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Lost In Love, or Lust
by Danyel A.

It's the summer of 2012, I've just completed my junior year at Full Sail University in Winter Park,
Florida, and I decided now is the right time to take a vacation from the college life. Dealing with all the
pressures of tests and deadlines really created a stressful environment for me. It was time to wine down, and plus, I was so fucking horny and longing for some intimate time with a beautiful, sexy, lustful young lady. There was plenty of attractive women in Florida, but I wanted a taste of some more exotic.

Now here we are in Hawaii! I and my friends, Jeff, Terrance, Pete were finally taking a trip we had planned all year long. Right after we arrived at the fancy, tropical island resort, we went inside to receive our room numbers and card keys, then followed the attendants to our individual rooms. I finally get to my room and the suites were amazingly crisp, and elegant.

"Man, this is the life," I said looking out of the enormous glass window into the crystal ocean.
"Ha ha, I'm glad you are quite pleased, good sir," the stewart responded. "Enjoy your stay!"
"Thank you," I replied.

He placed my luggage carefully on the colorful, vibrant Hawaiian rug near my queen-sized bed and exited the room. As I'm looking out of the window down toward the beach, I see this voluptuous, sexy ass girl coming out of the water with long, dark hair. Her peach colored bikini top was fitted snug lifting her juicy breasts and her wide hips stood bold, demanding attention. My penis begin to tingle and throb as I watched her body glisten in the sun. I stuck my hands in my jeans and began to rub my thick bulge through my trousers. Becoming aware that I was standing in front of a huge glass window that anyone could see through, I quickly closed the vertical blinds and went to take a shower and brush my teeth.

While showering, all I could think about was that sexy ass chick I seen outside my window. Feeling the urge, I decided to masturbate. As I jerked my dick, I closed my eyes and envisioned her kissing me and licking my balls and before I knew it, I began to cum. That was the best orgasm I've given to myself in months.

After refreshing, me and my crew went down to the bar on the beach to order a few drinks. Thank God I had just turned twenty-one because this vacation wouldn't have been a vacation without getting at least a little tipsy. So we're having fun, laughing, acting like complete asses, meeting new people, just chilling, and I turn my head and see that busty woman again. This time she had on a tiny black blouse and tight black mini skirt. She looked as if she was Latin. I was part Latin America and part African American myself. Her eyes were a sexy hazel brown, her skin was silky and almond from sitting in the sun, and I could see her grape-sized nipples through her shirt. As she and her friends walked passed me I could smell the scent of her perfume, so sweet and soft.

"Wow, she sitting right next to me," I thought. She came over and sat on the stool right beside me and ordered a drink. I turned and looked at her as she turned toward me and smiled. My dick was hot, tingly, and throbbing again.

" you doin'," I yelled over the loud music and chatter. "You look very nice today."
"Hi, I'm great! And you look pretty spiffy yourself," She replied with a bright smile.
Her teeth were so straight and white. As she took a sip of her frozen margarita she flipped her hair, showing off her huge diamond, hoop earrings.

Her friends began to laugh and whisper in her ear. She react with chuckles as well.
"What's so funny? I wanna' laugh too," I said, wondering what was the amusement.
"My friends think you guys are cute. That's all." They all laughed in unison.
Quite flattered by their compliments and adorable laughter, I replied, "Shit, I think y'all are sexy too. I didn't know the women here were as beautiful as yourselves."
"Wow, that was really sweet," She replied. "What's your name?"
"Danyel...with a 'y',"
"Oh, okay. that's different. I like different," She said, gazing me into my eyes.
"I pick the perfect day to be different then, huh?"
She began to laugh and flip her hair again. "I'm Sasha."
In effort to ripen her, I replied,"That's a very beautiful name."
She smiled and said, "Thank you," in return.

We talked for about ten minutes more and then she grabbed my hand and yelled, "It's a little too noisy!"
"Yeah, let's go somewhere more quite," I agreed.
I followed her lead as we walked away from the noisy bar. I looked back at my friends and saw them flirting with Sasha's girlfriends. By this time the sun was setting, and all I could think of was having sex.

As we talked and walked toward the resort, we see this small cabin about fifty feet from the ocean shore. We decided to check it out. It kinda looked like some kind of mini aromatherapy spa or something so we both classified it as is. There was a massage table, fresh scented candles, and a small boombox sitting on the counter.
"This is pretty cool," I said turning on the radio.
"I know! I need a good massage right about now too," Sasha said, flicking on the light switch.
"Well, let me see what I can do for you," I replied, guiding her to the massage table.
She lied face down on the table. Her ass was so round and plump, sitting high, lifting her mini skirt. She had no panties on!

My heart began to pound as I massaged her shoulders and neck.
She turned toward me and said, "That feels so good." She then kicked her shoes off onto the floor.
I worked my hands down to the small of her back and she began to moan.
"Go lower," she whispered.
If I went any lower I would be massaging her juicy ass cheeks.
"Yeah, a little lower," she whispered again.
I begin to feel on her soft, round ass. Her moans and groans gradually got louder as I rubbed my hands under her skirt. She then turned on her back and lifted her knees and said, "I'm really feeling you right now."
Then I chuckled and replied, "I'm really feeling you too. So what you wanna' do?"
As I rubbed her legs, She sat up and begin to massage my bulge through my white jeans.
"I can tell you're excited. Ha ha...take off your pants." So I did. My juicy schlong fell out of my pants as I pulled them down.
"Now have seat on the table," she said, standing up in front of me.

As I lied back she lifted my red polo shirt back began to kiss my navel.
Before I knew it Sasha was kissing the head of my dick. Then she started using her tongue, french kissing and licking my thick, smooth shaft. Her lips were so soft and warm. She then took my entire 9 1/2 inch cock into her mouth. Feeling the warm, wet sensation inside her mouth and hearing her slurp on my cock drove me wild. I then tilted my head back and began to groan. I placed my hand gently on the back of her head as she went down on my cock for at least 10 seconds, and raised her head to gasp for some air. Eagerly, she swallowed my cock again, but this time she stayed for about 20 seconds. As she quickly lifted her head to breathe, I saw that her eyes were beginning to water. She looked me dead into my eyes and licked her lips. She then started licking and french kissing my balls as she jerked me off.

"Ooooh shit," I whispered, listening to her kiss my nuts.
Sasha then replied, "I love the taste of chocolate."
"Oh yeah?" We both begin to chuckled.

I lifted her head and told her, "Get on the table right quick."
She got on the table and asked, "You have a surprise for me, papi?"
Grinning at her, I replied, "Hell yeah."

I took off her leather skirt and started kissing her legs, then up to her thighs. Then I dived head first into her shaven pussy, licking and kissing her soft, smooth, cookie lips.
"Oooooh, that's good, she said breathing heavily.
As I continued to smack on her juicy pussy, I stared up into her eyes.
Wrapping her hands around the back of my head, she parted her legs even further and arched her back.
"Ooooooh fuck!" Sssssss....emmm...." Sasha begin to yelp. At this time, the radio was playing, 'Adorn' by Miguel.
She then begin to grind her clit on my lips as I inserted my tongue into her swollen pink vagina. I threw her legs over my shoulders and begin to rub her titties as I feasted on her flesh.
With her voice quivering, she said, "Damn papi, your tongue is doing over time right now."
Smacking on her lips, I replied, "I'll work as hard as you want me to, baby."

"Danyel, I want you to fuck me," She cried. "Please, papi...I want every inch of that fucking dick inside of me!"
I then stood straight up and pulled her body closer to me. Seeing I didn't have on a condom, I said,"Hold on, let me grab a rubber right quick."
I grab my pants from the floor and got a Magnum XL condom out of the left back pocket and slipped it on. Before I penetrated her I leaned forward and gave her a passionate kiss, tasting her sweet, soft lips before we shared each other's possessions. By the look in her eyes, I can tell she was ready to be fucked, plowed beyond belief. I then slowly slid my thick shiny head into her juicy clit.
Sasha reacted by whispering, "!"
Her pussy was so tight and creamy. I slowly stroked back and forth as she groaned and rubbed my back and ass checks.
"Go harder, papi! Emmmm...take my pussy!"
We both begin to breathe heavily as I thrusted harder and faster at her pink kitty. I could feel her legs begin to shake as she looked down at my thick veiny cock plowing in and out of her wet, swollen opening.
With every impact, I could hear her pussy squishing and farting; I could feel our skin slapping against one another; I could see her huge titties and her diamond hoop earrings rocking back and forth. This moment was incredible!

Tightly gripping her hips I said, " like that dick, baby!"
With her voice quivering to my impact, she replied, "I love your fuckin' cock!"

I climbed on top of the massage table and lifted her legs over my shoulders so I could penetrate her deeper. As I inserted my throbbing head in again, I swiveled my tongue around her pretty caramel nipples.
Breathing heavily she said, "Oh yeah, baby! Like that...emmmm, yeah!

I desperately rammed into her deep sea, eagerly ensuring that she would cum all over me. Her sweet, musky perfume filled my nostrils with passion and lust. I could also smell my cologne as well. 'White Diamond' for men. Her and those diamond earrings...ha ha, the irony.

She screamed to the top of her lungs, "Oh my fucking gosh! Oooooooh don't stop, papi! Yes, yes, yes, yes!"
I remember every word like it was yesterday night. By this time I was full throttle in her pussy. I then gave her one last powerful thrust and held it there. Sasha tightly closed her eyes, grabbed the back of my head downward so we could share another kiss. I still hadn't orgasmed yet, but I can tell she was getting there. Her passion fruit juice on my thighs gave me confirmation.

"He he he...I'm fucking shaking Danyel!"
" liked that shit, huh? I told you baby." I leaned forward and kissed her again.
"Now you get on the table, boy!" We both stood up and switched places. She firmly pushed me toward the table.
"Damn, baby, I love the way you take control...ha ha!"
"I love having control," She replied.
Now we were both completely naked. She begin kissing my smooth caramel abs, moving up toward my pecks. As I lied on the table, she climbed on top of me.
Naturally, my penis stood straight up, towering over me. While guiding the head of my cock with her right hand and holding herself up with her left hand, she then squatted over me and slowly slid her wet peach onto my cock, devouring my entire shaft. Sasha's legs begin to shake again.
"Hell yeah, baby. Take all that dick."
Slowly moving up and down on my dick, she started breathing heavily saying, "Ssssssssss...emm, you're just so sexy papi....he he. This feels so good!"

We looked into each other's eyes and smiled as she gradually begin to pounce harder on my shaft. As I held her hips I became mesmerized by her gorgeous, shiny juggs bouncing up and down as she rode me like a rodeo cowgirl. Desperately, I reached toward her sexy ass titties, caressing and squeezing them. I begin to thrust upwards into her tight chamber.
"Ooooooh yeah, papi! Ssssss...emm!" At this moment, she was grunting, tilting her head back, and licking her lips.
"Hell yeah, you like that shit don't you," I asked her with the biggest ego.
She screamed, "YES!"
I asked her again and she screamed louder, "YEEESS!!!
I can feel myself about to cum as our sweaty bodies continued to smash into each other. I begin to lick my lips as I looked down at her beautiful cookie lips devouring my cock over and over again.
"I'm about to fucking cum all over your fucking dick! Oh fuck!"
Her passion fruit juice was now dripping down my shaft unto my balls and stomach.
With every effort to bust a nut, I vigorously drove my soldier upward into her hot, steamy wound as fast and hard as I could.
We both begin to moan and groan loudly, breathing like we're running a thousand miles. Our strokes became so hard and fast as I reached up and pulled her hair.
"Oh yes, papi! Eeeeemmm!" With her voice quivering, she growled and moaned.
I begin to clinch my teeth. It was about to be an explosion of passion fruit right in between us.
As she vigorously rubbed her clitoris, she screamed, "Ssssss...oh baby, I'm about to cum!"
"Uuuugh," I groaned loudly. "Let it go baby! Let it go!"
Before I knew it, I busted the biggest nut I ever busted in my life as Sasha's cum begin to gush out of her pussy, soaking my cock in her sweet honey. As she screamed fiercely, she lifted off of my dick and squirted all over my stomach, hosing me down with her cream filling. I could hear her vagina extracting cum; I could feel it splashing on my chest and face.
This shit was so fuckin' amazing!!!

Her arms began to shake so much that she had to rest on my thighs for awhile.
"I swear papi...that was the best dick I ever had in my life...heh he! You're spectacular!"
Rubbing her thighs I asked her, "Oh yeah?"
She leaned forward, kissed me and replied, "Hell yeah!"
Moving her hair from her lips, I told her, "That shit was good, baby."
Sasha then looked at me and chuckled.

We both saw towels sitting on the counter near a sink, and used them to dry off our blend of passion fruit juice. After I threw my condom away, we help each other put our clothes back on. I walked over to turn off the radio. Now it ways playing 'Bad' by Wale.
Sasha began to sing the lyrics, "Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it, but I sure know how to fuck. I'll be your bad girl..." She started winding her waist as I held her hand.
Jokingly I started singing, "Uh - uh - uh - uh," to the beat of the song. We both cracked up as I turned off the radio. Sasha turned off the light and we left the small cabin.

Sasha began to walk in front of me, flipping her hair behind her ears.
"Those fucking hips and that ass" I thought to myself.
I couldn't believe I fucked a girl I barely even knew. I then ran behind her and grabbed her. We both laughed and she turned her head to kiss me.
"Danyel, this isn't like me to jump into intimacy so early, but you're really special."
"Yeah, I'm not as sexual when I meet someone either," I agreed. Of course I lied, but I knew she really felt guilty. "That's what happens when you meet someone you're in tune with though baby."

Now we were back at the bar. It seemed as if Pete went with a couple of Sasha's friends while Terrance and Jeff were singing karaoke at the bar.
Sasha and I walked over to the bar to listen to their crackly, drunken voices. Everybody was dancing and laughing as they belted out the song, 'Strip' by Chris Brown.

"Hawaiians really seem to be hipped to R&B and Hip Hop here!"
"I know, they've got good taste in music," Sasha replied, yelling over the loud music.

It was now getting late and Sasha said she was gonna' return to her room.
She then turned toward me and said "I really had a lot of fun with you tonight. Hopefully we can see each other again."
"We can definitely do it again," I replied. She began to laugh, then pushed me and told me to shut up.
"I still feel guilty about that," Sasha replied looking at me with an embarrassing smirk.
I comforted her by kissing her and saying, "You don't have to be. There was no harm done; we did nothing wrong." She grabbed my neck and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said, "Yeah, you're right." She went to ask a bartender for pen and paper. She wrote her number down and gave it to me, and I gave her mine.
"I'll call you tomorrow, okay," she said softly.
"Alright, babe, I'll catch you later," I replied with a smile. "You have a good night."
Sasha looked over her right shoulder and smiled. "You too."

Although something told me she felt bad about moving so fast and that she was really falling for me, I couldn't deny that that was the best sexual experience I ever had in my life. But It's not like I didn't tell her I was falling for her too. I gave every indication possible. Shit, I could see myself marrying the girl. She was so beautiful and sweet and warm.

I got my drunken buddy and walked him to his room. While walking toward my room, I saw Pete storming up the hall in some soaking wet swimming trunks, saying, "Fuck that bitch!"
"What's goin' on Pete?!" He seemed pretty upset; his eyes were fire red.
He then told me one of Sasha's friends spit vodka in his face after a heated argument about him dropping her cell phone in the pool.
He then pulled out his card key, went is his room and slammed the door.
I couldn't help, but chuckle as I unlocked the door and entered my room.

Sasha remained on my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about how good her pussy was. I jumped in the shower and masturbated one last time before I went to bed. I jerked my cock as hard as I could as the hot steamy water hit my back. I started to cum, but I didn't bust a nut as big as the one I but while fucking Sasha. Mastrbating helped relieve a lot of sexual stress I had built up inside of me. If I didn't masturbate, I couldn't rest.

Walking to my bed, I saw that I had text alert on my cell phone. It was Sasha. The text said, "Let's meet tomorrow afternoon and get to know each other a little more." I replied by texting, "Yes, that sounds great. I really want to get to know more about what's inside your heart."
Sasha then sent a smiley face and we both text each other goodnight.
I then closed my eyes and fell asleep, thinking, "That damn Sasha..."

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