those chips," I told her, sitting up finally. "Then...maybe," I said.

Christy pouted briefly...winked, taking her cute naked little ass into the house. I followed her seconds later. "Well...maybe after I've inserted something else," I thought to myself as I chased her inside.


We had finished inserting the chips inside several pairs of Diane's "week-day" panties. Christy meticulously restacked, folded and ensured that every pair was exactly the way they were before we began.

"Have you got any of those things left?" she asked. I checked inside the small little envelope.


"Cool. It might not be a bad idea to put that one inside Diane's swim suit," she suggested.

"Which one though?" I asked. Christy laughed.

"She really only wears one...that dark blue single piece thing. You'd think with a body like she has, she'd wear a decent bikini at least. But the only thing I've ever seen her wear out to the pool is that very modest one piece she owns."

Christy quickly located it in another drawer, seconds later we'd inserted the last chip, once again folding it away back where it belonged.

"I wonder if the water from the pool will have any adverse effects," I questioned aloud.

"Don't know...might be another interesting test," Christy commented. "But if nothing else, you should be able to watch her from your bedroom window if she comes outside to sit by the pool to sunbath, as she usually does on the weekends."

"That's true," I said, considering the possibilities. "Now...maybe we should see about testing out the intensity levels through my laptop," I suggested. Christy was already grinning, once again slipping on the white panties.

"Do you think we can remove the chip from these and put it in a pair of my favorite ones?" she asked. "Not that I mind these really, I just haven't worn white cotton panties since high school."

"Actually Christy...seeing you in those is pretty damn sexy," I told her. "Sort of takes me back to my high school days."

I saw a familiar look suddenly appear in her face. "All this talk..." she said with some difficulty. "Is already causing things happen," she said, grinning broadly.

Just watching Christy already becoming excited even without using the laptop made me wonder. "You think Diane ever fantasizes?" I asked

"Huh? What?" she said, grinning almost stupidly.

"Never're already too far gone to pay any attention to me," I laughed. Christy's face was already screwing up in a look of rapturous pleasure. "Hurry up Ben, plug me in!" she exclaimed.

At the moment...there was nothing I'd rather do. But I turned on the laptop anyway.

Marty was right...I'd slowly increased the electrical pulsations inside the chip to a level five. Christy hadn't made it past four before experiencing a fairly intense climax. She had begun the roller coaster ride through ecstasy when I increased it one more level, watching as she nearly doubled over on the bed, her hands down between her legs moaning and groaning furiously as she came one more time.

"Fuck said that was only a level five intensity?" She was already skimming the panties off of herself, beads of perspiration dotting her face. "I think a six, certainly a seven setting would in all likelihood kill me! I hope you plan on going slowly with that thing...especially with Diane. If you're not careful, you'll freak her out. I'm not even sure she knows what an orgasm is!"

I hadn't really thought of that. One thing was for sure, in the time I had gotten to know the girls; Diane had remained very private, very aloof about anything sexual. Christy had even tried to pry information from her, learning only that Diane was indeed still a virgin, believing that "that stuff" was only meant for marriage. As Diane had exasperatedly told her, after a lengthy, uncomfortable discussion when Christy had continued to press her.

"Yeah...I can see that I'd better go about as slowly with her as I can. I've already made arrangements at work to spend a little more time away from the shop. I have a feeling that I'm going to need it. Especially as I plan on following Diane around whenever she goes anyplace. I want to test her reactions, especially in a public place where I'm confident she won't be able to say or do much of anything. Especially if she does become a little suspicious and begins to wonder if it does have anything to do with the panties she's wearing. Though I don't see why she would. I'm hoping she'll just be confused and somehow begin to learn to deal with it...possibly even begin to enjoy the experience. If she does...I think Marty and I are going to become very rich men!"

"Well...she and I are scheduled to go to lunch together Sunday afternoon. That might be a good time to check things out too," she told me. "That's not a bad idea Christy. Especially if you're going to that little outdoors café like you usually do."

"We are," she said smiling.

"Great! I'll sit across the street at the coffee shop. You see what you can do about getting a table as close to the sidewalk as possible so I can watch you from there."

"Will that be close enough for you to see much of anything?" she asked.

"I hope so...but I also came up with another little idea too." I produced a small miniature microphone. "You'll also be wearing this so I can hear what's going on."

"Sneaky." Christy said fingering the device. "Maybe we should come up with a few private signals...something like that."

"Now who's being sneaky?" I asked.

"This really could be fun you know," Christy stated, getting into the clandestine type mood of the moment.

"Sorta like spy vs. spy. You the cartoon of the guy's in the black and white hats and trench coats?" I asked.

"Yeah...only which one's are we?" she asked.

"Why...we're the good guys of course!" I exclaimed. Christy frowned.

"Ok, we'll wear black and be the evil naughty spy's then," I added quickly. Christy's frown turned into an evil grin.

"Fuck me, you evil dirty little spy you," she told me


Diane arrived home late Saturday morning. I'd gone into work, wanting to ensure everything was still running smoothly, though I had planned on being away most of the day when Christy called me.

"She's home," Christy said after I had answered. "She's in the shower now."

I glanced at my watch. "Good...I should be home in about half an hour," I told her. "I'll come in and head straight for my bedroom. Think you can convince her to lay out by the pool with you?" I asked.

"Already have...she's planning on it. And...she seems to be in a pretty good mood too!"

"Good, that might never know, I guess."

"Should I wear the microphone?"

"That might not be a bad idea Christy. It will give us a chance to test it out at least. I'll prompt you to maybe ask her certain questions too...I want to see if we can get her thinking in sexual terms before I attempt to do anything through the program."

"Ok...I think she's getting out now, see you in a few," she said hanging up.


By the time I arrived home, heading immediately upstairs to my bedroom, Christy and Diane were sitting out by the pool. My blinds had already been closed at an angle, giving me a limited view of the backyard, but at least I could see the two of them in relative safety without being seen. Problem was, Diane was sitting in her chaise lounge facing the pool with her back turned towards me. About all I could see was the back of her head. Christy at least was sitting at an angle facing her, which gave me a pretty good view of her from the side. We'd rigged her CD player to appear as though she was listening to music when in fact, the earpiece she had on was the receiver so she could hear me talking to her.

"I'm here Christy. Re-cross your legs if you're hearing me ok." I watched as she immediately did that. ", I can't see Diane very well from up here. Is she wearing the one piece with the chip in it? Take a drink if she is," I said. Christy reached over to the small little table sitting next to her, picking up her iced tea and drinking from it.

" can you say something to Diane so I can see if I'm hearing you ok?" I asked.

"So...Diane, tell me...did you meet any interesting guys on the flight over?" she asked her.

Diane responded, but it was obvious she was still too far away for me to pick up whatever it was she said very clearly.

"'re too far away from her for me to hear her. Can you do something to get a little closer?" I asked.

I watched as Christy glanced up towards the sun, shielding her eyes momentarily and making some pretense of it giving her difficulty in seeing Diane comfortably.

"That sun's bright," I heard her say. "Think I'll move my chair over on the other side of you," she announced. Moments later she had repositioned herself, sitting right beside Diane when she did. Then I watched as Diane scooted her chair a bit further away from where Christy had positioned herself.

"Good old Diane," I thought to myself. "Even around Christy she needs space between them. Almost as though she's worried that some of Christy's lack of inhibitions might rub off on her."

Diane was talking however, so I listened carefully. "Not really...I worked First Class this trip which was nice, there was one guy who flirted with me a little," she said.

"Alright!" I said again to myself. "Maybe she'll start thinking about him and that will trigger the chip," I thought hopefully.

"He was a real jerk though..." Diane continued. "On top of which, he was bald, fat and ugly."

"Fuck!" I said into the earpiece. Christy coughed...giggled for a second.

"Sorry!" I heard Christy say. "I know it's not amusing, Diane, but I was just picturing what you said, and it sort of struck me as funny."

Obviously Diane must have given Christy one of her patented looks or something. There was a brief moment of silence. I began thinking that maybe I was going to have to access the computer chip after all if we were going to get anywhere here.

"There was one guy...he reminded me of Ben a little bit," Diane said, from out of the blue.

I accessed the program, dialed in that particular computer chips code and set a level one intensity. I wasn't about to let that comment go. If she was thinking about me, even remotely, I was going to act on it.

"Oh? How's that?" Christy asked her, once again crossing, and then re-crossing her legs as though she was having trouble deciding which was more comfortable.

"Yeah...I heard that," I said to Christy, talking over Diane as she'd already begun to answer her.

"....same sort of mustache, besides his eyes...."

Again silence for just a second as Diane suddenly quit talking.

"Diane? You ok? You look like something's wrong," Christy said, somewhat alarmed. Which in turn, alarmed me a little too.

", I'm fine. Was just thinking about something there for a second, sort of got lost in the thought I guess," she responded.

From above I watched, as Diane appeared to squirm in her seat a little. Subtle movements, but enough so that I could see she was suddenly uncomfortable for some reason.

"I think I'll go for a swim," she announced, suddenly standing up.

"Shit!" I said into the earpiece, watching Diane as she moved over to the edge of the pool, diving in.

Christy spoke to me directly as Diane swam beneath the water. "Well at least maybe we'll find out if this thing works in the water," she said openly. "What level have you got it on anyway?" she asked.

"One." I said.

"Maybe you should go to two," Christy suggested quietly, as Diane broke the surface.

"Why not...what have we got to lose?" I said back to her. "Though even Marty doesn't know if it will work under the water." I added.

"May as well find out," Christy said, once again quietly. I set level two on the program. Diane didn't appear any different, or show any signs that anything was unusual. For several minutes she swam a few laps, then swam over to the side of the pool. Rather than climbing out however, she lay her head down on the bank, resting there.

" sure you're ok?" I heard Christy ask her.

"Careful Christy," I cautioned her. "Don't press it." Once again I watched as Diane said something to her, but she was too far away for me to hear her clearly. In the next instant she pulled herself out of the water, walked by her lounge chair grabbing her towel, heading into the house.

"What happened?" I asked. "I couldn't hear what she said."

I heard Christy laugh. "I think she felt something," Christy said, looking directly up towards the window I was looking out of. "When I asked if she was ok, she said something about feeling a little bit dizzy and decided that maybe she'd better go in and lay down for a while."

"Damn," I responded. "Maybe...but we really don't know do we?" I stated. "Well, I guess that's about all we can hope for today," I said, giving in.


"Yeah?" I said looking back out the window at Christy.

"All this secret, naughty stuff's made me horny," she said. I watched as Christy continued looking up at me, watched as she pulled one of the cups away from her breast, revealing that well-rounded tit of hers. She caressed it, cupping the fleshiness of her boob, and then fingered the nipple momentarily. "Like that?" I heard.

"Very much." I told her, watching.

Christy reached down pulling the bottom of her bikini off to one side. Though I couldn't see nearly as clearly at this distance as I would have liked, it was obvious what she was doing to herself.

"Can you see what I'm doing?"she asked.

"Sort of...not very clearly. But yes...I at least know what you're doing...and it looks nice," I told her, fishing my cock out of my pants as we spoke.

"You playing with yourself yet?" she asked, as though reading my mind.

"Ah huh."

"Kind of kinky isn't it?" she said. "Sort of like phone-sex, and though I can't see you at can at least see what I'm doing, yes?" I saw as Christy clearly inserted at least one, possibly two fingers inside of herself.

"Yes..." I said lustily, "You going to finger yourself off for me?" I asked her.

"I will...if you will," she said. "I might not be able to see you...but at least I can hear you," she told me.

"Hey...I just had a thought," I said to her suddenly. "After we're done here...go inside and see if she's asleep or not. Maybe even find out if she's wearing any panties...."

"While she's asleep?"

"Why not? If she is...can you imagine?"

"How come we didn't think of this before?" Christy asked. "Talk about sweet dreams!" Christy said with a little bit of awe and wonder in her voice.

"Yeah...something else to experiment with," I agreed. " me those boobs of yours again," I told her. I watched as Christy reached up, removing her top entirely, throwing it behind her. "Like this?" she said, grinning.

"Yeah...just like that," I said, pounding my hard stiff cock towards release.

# "Well?" I asked.

Christy had just returned from sneaking down the hallway. She'd opened Diane's door just a crack and peeked in.

"I can't tell. I think she's asleep...but she has the sheet pulled up. I saw her tits I think she's actually naked."

On the one hand, I was disappointed to discover she probably wasn't wearing any panties. On the other...

"You could see her tits though huh?" I asked again, wickedly. Christy smiled...

"Go see for yourself...just be fucking careful," she warned me. "If she catches you..."

Christy didn't need to finish that one. If Diane did catch me peeking at her, there would be hell to pay. I crept down the hall towards her room. My heart was beating so fast I was worried that she might actually hear it. Not to mention my breathing, which I held as I approached her door, slowly...carefully turning the knob, then pushing it open just barely.

I almost closed it just as quickly. I saw Diane move, but it wasn't as though she was getting up, or even aware that her door had been opened, if even just a crack. Beneath the sheet, I saw her bend her knee, forcing the sheet up into a mini tent, still lying on her back while she did. The best part however, was that the sheet fell even further away from her breasts when she did that. Diane certainly wasn't large breasted. Her boobs weren't nearly as big as Christy's, for that matter, but they were certainly beautiful. Small busted would be perhaps the correct term, though far from being flat-chested by any stretch of the imagination. Standing there at the doorway peering in with one eye only, I got a wonderful glimpse not only of her tits with the light pink small sized areola's capping each one, but saw what I could only believe was a very subtle movement taking place beneath the sheet as first one leg bent, then the other. On top of that...she moaned. Not wanting to press my luck, I immediately closed the door just as quietly and as slowly as I had opened it.

Christy was still waiting for me at the end of the hallway leading back into the living room. "Well? Did you get to see her titties?"

I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Yeah...and even better, I saw her bend her knees beneath the sheet, then watched as the sheet moved up and down slightly. I think she was masturbating!"

"No shit! Really? Diane?"

"Yeah...really, I think she was!" I said still grinning. "Damn...wish I'd taken her to level three at least," I pondered.

"I have a feeling she's taking herself there now...maybe even to a four," Christy snickered. "Why don't we go back to your place and you can take me to a four...maybe even a five," she said wickedly.

"Hell...why don't we go for the whole nine yards?" I asked her. "Why not all the way to a seven then?"

Christy looked at me...just about as wantonly as I'd ever seen her look. "You do that...and I might even let you cum in my mouth," she told me.


I had no desire to leave things up to chance, I dropped by the resturant a full hour earlier than when I knew the girls would be arriving. I tipped the waiter handsomely, not only for giving them excellent service, but ensuring that the table I wanted would be available for them when they arrived. I planted myself down at a table across the street at the coffee shop, bringing a paper along with me. Though the likelihood of being spotted by Diane was remote, I planned on hiding behind my newspaper as much as possible. Unlike out by the pool, this time I wouldn't be able to speak to Christy directly, though I would...or should be able to hear anything and everything the two of them discussed. More importantly, I hoped Christy would remember all the various signals we'd agreed on. If she touched her hair in anyway, that would mean to increase the level. If she scratched her nose however, that was an immediate signal to decrease it. I hoped however that I would hear enough to have a pretty good feel for what was actually taking place, reacting to it, as I couldn't actually talk to Christy or ask her any questions.

My biggest worry had been if Diane would actually wear her "Sunday" panties. If she wasn't, I could end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure out which pair she was wearing. Thankfully, Christy had had the foresight to barge into the bathroom while Diane was in there, on the pretense of needing to pee beyond her ability to hold it. In doing so, she confirmed that Diane was in fact wearing her pink "Sunday" briefs. She'd managed to tell me that just before I left.

"Marty also told me there's like a two mile range," I told Christy. "I think to get a little bit of a head start, I'm going to program it at level one. The moment she comes within range, it will hopefully begin working on her. Maybe by the time you guys get to the restaurant, there will have been enough time that she's at least starting to think in sexual terms."

"Yeah right. Diane?"

"Well...she was playing with herself, or at least I think she was." I'd responded. "Anyway, any edge we can get will give us some sort of advantage. When you're two miles from the café, just be aware that it should start working. Sort of look for any odd signs of behavior, if by the time you get there and feel it's worth jumping it up to a your fingers through your hair or something."

I'd been at the coffee house for half an hour when I saw the waiter I'd tipped lead them over to their table. Christy knew where I would be of course, quickly looking in my direction. Before she'd even sat down, I watched as she brushed her hair with her fingers.

"You're kidding!" I said to myself. I already had my laptop open. I quickly accessed the code and set a stage two excitement level. I sat there listening to them discussing what they were considering for lunch, ordering...even talking about the weather. I'd expected that of course, waiting patiently. Christy and I had discussed her eventually steering, or trying to anyway...the conversation towards more intimate topics. As she'd expressed a brief interest in the guy on board the plane who'd reminded her of me, we thought it might be a good idea for Christy to bring up some made-up story by way of a piece of juicy gossip to see how Diane might react to it. All I was doing was waiting for the right moment and opportunity to for her to do it. It came unexpectedly when it did, as I sat there listening.

"Have you noticed that Ben never brings anyone home?" Diane asked. Christy was silent for a moment, surprised perhaps, as I was, no doubt trying to think of something to say to keep the momentum going. Diane didn't wait for a response however, continuing.

"You don't think he's.....he's...."

"Gay?" Christy burst out laughing. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard that.

"Heavens no Diane...I know that for a fact!"

"Ah oh...." I thought. "Careful here Christy."

"Well I guess you might at that," Diane said, with a little bit of an uptight sounding tone to her voice.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Christy responded a little testily.

"Well this is going to hell in a hand basket," I said to myself. "If this keeps up, they'll be throwing their lunch at one another...if they wait even that long," I thought.

"I'm sorry Christy...I didn't mean it to sound like that. I really don't know what's come over me, maybe I'm coming down with something. I just feel....well, I feel a little peculiar is all."

I was half tempted to lower the setting back to one. It seemed that even a level two setting was becoming troublesome for her.

"I just figured since you also like women...that maybe you had discussed...well, you know sexual preferences or something. Actually...I guess I shouldn't even be asking you this question, frankly...I don't know why I did or why I suddenly started wondering about it."

"Go! Go! Go!" I tried to will Christy from across the street.

I watched as Christy leaned across the table towards Diane in a conspiratorial manner. "Just between you and me? Ben and I have fooled around once or twice, but if Sharon ever found out, she'd kill me!" Christy told her.

Now it was Diane's turn to sit there silently for a moment. "You and Ben?" she said in disbelief. "The two of you have....have...."

"Fooled around? Yes...a few times. Don't worry Diane, it's nothing serious, we just have fun every once in a while, that's all!"

"You don't think its wrong...fooling around with Ben outside of marriage?" Diane questioned her.

"Of course not silly. We have a good time, and Ben's a very tender, very, very good lover," she added.

I wasn't sure if Christy had honestly meant what she'd just said, but it made me smile anyway. I was so involved in listening to their discussion that I nearly missed it when Christy ran her hand through her hair again.

"God...I hope you know what you're doing Christy," I said, punching in the number for level three now.

"And something else too Diane, as you are already well aware, I do generally prefer women over men. But Ben's as good...if not better even than most women I've been with as far as his tongues concerned...he's given me the strongest most intense...."

"I'm not sure I should be hearing this!" Diane interrupted her. "It''s.....oh my, can I have your water?"

I'd seen her drain her own glass just a few minutes ago. Now she was asking Christy if she could have hers. Obviously something was happening to her.

While Diane drank down her second glass of water in as many minutes, Christy picked up the tempo, turning up the heat as it were. " I was saying, he really does know how to pleasure a woman Diane, I've even found myself masturbating while thinking about it," she confessed openly.

"Would you excuse me a minute?" Diane said suddenly standing up. "I need to use the bathroom."

Once again I was half tempted to turn the level down. To my total and complete surprise however, I saw Christy stand up actually waving at me and running both hands through her hair frantically. Almost immediately she chased after Diane, heading for the bathroom.

"This could blow up in our faces," I thought, but then reprogrammed Diane's microchip to a level four setting. Even Christy had had an orgasm at this level. And I began to wonder if that's what she was hoping for now.

"I hope you can hear me Ben," she said suddenly. "I'm following Diane into the bathroom, her face is flushed...she's obviously feeling something, and I think now's the time to push things just a little."

Though I could no longer see either one of them of course, I could at least hear what was going on. The sounds of a door opening, then closing, a metallic "click" sounding much like Christy had actually locked the bathroom door behind her.

"Diane? Are you in here?" Christy asked.

"Go away," I heard Diane say. There was an obvious quiver to her voice, and she sounded even a little frightened. "I'll....I'll be out in a few minutes."

"Open the door Diane," Christy said softly. "I'm worried about you."

"I'm fine," Diane stated, obviously sounding not fine at all.

"I mean it Diane...if you don't open the door, I'll slide in beneath it...and I'm not looking forward to having to do that!"

"Please Christy....don't! I.....I....I don't know what's happening, but I'm sure I'll be fine in just a few minutes."

"I warned you Diane...ok, here I come," Christy said. The sound of the stall door opening could be heard.

"See? I told you....I'm..........(THUNK)." I sat there listening to nothing but silence for a moment.

"Ben? Can you hear me? If you can....go ahead and turn the chip off," Christy said.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, startling the waitress when she came over to refill my coffee.

"Don't worry..." Christy said a moment later. "I think she just fainted...oh, and Ben? I think she just finished cumming too!" I heard her laugh, making me feel greatly relieved, but also more than just a little worried and concerned for her also.

Again there was silence for a few minutes though I could hear the sound of movement. "Diane? You ok now? I think you must have fainted...or something," she told her. "Here, let me help you up, and then maybe I'd better drive you back home," she said.

"Oh Christy...I'm so was just so strange! I don't know what happened, one moment I was feeling....uh, feeling fine...then I felt a little light-headed, weak-kneed, and the next thing I knew, I was......."

"Having an orgasm?" Christy said.

I dropped my keys in the gutter as I was about to insert them into the door of my car. I was still listening of course, but wanted to get home before them so I could be there when they got home. Hearing Christy's comment stunned me. "Shit Christy......don't over do it!"

Diane's voice was so low I nearly didn't hear her. "How'd you know?" she asked.

Christy laughed, though just as softly. "I saw the look in your eyes at the table," she told her. "Which is pretty close to the way I look just before I do," she said. "Haven't you ever watched yourself in a mirror when you're cumming?" Christy asked her.

"Fuck Christy!" I said climbing into the front seat of my car. "What the hell kind of a question is that? Don't freak her out for hells sake!" I admonished her uselessly.

"No..." Diane said, simply.

"But do masturbate, yes?"

Again there was silence. "Can we talk about this on the way home?" she asked. "I feel sort of funny discussing this in the women's bathroom," she said.

"Of course...I'll go out and get the check, meet me out front by the car. Sure you're going to be ok?" she asked her again.

"Yes...yes, I'm fine now, seriously. I don't feel weird or anything anymore...just a little something, different...." Diane laughed.

"I guess I can tell you Christy, you're about the only person I think I could say this too. I actually think I'm horny!"

I nearly drove my car into a ditch.

"Oh yeah...we need to get you home, and quick too!" Christy said laughing with her. "We have a LOT to talk about, girlfriend...a LOT to talk about!"

I soon got out of range of the microphone. Though curious as to what else they had talked about, I could only hope that Christy would maybe fill me in later. I'd gotten home about fifteen minutes before they did, watching as they entered the house. I hoped that Christy would come over and say something to me, but it wasn't until well after Diane had gone to bed that Christy snuck over to my place. I was preparing to go to bed myself, when I heard her knocking at the backdoor. I opened it, and saw her standing there naked.

"Well? You gonna ask me in or not?"

"Only if you promise to tell me what happened after you left." I said. Christy walked over to me, reaching down, unzipping my fly and grasping my flaccid penis.

"After you fuck me," she said. "Then I will."

"I take it things went well after you left?" I said, feeling my prick growing rapidly as she continued to fondle it.

"Lets just say she got me very horny on the drive home. Very horny in fact."

We didn't make it past the kitchen table.

Nearly ripping off my clothing, Christy pulled me towards the table, hopping up on it. "Hurry Ben...I need you!"

I moved towards the edge of the table. She was situated at the perfect height. Taking my penis in hand, I began teasing her already wet slit, running the length of my member back and forth, tickling her clit before allowing it to rest against her.

"Quit teasing and fuck me, you bastard!" Christy demanded. I slid myself against her one more time, relishing the heat and warmth of her split before slipping deeply, quickly inside of her.

"Better?" I asked, as I rammed myself into her fully.

"Oh fuck yes!" Christy groaned, thrusting back against me. I began a rhythmic coupling with her that soon had both of us racing towards climax. Whatever foreplay either one of us might have enjoyed had been going on all day. Christy was at a fever pitch, drawing me along with her in a frenzy of lust, passion and unfulfilled need.

"Harder! Faster!" she screamed, wrapping her legs around me tightly. I continued to slam into her with a rapidity that threatened to collapse the table. Barely touching it now, she had dug her hands, particularly her fingernails into my back, raking me as her pleasure began to build, taking her to unimaginable heights of ecstasy.

"Oh yes...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me!" Christy screamed loudly over and over again. I felt her tense suddenly, sucking in her breath, holding it. As she did, I felt my cock expand, felt the first tremendous discharge escape my prick, filling her cunt with fluid. She screamed...every ounce of her breath exploding from her lips in wild abandonment as her orgasm overwhelmed her.


It was quite a while before either of us had recovered sufficiently to even speak. "Damn girl...what was that all about anyway? Not that I didn't enjoy it mind you...but shit. You gotta tell me what made you so fucking horny!" I said.

"The drive home? You never shut down the program did you?" she asked. I sat there for a moment thinking.

"I thought I did," I said finally. "But in all the excitement, I'm not entirely sure that I did...why?"

"On the way home...Diane was squirming, fidgeting around in her seat. I figured that she was still being stimulated somehow. Either you'd forgotten and left the program running, or she was causing it to work on its own by being aroused herself. Either way, I decided to try and take advantage of the situation. That's when I asked her what she was thinking about back at the restaurant. If she hadn't been as aroused as she already was, I don't think she'd have told me. But since she looked like she was on the verge of having another orgasm, she was more than happy to tell me."

"What did she say?"

"Well, I guess when I had mentioned that you and I had fooled around before, especially telling her how good you are with that tongue of yours..." Christy winked, "...Diane started imagining that. Coupled with the stimulation she was already getting, she became more and more aroused. She admitted to me, of course, that's never happened to her before....duh. And she was really embarrassed by it initially. Anyway...telling me about it on the drive home, she got aroused all over again. And that's when I wondered if you'd left the program on. It was at that point I decided to gamble a little bit."

"Gamble? Christy...what did you do?"

Christy smiled, reaching down to actually touch herself as she remembered. "Listening to her, I told her to tell me specific's, to describe to me what she was thinking about when she came. Surprisingly, she did. And she told me in pretty juicy detail, imagining you down between her legs licking her cunt, I began playing with myself...slipping a finger beneath my panties underneath my skirt. Diane knew what I was doing of course...continued watching me, AND telling me what had turned her on so much. The more she watched, talked...the more she became excited. Shit Ben...she joined me!"

"You mean to tell me she actually played with herself in front of you on the drive home?"

"Ah huh....she did. And even came again too! The only bad thing, the moment we got home, she raced upstairs to her bedroom, slammed the door...and never came out again."

"Shit...I hope we didn't freak her out," I said.

"I think she freaked herself out," Christy replied. "I'm tempted to believe that's maybe the first time she'd ever been that horny...certainly that uninhibited. I'm serious Ben, she sat there watching me finger myself, and the next moment, she'd lifted up her skirt, slid her hand down inside the front of her panties, and was doing the same thing I was!"

I glanced at my watch, it was nearing midnight. "I wonder if she's still wearing them?" I asked. "Do you know if she sleeps naked, or what?"

"I'm pretty sure she just wears panties and a tee shirt to bed. At least that's all I've ever seen her in first thing in the morning."

"Hmmm, maybe now would be the time to experiment a little more," I suggested. Christy followed me into the den where I ope

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