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Lustful Dreams
by NorCaliGirl

A knock at the door startled Nadirah from her reverie. Who would be knocking on her door, unexpectedly, at just before midnight?

She switched off the TV, grabbed her pistol, then she slowly swung the door open.

There stood a visitor in which she least expected.


Joni, looking pretty in pink and wearing little more than a satin negligee with lace trim and white high-heeled pumps. She wore white hoop earrings and a touch of makeup. Her thick mane flowed in waves down her backside.

Nadirah couldn't get her voice to comply with her brain which demanded to know what in the world she was doing dressed so intimately and knocking on her door so late at night.

"Well, aren't you going to let me in, hot stuff?" Joni asked. "It is a bit chilly out here, you know."

The cat dashed outdoors in a hurry, as if not wanting to witness the exchange between his owner and this mysterious stranger.

"W-what the hell's going on?" Nadirah finally managed to ask, stepping back and placing her gun on a nearby table.

Instead of answering, Joni squeezed her way past Nadirah and into the two-room cottage. "Cozy place you got here." Joni walked through the combination living room and bedroom, peeked into the kitchen, and then turned to face Nadirah. "Bet it must get lonely out here at times."

"Uh – well – maybe. But what loneliness I sometimes feel is worth keeping myself safe from certain people like…"

"Like me?" Joni said, walking up to Nadirah, grabbing her shirt collar in her fist and pulling her towards her. "Relax, Officer – Detective – those are appropriate titles for those who work the kind of magic you do, correct? Either way, you couldn't be any safer with a nut job like me. Trust me." She kissed the forensics investigator on the cheek.

"Hey, look, I don't think this is such a good idea," Nadirah insisted. "You and me have some history together, and as brief as it is, it ain't good."

"Yeah, I know who you are. Do you believe in second chances?"

"What?" Nadirah asked, still dumbfounded and confused by the situation.

"Second chances, you know... think we can get it right the second time around?"

"No, Joni, I don't. We're just too different."

"Opposites attract."

"Yeah, maybe in the movies."

Joni slipped her negligee over her head and let the flimsy garment flutter to the blue-gray carpeted floor.

"I hated you and…"

"Well, now you're going to hate me even more," said Joni with an impish grin. "You're going to hate me for making you love me. I have the power, you know."

"What power? Look, you got me all wrong, Joni," Nadirah protested.

"Do I?" Joni said, hands teasing her taut nipples.

Against her will, Nadirah's eyes dropped down to Joni's full breasts. She was a good size. A thirty-four or perhaps a thirty-six C. She tore her eyes away from the firm and perky breasts and gazed at Joni's lovely face.

"This really isn't very smart," said Nadirah.

Stepping closer to her, Joni said, "Do many of us really ever do anything smart in life?" Even closer, lips barely an inch from Nadirah's ear. "Do me."

Nadirah remained rooted to the floor, not sure what to make of the situation. She knew she should kick Joni out. That was definitely what she should do. But did she want to? Did she really, really want to?

Follow your head, not your heart! Nadirah commanded of herself.

But she was unable to obey and listen to her own commands.

Before she knew it, Joni's lips sought hers for a soft, sweet, passionate kiss. Then the girl moved over to the double-size bed and, moving her hair to the side so she wouldn't sit on it, she sat on the edge of the bed, legs slightly spread in a seductive manner. She kicked off her heels and slipped her thumbs inside the elastic bands of her translucent panties. "Shall I?" she asked. "Or would you like to take the honors yourself?"

As the last of any reasoning she may have had slipped away like grains of sand slipping through fingers, Nadirah dove at Joni. She pushed her back onto the bed and began frantically kissing her face, her lips, her neck… moving slowly down to those lovely, voluptuous breasts.

Joni moaned in ecstasy as she began to tug at Nadirah's shirt.

Nadirah stepped back just long enough to strip, her breathing ragged, her heart pounding. Naked, she grabbed the string-like sides of Joni's skimpy little panties and tore them off in one swift movement.

"Oh, yes!" Joni screamed. "Take me now."

"Oh, I'm taking, alright," assured Nadirah. "And I ain't giving back what I take, Joni. Don't you ever forget that either."

Joni pulled Nadirah on top of her. They were both desperate with need by now as their fit bodies met. Joni raked Nadirah's back with her long red nails as Nadirah began to work her tongue in a wild frenzy of motions that was driving Joni crazy. Her tongue roamed below Joni's breasts and found her most sensitive spot.

"Please hurry!" cried a breathless Joni.

"Are you sure?" Nadirah teased with a playful grin.

"I need you now!"

Nadirah giggled, then she quickly worked to put out the fire within Joni.

Their bodies shuddered as their pent up desires were released, Joni's fingers running through Nadirah's hair, Nadirah's tongue driving in and out of Joni, savoring her sweet juices.

It was actually the sound of her own voice moaning and Kiwi hissing, unable to comprehend what was going on with his master, that woke Nadirah up.

"Oh! Oh, Kiwi I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry!"

After a few moments, her breathing returned to normal and the cat once again curled up at her side and began to purr.

Since when had she started having wet dreams? This wasn't like her, though she knew she didn't have to ask where they came from. That much was obvious enough.

"Another thing I can blame on the bitch," Nadirah said to the cat. "Sure was fun, though."

Joni had been right. She had missed her after she left the laboratory. The room had taken on a silent, lonely air at that point, and the only good in it was that she could get more work done without Joni's constant fidgeting. And now she was seriously missing her in Dreamland where things were always safe and she could always wake up in the end, even if they weren't.

Not long afterwards, she fell back asleep after gazing at the empty side of the bed, half-wishing Joni were there to occupy the lonely stretch of space, and hoping for additional dreams of Joni, wet or not.

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