Group Sex stories

Lust filled swap
by JVB

Mike and Stephanie were an attractive, mid-twenties couple who had no reason to look elsewhere for pleasure. They had been married a couple of years and both were completely happy in their relationship. Sure, they had their ups and downs, as every couple does, but they never considered their relationship to be anything but healthy. That being said, they were also an open-minded couple, and one of the things they both fantasized about was sex with other people. They openly discussed this with one another, and enjoyed these exchanges considerably. Secretly, both wondered if it would ever come to pass.

Mike often day-dreamed (especially while masturbating) of Stephanie being fucked by other guys. He had many fantasies involving the two of them. In some he and another guy were watching Steph and another woman pleasure each other, but in most he was there with her participating in some way while her pussy was being pounded on by other men. The common theme in most of his fantasies was there were more men than women and Steph was always being fucked by guys with huge cocks. He quietly wondered if she would be spoiled by these big cocks and not find his average cock adequate, but, ultimately, he had faith in their relationship and faith that his cock would always be enough for his woman.

Stephanie was an honest woman. She was perfectly content to be with only her husband for the rest of her life, but she too fantasized regularly of sex with other people. She was most turned on by the image of her being gang-banged by six or eight men. Whenever she masturbated, this was the image that would push her over the top for a huge orgasm. She was also turned on by thoughts of her and Mike swapping with other couples in random scenarios. One thing that all her fantasies had in common, though, was her pussy being filled and abused by big cock and her being covered and filled with hot cum.

As they both headed home from work it looked like it would be just another Friday night of dinner and drinks with a few friends, but half way home Steph got a phone call from Tracy, an old college friend. Tracy told her she was sorry she was calling last minute, but she wanted to know if she and Mike would like to come to her house for a party that night. Even though they only lived 10 miles or so apart, Stephanie and Tracy hadn't seen each other in over a year, so she said they would definitely stop by. She called Mike and told him about the invite and he agreed saying it sounded like fun.

For the remainder of the drive home Stephanie couldn't take her mind off one of the parties she and Tracy had gone to just before they graduated. She'd gotten a little drunker than she intended and her and Tracy had ended up side-by-side riding the train with four guys from the baseball team. She'd never done anything like it before and hadn't since, but she didn't regret it. It was the one adventurous thing she'd done in college and it was a hell of a memory. For over an hour the guys had taken turns fucking the hell out of Stephanie's mouth and beating on her hot pussy. She'd been in such a heightened state of sexual pleasure that afterwards she couldn't remember how many times she'd cummed. It seemed like one constant orgasm, and the guys had blown load after load all over and inside her.

By the time Steph got home she was hornier than she'd been in a long time. Her panties were soaked, and she really needed a good hard fucking. When Mike got home, he was giving her some hard cock whether he knew it or not.

When he came through the door he was shocked to find Stephanie on the couch, wearing only a pair of sexy panties, and playing with herself. He was already getting hard as he put down his keys. Neither said anything as he walked over to her kicking his shoes off and losing his shirt. He was once again reminded of how in awe he was of her body. She had beautiful B-cup tits and he couldn't wait to suck and grab handfuls of them. When he got to her he pulled his almost erect cock out of his pants and grabbed Steph by the back of the head. He pulled her forward and crammed his cock into her mouth. She continued to play with her pussy with one hand as she began stroking his shaft with the other. He moved his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth, and she let out a muffled moan leading Mike to believe she'd just had her first orgasm. He made a promise to himself that this whole session would be about giving her as many orgasms as possible.

He let her suck his cock for what seemed like a couple of minutes. Then he dropped his pants and took off his socks. While he was bent over from taking his socks off he took the opportunity to put Steph's legs up vertically and slide her panties off. He wanted to cum on himself at the sight of her pretty little pussy, but he reminded himself that this was about her. He knelt down and slid two fingers into her and began gently licking and sucking on her clit. He gradually built up the speed of his fingers until, after several minutes, his hand was a blur. Her pussy was sopping wet and he knew she'd already had one orgasm, but he kept going. His forearm was getting tired, but he was fingering her pussy for all it was worth. When she climaxed the second time her moans were much louder than the first and he noticed her eyes were rolled back in her head.

After a few seconds she regained her senses and said in a very serious tone, 'I want cock now.' With that Mike put her legs up on his shoulders and used his hand to guide his cock into her very wet and needy pussy. He entered her hard and fast, and went until his balls slammed against her ass. Stephanie jumped with shock, but didn't say anything. He beat her pussy hard and fast, with her moaning loudly and, after about 10 minutes, screaming in ecstasy as she came over and over. When he knew he wouldn't be able to hold his own orgasm much longer, he pulled his cock out of her. When she sat up he slammed his cock into her warm mouth. She sucked it hard and dirty, jacking his cock while she sucked on his balls.

When he knew he'd put his orgasm off for a while, he grabbed her and roughly spun her over so that her face was almost against the wall. He admired her ass for a few seconds then plunged his cock into her again. He fucked her doggy style, trying to beat her ass black and blue with his hips. After several minutes he could no longer stand the site of her ass violently bouncing, and told her he was going to cum.

She responded by quickly turning into a sitting position and saying, 'Cum all over me baby.' His body spasmed as he shot a huge load of cum all over her beautiful tits. Almost without thinking, he pushed her back against the couch so that his next stream would cover her pussy and neatly trimmed hair, which it did. He plunged his cock deep inside her to release the rest of his cum. As his load filled her, she writhed in ecstasy and rubbed on her tits with one hand and her clit with the other. After enough time had gone by for both of them to regain their composure they agreed that the sex they had just had was, yet again, amazing, and with that they went to prepare for the party.

They munched on some finger food to hold off their appetites while they got ready, and were on their way about an hour later. Stephanie made no secret of the fact that she was still horny and would expect him to fuck her again when they got home, which had Mike hoping the party would be terrible so they could be in and out.

Traffic was light and they made the drive in under 15 minutes. When they arrived the driveway was full, so they parked on the street in front of Tracy's house. They rang the doorbell and Tracy showed them in. Stephanie and Tracy exchanged hugs and Stephanie introduced Mike. Next Tracy showed them into the kitchen to make them each a drink. Mike was guessing there were maybe twenty people there, and from the looks of all the alcohol and wine in the kitchen it was going to be a lively night. There was a college football game turned on a flat screen TV out on the back patio, and he was re-thinking whether they needed to run out at the first possible moment.

They'd had a couple of drinks and an hour or two had passed while Mike watched football with some of the guys and Stephanie hung inside with her girlfriends. When the game ended, Mike went back in to check on Steph, and she told him they were about to play a few drinking card-games, something they hadn't done in a long time. Mike told her it was cool with him so long as they could take a cab home. With that they sat down with four other couples and started a game of King's Cup.

They'd played for an hour or so and everyone was feeling a little tipsy when a couple of the girls said it was definitely time to hit the hot tub. It was nearly midnight and everyone else had gone home except for the card players. Tracy told everyone that she and her boyfriend could loan them a bathing suit or shorts if they wanted.

The girls disappeared upstairs for a few minutes to get bathing suits, but came back down still dressed in their party clothes. Stephanie said that Tracy didn't have bathing suits to fit all the girls, so they were all just going to wear their bras and panties, an idea that Mike found pretty hot. Tracy's boyfriend produced some shorts for the guys and they all went and changed. When they came out on the patio, the girls were all undressing and Mike felt his cock starting to stir. He was able to keep it from getting hard by thinking about the football game from earlier, but he knew he'd better get in the water soon. Mike guessed that a couple of the guys were in the same position because they'd already started into the water.

As Stephanie undressed she felt her clit starting to tingle. It was pretty hot to be undressing in front of five guys, and she couldn't wait to get in so she could rub up against Mike's muscles. She was really looking forward to rubbing on his cock and getting it hard. The guys were all silent as the women eased into the hot tub. Everyone was checking everyone else out, but trying not to make it too obvious. A few of the women were wearing lacy underwear (to include Steph) and their nipples and pussies could be made out through the material, which had more than one guy in the hot tub hard as a rock.

The tub was made for eight but had ten in it, so things were tight and it was difficult not to bump up against one another. Stephanie was sitting next to Mike and had her legs laid across his thighs and her feet resting up against the knees of another girl. Several times when one of the guys raised a little to reach for his drink she felt his hard cock rub up against her calf, which was so thrilling that it had her clit really heating up. Mike was in a similar predicament, there wasn't much room in the center of the tub for legs and feet, and one of the women was resting her legs across his shins, which he found pretty hot.

They were all laughing and enjoying themselves for maybe 30 minutes when one of the girls said she couldn't stand her bra anymore and asked if anyone cared if she took it off. This drew laughter from a few people and some of the guys mocked sympathetically about how hard it must be to wear a bra and encouraging her to take it off. She raised up a little as she took it off, which allowed everyone a view of her beautiful shapely tits. With that Mike starting giving Stephanie crap about how hard it must be for her to wear her bra in the hot tub. She laughed and said, 'Would you like me to remove it?' He responded that he would definitely like her to take it off, so she did. Mike knew how beautiful Steph's tits were and thoroughly enjoyed all the looks she got when they were let loose. Tracy responded by saying if they were letting it all hang out she was too and took her top off. The rest of the girls soon followed suit.

One of the guys seized the opportunity to ask why they just didn't all skinny dip? A couple of people said it was a great idea and with that they all took off the rest of their clothes. Mike and Steph looked at one another to see if either didn't want to, but neither had a problem so they too undressed. Everyone being naked had more than one person wishing the hot tub wasn't so bubbly. It also left no barrier between all the bodies that were pressed up against one another. Steph could now clearly feel one of the guys cocks on her calf and Mike had a beautiful breast bumping into his arm. Stephanie was really turned on now and stroked Mike's cock beneath the water. She tried not to make it too obvious, but it didn't go un-noticed.

After a few minutes for everyone to laugh and get comfortable with the situation, one of the couples left to get drinks. A couple of minutes later someone said to check out the view of the kitchen. When Mike and Steph turned around they saw through the patio door (the blinds were open) the guy fucking his girlfriend from behind at the kitchen table. As they both watched Stephanie began to squirm around. Mike new she was horny as hell and tried not to make it too obvious as he slid two fingers into her pussy and began fingering her. He played with her clit and she did a bad job at hiding her pleasure.

Tracy told her boyfriend that they needed to go in and get a couple of drinks of their own, and he followed her in. When they entered the dining room the couple that was fucking didn't miss a beat. Tracy stopped next to them and fondled to girl's tits. Tracy's man took the opportunity to enter her from behind as well. Watching this was more than Mike and Steph could stand, and just as everyone starting out of the hot tub, Mike said, 'Let's go in. I'm going to fuck the hell out of you.'

As the last three couples entered the house Mike scoped out a spot in the living room. They headed for the couch, from there they could watch everyone else and have plenty of room to maneuver. He sat down and reached up to pull Stephanie onto his cock, but she was already headed for her knees. She grabbed his cock and began giving him an incredible blowjob. Another couple took the other end of the couch, and he was going down on her. After a couple of minutes the room was full of moans and Stephanie's pussy was drenched. She was craving cock as she stood up. Mike positioned her doggy style on the couch so they could eye the other couples while he hammered on her pussy.

He'd purposely put her down so that she was leaning over the woman at the other end of the couch, hoping she would take advantage of the opportunity to kiss or fondle her. He didn't have to wait long. Stephanie was having her first orgasm as the other woman began groping Steph's tits. To Mike's surprise the man reached up and began playing with them as well. Mike was extremely turned on at this sight and heard himself say so out loud. With that the guy stood up and moved so he could watch Mike's cock penetrate Steph. When he had a good view he gently grabbed a handful of Steph's hair and pulled her head back. As Mike fucked her, Stephanie screamed and closed her eyes as she came hard all over his cock.

Mike was so turned on he had to immediately stop fucking her to avoid cumming. During the short break Stephanie looked back over her shoulder at Mike and asked, 'Do you mind if I suck his cock while you take a break? If you don't want me to just say so.' This was exactly the scenario he'd been fantasizing about for a long time. He was happy that, now that in was here, he thought it was a terrific idea. Stephanie got up as the guy sat down on the couch. Mike sat next to him as Stephanie squatted down between his legs. The guys wife was sitting on the arm of the couch playing with herself as Stephanie grabbed her husband's giant cock and began jacking it. She looked at Mike for a few seconds watching for some sign of uneasiness. When she didn't see any she leaned forward and put it in her mouth. She sucked on it for a few seconds and twirled her tongue around it. Then she began jacking it and her head began bobbing up and down. She blew him while Mike watched and got more and more turned on. She licked up and down his huge shaft and sucked his balls. His wife was obviously enjoying it too as she played with her clit and squirmed.

This went on for several minutes and Mike commented that he was going to blow his load just from watching when the guy's wife asked Steph if she could suck Mike's cock. Because it wasn't a part of his fantasy, Mike was a little surprised at the question. He was even more surprised when Steph said, 'Please do. He looks like he's going to blow his load soon, and it'd be a waste if neither of us enjoyed it.' All four of them were oblivious to three other couples fucking and sucking as Mike stood up in front of the couch and the wife got down and began sucking his cock. He was on cloud nine and new he was about to cum. He was excited because he knew it would be a terrific orgasm, and it didn't disappoint. He announced that he was cumming and leaned his head back and moaned. His cum shot like a rifle into her mouth. She swallowed it down and pulled back off Mike's cock to let the rest shoot all over her neck and chest. This was all the husband could stand and he too announced that he was cumming. Stephanie's hand was a blur as she jacked his cock. His load exploded into her mouth. It was massive and spilt out through her lips. She swallowed and noticed how good it tasted. She was so overcome with ecstasy that she continued to jack and suck as his load filled her mouth and poured out onto her chin. She swallowed the last of it down and stood. The wife had grabbed a couple of towels from the bathroom and she and Steph wiped the cum off as they all sat down together on the couch.

As they sat there the couple let the cat out of the bag that the group sex had been planned all along. They had all assumed that Mike and Steph would leave earlier in the night. When they didn't, the whole hot tub scenario had been planned behind their backs to either encourage them leave if they were uncomfortable, or to bring them into the group if they were.

As they sat on the couch watching the other couples fucking it was evident that Mike and Steph were both reinvigorated because Mike's cock wasn't limp for no more than 60 seconds before it started back hard again and Steph was playing with her clit the entire time. After a couple of minutes, they watched two of the couples swap partners. The couple Mike and Steph had just swapped with told them that everyone would be totally cool with them getting back in the mix if they wanted. They looked excitedly at each other and Mike asked Steph what she wanted to do. She responded that it was up to him, so Mike recommended that Stephanie join one of the couples and he would join the other.

While they'd been sitting and watching from the couch Mike noticed that Steph was staring at one of the guys cocks. It was long, thick, and hard as a rock, and Mike new it was just what Steph would need, plus, the woman in the other group had a really hot ass that Mike was enjoying watching. The other couples had been listening and the guys motioned encouragingly for Mike and Steph to come on over, which they did. Mike stopped short of his couple so that he could watch Stephanie. She moved hesitantly at first, not sure what she should do, but as she got over the guy told her to bend over the kitchen table, watch, and play with herself and he would be with her in a minute. This had Steph's clit burning and her pussy yearning. Mike watched excitedly as the guy moved over behind Stephanie and slowly slid his cock into her.

He pumped his cock into her but was slow to give her his full length, which was considerably more than the rest of the guys. As he filled her, she closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. After a few pumps, he grabbed her hips firmly and slid his whole cock in until his hips bumped into her ass. She moaned loudly and grabbed the edge of the table to steady herself but didn't say stop. On the contrary, she looked towards Mike and asked, 'Is it hot watching that big cock stretch my pussy baby?' Mike said it was incredibly hot, and the guy with the huge cock took that as encouragement. He began fucking her faster and harder. Stephanie got louder and louder until she was screaming that she was cumming again and again.

Mike realized at this point that he was just standing and watching and decided to get involved. He walked over to the other couple just as the woman got up on the table on her back. Mike moved up between her legs and slid his now throbbing hard cock into her. He began fucking her hard and fast. He was in a frenzy of pleasure and pounded on her pussy. This went on for about 30 minutes with both couple switching positions several times. By the time Mike was ready to cum Stephanie and the other wife had recruited a couple of more guys and Steph was riding one of them on the couch and sucking on another hard cock. Mike was amazed that he'd been able to hold his load for this long, as hot as he found the fucking his wife was getting.

He put his orgasm off by slowing down a little and watching Stephanie in action. She sucked furiously on the cock in her face as her pussy was stretched and hammered on by the cock beneath her. He was glad he'd put his orgasm off when the guys put Steph between them to receive their loads. She jacked one of them while sucking the other. The guy she was sucking pulled out, jacked his cock once, and his load exploded all over her. He sprayed again and again, moaning loudly. His cum was all over her face, neck, and tits as she turned to the other guy. He grabbed her by the back of the neck to steady himself and jacked his own cock. He crammed his cock into her mouth as his cum erupted. She gulped down a massive load and kept sucking. She vigorously sucked and jacked him until she'd drained him, then turned back to the first guy and sucked the last of the cum from his now semi-limp cock.

Mike felt a huge orgasm coming on and was pounding the wife in front of him like a madman. He beat hard on her pussy then pulled out and sprayed his load all over her. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer as his cum poured out onto her. She rubbed it all over her nipples then brought her fingers up and licked the cum off them.

As the moment wore off, everyone realized they were now officially exhausted. They all headed back to the hot tub, as was normal after one of these group sessions, and relaxed. As Mike and Stephanie were leaving later, each of the couples still there told them how hot it had been having them there and hoped they would come back next time. Mike and Steph looked at each other wide eyed and responded that they would definitely be back.

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