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Lost Tribe
by Exakta66

As I sat at my desk I was literally counting down the hours. It was only two more hours till the end of the day and the start of my vacation. A well deserved vacation I might add. I had been working long hours for months now without a day off in my new job. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the work. It was very gratifying and the boss appreciated my efforts. I just needed a vacation and bad.

Since getting a divorce several months back, I have had newfound freedom to do things I had always wanted to do but was unable to due to my marital commitments. One of the things I had started doing was taking flying lessons, which I thoroughly enjoy and the other thing I always wanted to do was to take a truly exotic vacation.

I had been planning this vacation for some time. I have a friend named Pete who has family in South America. Our plan was to fly down to South America and stay with his relatives in Columbia for a couple of days then cross into Peru. From there we would hike and raft up the Amazon River into Brazil and spend the last few days on the beach in a resort hotel. It all seemed perfect. Pete's family knew a couple of people who were familiar with the Amazon region. The area could be somewhat dangerous without the right native guides. My command of the Spanish language was about as non-existent as the Easter Bunny. I knew 'ola' and 'kay pasta' and if pressed, I might be able to order a beer, but other than that I was definitely 'shit out of luck' as we say in English. Pete knew the language well and that would work until we hooked up with his family in Columbia. Once we got to Brazil, the two guides would take a small plane back to Columbia and we would get what would undoubtedly be a well-needed rest on the warm, sunny beaches of Brazil. I could just imagine those hot looking Brazilian woman topless on the beach. I was so looking forward to this.

The last hour of the workweek was finally here. I started wrapping up any unfinished business but it really looked pretty good. I was certain my boss John would be able to handle everything by himself. Heck, he got along all right before me. He had become a bit dependent on me recently, but I was sure he would be fine. As the end of the day finally approached, I endured last minute jokes about what I might bring back from Columbia to pay for the trip and the usual 'nail one of them Brazilian women for me' type stuff from my male colleagues. Heck, that was one favor I wouldn't mind doing.

When I got home I took a quick shower and grabbed a Guinness out of the refrigerator. I called Pete and asked him if he wanted to join me at the local TGI Friday's for dinner. I really had nothing to cook at home since I had not gone food shopping recently. It would have made no sense to buy food since I was going to be away for a couple of weeks.

Pete arrived at the restaurant shortly after I had seated myself at the bar and ordered another Guinness. We both ordered the ribs since this would be the last time we would have anything resembling American food for a couple of weeks, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. We discussed the trip over dinner, Pete filling me in on last minute details. He also handed me a special cell phone with a built-in GPS unit. It was a precautionary measure should anything unforeseen happen in the Amazon. This seemed extremely unlikely considering the level of experience of the people I was going to be with. We sat and joked about the wild women we would meet on the beaches of Brazil before getting our check and heading home.

That night I was so psyched I could barely sleep. I really didn't care, I could sleep on the plane if I had to.

Morning arrived and I got up and got ready. Pete drove over and parked his car in the parking lot of the condo where I lived. Pete was several years older than me and retired, but really did not go away often. He was divorced as well, for several years. When the limo from the car service arrived to take us to Newark Airport you would have thought we were two kids going to camp or something getting away from their parents for the first time. We were somewhat intoxicated with excitement. By evening, with any luck, we would just be intoxicated.

The plane ride to South America was somewhat uneventful. We arrived in Brazil and transferred to a small plane, which would take us to Columbia. We would be taking off from Brazil at the end of the trip two weeks from now.

We landed in Columbia at one of the poorest excuses for an airport I have yet to see. We negotiated with a local cabby to take us to Pete's cousin Christina's house. I didn't know an old Fiat could hold together at 70 miles per hour on a dirt road, but I've been wrong before. I totally underestimated the strength of duct tape over rust. We did make good time though. When we got to Christina's house her and her husband Jose greeted us. We were treated like family, which of course Pete was. Everyone hugged everyone else and we were escorted inside and shown to our quarters.

Our accommodations were not exactly four star, but they were comfortable. That evening our guides, Pedro and Miguel came over. We all enjoyed an authentic Colombian dinner. It is amazing what South American women can do with plantains and rice. It was truly delicious. Afterwards we sat around drinking rum. I couldn't say for sure, but my guess is it was made in a fifty-five gallon drum out back. It sure did the trick. It also gave us a chance to get acquainted with our guides. They seemed like fun guys, especially after a few swigs of rum. There was a lot of singing and talking in Spanish, none of which I understood. I really didn't care, as I was feeling quite good from the rum. Pedro and Miguel would also stay over that evening and spend the following day with us.

The following day consisted of a repeat of the previous evening. There was more Colombian food, and plenty of rum to wash it down with. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Pete was obviously delighted to have this chance to see his cousin. Pedro and Miguel seemed delighted there was rum and I was just delighted, taking it all in. That afternoon, immediately after dinner, we would trek out to Peru. It was not that far across the border, I was told, but it would still take hours allowing for the less than stellar Colombian roadways.

When the time came for us to pile into Miguel's old Toyota Land Cruiser, we said our good-byes to Pete's cousin and her husband. There was more hugging and lots of talk in Spanish. There was also a bit of tears and a few shots of rum were consumed, apparently for good luck.

We arrived in Peru late that night. We stayed at a friend of Miguel's humble abode. It was essentially a shack with a tin roof and hammocks. I really didn't mind at this point. It was just a place to sleep before setting off into the Amazon rain forest. My mind was racing that night as I settled into my hammock. I could only begin to imagine the adventure that lay before me. I was truly psyched.

Before I knew it the sun had risen and we were awakened in preparation for our adventure. We all got dressed and gathered our equipment. Miguel's friend Luis would drive us to the start of the Amazon rain forest and then drive the Land Cruiser back to his place where it would stay until our guides got back. They would take a small plane back from Brazil. Pete and I would foot the bill for the small plane, and they were glad to do it. We were certainly glad to have them. We would certainly be lost otherwise.

After a last minute check of our hiking gear, which included plenty of rum, we all piled into the old Toyota. We traveled for hours down dirt roads seemingly in the middle of nowhere. When the old Land Cruiser could go no farther, we were dropped off in the middle of the rain forest. Actually, it was probably more near the edge, but I certainly couldn't tell. We said goodbye to Luis, and after more hugging and Spanish talking he drove off. Our trek had officially begun.

Miguel was the most knowledgeable regarding the territory and seemed to be a natural leader. Whatever he said went. We did a last minute check of the GPS phones before starting our hike. Whether or not they would work in the dense rain forest was another matter, but it was somewhat comforting to know they were there.

As we started walking the dense foliage formed a natural roof over our heads. The sun would generally poke through but at times it became quite dark. We traveled over all kinds of rough terrain and I was quite thankful for the new hiking boots I had bought. After a couple of hours of walking we stopped to take a break. There was a bit of drinking and I certainly took a swig from the flask I was carrying. A short time later we were back on our adventure and what an adventure it was. The sounds of the animals deep in the rain forest was the only noise one could hear. We were far away from the noise of the city and far away from any semblance of civilization. It was nice to commune with nature in this way.

A bit further on our trek took us along the top edge of a deep ravine. The view from above was spectacular. It must have been a hundred yards down to the bottom, at least. There was a flowing stream at the bottom, which no doubt fed into the Amazon. It may in fact be the start of the great river. Above us the sky poked through the vast green foliage in streams of color as the light beams cut through the mighty forest giving light to countless living things below. The colorful birds flew from tree to almighty tree singing their songs and providing the soundtrack for this wondrous journey. Then the unthinkable happened. While looking up at the captivating scenery surrounding me, I tripped and slid down the ravine falling nearly three hundred feet to the bottom.

I landed at the bottom and took a moment to gather my wits. I was lucky I wasn't killed. The vast amounts of foliage broke my fall most of the way down the side of the ravine. I was fortunate enough to somehow land on my feet. My ankle was sore but otherwise I was feeling no pain. Thank God for the rum. Speaking of which, I looked for my flask. At least I had that. I took it out and took a big swig. I checked for my other gear. I must have lost my GPS unit in the fall, but otherwise I seemed to have everything.

"Amigo! Amigo!" I heard Miguel shout.

"Down here!" I shouted back.

"You OK?" He asked in a loud voice. Actually I could barely hear him this far down.

"I'm alive, I think." I shouted, "Must have twisted my ankle in the fall, but otherwise I'm OK."

"Don't worry. We will come get you. We have to go back some ways to get down to the bottom but I know a way. Just stay put. It may take us an hour or so, but just stay put. Don't worry!" Miguel shouted.

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere." I shouted back.

An hour or so he said. Damn. I guess I just have to make myself as comfortable as I can. Thank God for my flask. I took it out and took another swig. Afterwards I made myself as comfortable as I could as I sat down on some moss.

While sitting there waiting my mind got lost in the soothing sound of the running stream and the birds singing far overhead. While gazing off in the distance, I suddenly heard a noise in the brush. I looked up in time to catch a glance of what appeared to be a young woman with feathers in her hair. Wow, I thought. The heat and the rum were starting to play tricks on my mind. It was hot in the rain forest, sort of like what I imagined Hell to be like in the summer. It was a bit nicer near the stream, but still hot.

Moments later I heard another noise in the brush.

"Who goes there?" I shouted. "Miguel, Pete, is that you guys?"

It seemed a bit soon for them to get to me. Miguel said an hour or so, but when a Colombian tells you an hour or so, it could be anywhere from two hours to two days.

"Whoever it is, come on out!" I shouted again.

I settled back down on my moss easy chair when suddenly I heard a rumbling in the bushes to my left.

"Who is it?" I asked loudly. My mind must be playing tricks. The damn heat and the rum.

Suddenly there was another louder noise to my right. I turned and looked and saw four young women with feathers in their hair pop up from behind the bushes. I heard another noise behind me. I turned around and saw four more young women in the bushes. Two of them were holding a net. They started walking slowly towards me.

"Ola. Kay pasta." I thought I'd try my Spanish.

The next thing I knew the two young women threw the net over me. Another girl came up behind me and whacked me in the head with what I guess was some sort of club.

I woke up in what appeared to be some sort of primitive thatched roof hut. I was naked on a cot with my hands tied behind me and to the wall of the hut. My head pounded. At least the pounding in my head took my mind off the pain in my ankle.

There was a doorless opening in the hut. On either side stood two beautiful young women completely naked except for brightly colored feathers in their hair. Each one was holding some sort of primitive spear. They stood motionless except for occasional giggling. In the room with me were three other girls. They too were naked except for bright feathers in their hair. One of them had a bowl of warm water and some sort of natural sponge. Two women entered the room and said something to the other three. They all started to look me over with great curiosity. One of the women who entered the room came over to me and smiled. She looked me over cautiously. She touched my chest lightly then slowly worked her fingers down and touched my penis. My natural reaction to her soft touch caused her to step back and giggle. All the girls in the room started to giggle. One of the two that entered the room said something else in a language I could not identify and then left. The three remaining girls came over with the bowl and sponge and started to sponge bathe me. Their motions with the sponge were very slow and delicate. They really took their time, not missing an inch of my body. With the girls close up, I could see that each had beautiful olive colored skin and green eyes. I wondered about their origin. Had some European settlers mated with these South American peoples? That would certainly explain the green eyes and lovely olive skin. Each of these women seemed so incredible young and beautiful. Each of them seemed so very curious about me. Why were they so curious, I wondered?

The sponge bathing continued. The girls paid particular attention to my cock and balls, slowly stroking my shaft with the warm sponge. It felt so good I wanted to explode but it seemed like they purposely would not let me. They continued their stroking as their deep green eyes gazed into my own. Moments later the two women from earlier returned. They said something I could not understand and the girls stopped what they were doing. They untied me from the wall but kept my hands tied. Then they carefully helped me to my feet.

They led me out of the hut following the two women who seemed like some sort of tribal leaders. When I got outside I was startled by what I saw. There seemed to be beautiful young women everywhere. Each one had perfect olive skin and deep green eyes except for a few who had deep blue eyes. A couple had big brown eyes, but not many. All were completely naked and had perfectly round breasts and perky nipples. Their long black hair was adorned with bright colored feathers. Some had elaborate gold jewelry, which appeared to be hand-made. I saw a few girls with bracelets that appeared to be gold serpents with ruby eyes. Other than the jewelry and feathers, these girls wore no clothing.

As they paraded me around the courtyard in front of all these women I was amazed at their beauty. Each seemed more incredibly beautiful than the next. I have never seen such beautiful women in my entire life. They seemed to number a hundred or more, a hundred or more gorgeous young women with perfect olive skin and deep green eyes wearing nothing but feathers in their long black hair. Then it hit me. There was nothing but women here. Where were the men? There had to have been men at some time. Did all the men die of some rare disease that only affects males? Were all the men taken prisoner by some rival tribe? Perhaps some other group sold them into slavery. But by whom? The only thing I knew for sure was that here was a tribe of gorgeous young women. A lost tribe of beautiful women deep in the jungle of the Amazon.

My mind was racing. Now I knew why they were so fascinated by me. Who knew when the last time any of these women had last seen a man?

The two leaders of the tribe continued to parade me around in front of the other women who had gathered in a large circle. As I made my first pass, I could see the admiring glances. As I went around again, some of the girls could not help but reach out and touch me. I could see the moisture forming on the glistening mounds of some of the women as I was led past them the second time. As I continued to be led around the circle, some of the women touched themselves as I passed. I could smell the distinct scent of womanhood in the air as each of these young, beautiful women standing naked in the courtyard gave me admiring glances. Every woman in that courtyard wanted me and only me. By the third pass, some of the women began to swoon and a few fainted. After the third pass I was led back into the hut.

Back in the hut my hands were tied by a rope to the wall of the hut once again. I guess that was a precaution so I would not try to escape. At this point I was thinking that was an unlikely possibility. When I got back I could see that someone had brought food into the hut. There were bowls of fresh fruit, mostly berries. There was a small barbecue pit set up in the hut, with what appeared to be some sort of fowl roasting on a spit. As the outer portion of the bird became cooked to perfection, one of the women would break a piece off with her fingers and feed it to me. She would slowly insert the tender poultry into my mouth, practically begging me to lick the juices from her fingers. I gladly complied. After she was done, the next girl would do the same with a fresh berry carefully placing it on my tongue and waiting for me to lick the juices from her fingertips. This went on for some time until I indicated I had my fill.

When my feeding was over the two leaders returned. They seemed to study me intently. They took turns touching my arms and my chest and running their fingers through my hair. One of them went over to my belongings. She seemed to be fascinated by my flask of rum. I motioned with my head to bring it over. I told her in English to drink, but she did not seem to understand. They finally figured out how to open it, and I motioned by tilting my head back for them to take a swig. They finally figured it out and each took a couple of swigs. After about fifteen or twenty minutes of them amusing themselves with the flask, they seemed to be feeling the effects. One of them practically threw herself on top of me stroking my chest and giving me soft kisses. She worked her way down from my mouth all the way to my cock. She started delicately tonguing my balls as the other girl joined in. The two of them were sucking my nuts as they stroked my stomach and chest. One girl started going down on my now fully engorged erection as the other one delicately kissed nearly every inch of my body, her long black hair with the bright feathers dancing playfully on my skin. The first girl took my shaft completely in her mouth as her tongue did a sensual dance on the lower portion of my shaft. As I was about to explode she removed her mouth and started stroking my shaft with firm strokes of her hand. As I exploded my load into the air, the girls took turns trying to catch it in their mouths, giggling like schoolgirls all the while.

Shortly after it was over, two more equally beautiful women were brought in. They relieved the other two in their duties of keeping an eye on me. A few words and giggles were exchanged as the original two left the room. These two apparently had overnight duty as I sensed it was late. After some minutes of them basically staring at me in awe, I somehow convinced them to untie my hands. I really had no intention of trying to harm anyone or, God forbid, escape. It felt real good to stretch out on the cot. My head was feeling better and my ankle was coming along nicely. As I lie there on the cot, the two beautiful young women joined me, one on either side. I can see these girls were among the few whom did not have green eyes. One had blue eyes and the other had big brown eyes, which she kept staring at me with. Her glances were captivating and I felt so relaxed and at ease, especially after the relief I got from the previous two. Soon we were all asleep on the cot, myself on my back and a beautiful girl on either side.

When I awoke in the morning I was greeted by two more young women who had brought in breakfast. Breakfast consisted of eggs, assorted fresh berries and juice. These two young girls replaced the two who had kept me company through the night. I waved goodbye as they left the hut. The new girls almost immediately started to feed me breakfast, as usual with their fingers. At this point this hardly seemed necessary since my hands were no longer tied. They took turns placing fresh fruit in my mouth and begging me to lick their delicate fingers. If anything fell on my chest, one of them would quickly clean it off with her mouth. It was a very playful activity. One of the girls started to feed me by placing the berry in her teeth and then putting her mouth to mine. The other quickly joined in. Soon I was alternately mouth to mouth with two gorgeous young women with long black hair adorned with bright feathers and perfect young bodies. As one of the girls fed me with her mouth, I grabbed her young butt with my hands and pulled her forward so that her breasts were even with my mouth. I began to alternately kiss and tease first one nipple then the other with my tongue and lips. I pulled her hips forward further and showed her another way to feed me as I placed a fresh berry in her pussy and began to eat it out. I placed a few more the same way, the berries adding a fruity flavor to the delicate aroma and taste of her womanhood. While I was doing this the other girl mounted my growing erection and began to ride it up and down in a slow deliberate manor, her vaginal muscles gradually tightening around me to the point where my mind was unable to focus on the treat in front of my face. I soon exploded my load into the other girl, the intensity of her moans signaling she had climaxed as well.

We spent the rest of the day in the hut feeding each other fresh berries and teasing each other with our hands and mouths. When evening approached, again two new young women entered the hut to relieve these two. I was sorry to see them go, as I was with the others, but it just seemed the girls got more young and beautiful each time. They came bearing dinner, fresh fish, vegetables and yet more fresh berries. Again I was fed by them using their fingers and both sets of lips. After I had my fill I again settled down with a girl on either side.

After about an hour or so, there seemed to be some activity outside. I could not see what it was but something was without a doubt happening. A girl came in with a fancy decanter of lightly scented oil. The two girls who had fed me dinner took turns pouring it lightly onto their soft, young hands and massaging it into my skin with firm, deliberate strokes. They did my entire body in this manor, but seemed to tread lightly when they got to my groin area. It seemed as though they intentionally did not want to pleasure me with the body oil.

After the girls finished my body massage, the two girls who were the tribal leaders came back in. They carefully lifted me up by the arms from the cot and each gave me kisses on the cheeks. Then, with one beautiful girl on either side, they led me out the door of the hut into the courtyard. I noticed the girls had extra bright feathers in their hair, as if dressed for a special event.

When I got out into the courtyard I was amazed by what I saw. There were fires burning brightly, nearly lighting up the sky deep in this dark Amazon region. There were young women dancing wildly all around. They seemed to be lost in a trance as other women pounded out primitive tribal rhythms on hand-made drums. Other women played simple melodies on primitive wind instruments. The sounds emanating from these tribal musicians completely drowned out the sounds of the birds and animals lurking in the trees deep in the Amazon rain forest. The skies were alight with the burning fires and the music started to get louder and gain in intensity as I was led out into the courtyard. Once again I was paraded around the circle. This time none of the girls attempted to touch me. They only seemed to give me sly glances. Something was going on. Something big.

I was once again led to the center of the courtyard. Girls came out and danced in front of me, first one at a time, then in groups of two or more. Some of the pairs performed mock sex acts on each other. Every girl was adorned with extra brightly colored feathers in their hair. Some of the feathers were bright red, some yellow, and some bright blue. Most of the girls had gold jewelry, usually bracelets around their arms and legs, often depicting serpents. The serpents usually had diamond or ruby eyes, which sparkled in the light of the burning fires. In the distance I could see the top of a nearby volcano, with faint puffs of smoke emanating from the opening in the top.

After the last dancer appeared before me, danced and then left, the music started to increase in intensity. The pounding of the drums took on a new fury and the sound of the wind instruments soared to new heights. Just as this was happening a chair made out of pure gold was carried out on the shoulders of at least a dozen young women. They slowly situated themselves in front of me and then paused. I could not immediately see who was in the chair as her face and most of her body was obscured by huge fans of bright feathers and gold leaf that were carried by young servant girls. Once the chair and its transporters stopped and positioned themselves squarely in front of me, the music reached a tremendous frenzy. The pounding of the drums almost shook the Earth loose from it's axis. Then suddenly it stopped. Everything in the Amazon rain forest became totally still and quiet. Even the birds in the trees remained motionless. At that moment, the young servant girls lowered the fans. In the gold chair was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her black hair shined under the moonlit skies and the dancing fires were reflected in the biggest blue-green eyes I have ever seen. She wore serpent bracelets of pure gold on each wrist and elaborate diamond and gold serpent earrings dangled seductively from each ear. She stared at me intently but did not move. I knew she was the queen of the tribe.

At this moment the music started up again. The drums pounded out a slow, yet erotic rhythm. The wind instruments began playing a romantic melody suggesting a love song. The dancers that had danced before me one by one, all came out into the courtyard and started dancing slow and in a sexually suggestive nature. Once again I was led around the courtyard in front of each of these beautiful young women. This time they did not keep their hands to themselves. As I passed, each one put their delicate fingers to their moistened lips and touched my penis. It was if they were giving me some sort of blessing. As I passed they gave me a longing glance. After I was led around the courtyard and each and every beautiful young woman in the tribe touched my penis, I was led back to the center of the courtyard. Once again I was standing before the queen, naked to the world.

The music again increased in speed and intensity. The dancers began dancing in a passionate fury. I was led right up to the queen in her golden chair. We embraced and kissed passionately as the music again increased in intensity. The pounding of the drums could be felt in the ground as the leaves in the trees began to vibrate in sympathy. I kissed the queens luscious red lips and then on down her long, delicate neck to her perfect rounded breasts. By the time I made my way down her smooth stomach to her womanhood, the drums began to pound a slow but extraordinarily intense rhythm. The drummers on one side of the courtyard would alternate beats with the drummers on the other side in a perfect call and response. The woodwind players played soaring melodies that seemed to dance in the air.

The whole effect was quite intoxicating. The still air started to vibrate with every drummer's tap as the Earth itself began to shake to the rhythm. I presented my fully engorged penis to the queen. She nodded approvingly and gave my proud standing erection a light sensual touch. I delicately stroked her womanhood with the tip before inserting it fully into her wanting canal. The drums pounded the rhythms in time to my movements. With every thrust, the drums pounded. First the drummers on one side, then the drummers on the other. I pounded, then they pounded. As my thrusting increased in speed, so did the pounding of the drums. Soon the drums were beating in wild abandon as I was wildly and forcefully taking the queen in full view of the whole jungle. The sexual tension hung in the air as every living creature in the rain forest watched in awe. As the queen's orgasm began to build, the waters in the mighty Amazon swelled in sympathy. I soon shot my load into her waiting canal causing an intermingling of our love juices like the tributaries that feed the great river. The volcano that hung in the distance spewed forth lighting up the night sky temporarily overpowering the dancing fires on the ground below. Every living creature in the rain forest embraced in a loving embrace as the sweat soaked dancers spun wildly out of control.

Then suddenly everything became still. The drummers stopped their drumming. The dancers stopped their dancing. I embraced the queen and we held each other as we reclined in the gold chair in front of hundreds of admiring eyes. The sexual tension in the air turned to stillness and peace. It was as if every living organism in the jungle embraced in a kiss.

I was once again led around the courtyard as every woman in the tribe gave me a kiss. There was wine brought out and the festivities lasted throughout the night. When the partying was over every member of the tribe hugged and kissed every other member. When it all was over, the two tribal leaders brought me back to the hut. They smiled as they each led me by my hands.

Once inside the hut I was led over to the cot. I settled down with the girls snuggling next to me for a night of peaceful relaxation and sleep. It was a long night and I was tired. With the young women next to me, I was soon fast asleep.

After a few hours, I was awakened by a strange noise. The noise becomes increasingly loud and seems to be coming from over the hut. The beautiful young women lying next to me look up at me with those big green eyes and seem to be trembling in fear. I quickly run out of the hut into the courtyard. It is a helicopter and it is landing right in the courtyard.

The helicopter touches down and two men jump out. It is Pete and Miguel.

"Oh Amigo, I am so glad you are alright. We are lucky we found you!" Shouts Miguel over the roar of the helicopter, "We came here to rescue you as soon as we could."

"Oh man, I'm so glad to see you!" Shouts Pete, "Grab your things man, let's go!"

I go back in the hut and put my clothes on. I give the girls a smile and a hug and go outside. I look around for a moment then get on the waiting helicopter. I'm a bit groggy, but climb on without a problem.

"Oh man, we got here just in time." Says Pete as the helicopter lifts off into the air, "We can get back just in time to make our flight back to the States. You'll be home in time to make it back to work."

I am barely awake but somehow his words sink in. I'll be home in time to make it back to work. All of a sudden I become wide-awake.

"Hold on a minute! Wait a fuckin' minute!" I shout at the top of my lungs, "This is my fuckin' fantasy and I don't like the way this is going one bit! Pardon my French. Let's back this up a bit!"

OK, let's back this fantasy up a bit...

The helicopter touches down and two men jump out. It is Pete and Miguel.

"Oh Amigo, I am so glad you are alright. We are lucky we found you!" Shouts Miguel over the roar of the helicopter, "We came here to rescue you as soon as we could."

"Oh man, I'm so glad to see you!" Shouts Pete, "Grab your things man, let's go!"

"I'm sorry guys but I'm not going anywhere," I explain calmly, "It was nice knowing you guys but I'm staying right here."

"You sure man?" Pete asks, looking somewhat perplexed.

"Oh yea, I am very sure." I explain, "In fact, I have never been surer of anything in my life."

"OK man, whatever." Says Pete, "Uh, what do you want me to tell your boss?"

"Tell him he can take his stinkin' job and shove it where the sun don't shine!" I answer frankly.

"OK, well, um have a good day."

"You too." I say, "Miguel, it was nice meeting you."

"Yea Amigo, you too."

With that I turn around and walk back into the hut. I lie back down between the two young beautiful women with the black hair and big green eyes. One of them whispers in my ear.

"Who was that, honey?"

"Ah, just somebody selling something." I explain, "Don't worry, I chased them away."

Hmmm...she purred. We all went back to sleep. After all, we had a long day ahead of us. A long day of lovemaking and berry eating. Ah, I think I kind of like this fantasy.


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