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Lonely Couple
by El Tejano

I stopped at a truck stop east of El Paso. A hot forty something was eyeballing me as was her husband or whatever. He motioned me over and I took my coffee and signalled the waitress to bring my breakast over to their table.
As I was eating she said, "We are into bondage and group sex. Would you like to be our slave master for a day or two?"
"Maybe. How many others?"
"One other couple. We have gurneys and straps and other paraphernalia. They are waiting at our ranch east of here."
"I'll follow you. One thing; Don't even think about tying me up. I'll tie you and whip your ass but I don't get tied up and I don't get whipped.If that is tried I will hurt some people."
They paid for our meal and we went out and they crawled up into a nearly new Pete. I got in my Ford pickup.
We went east for a few miles past Fabens and then went north to a locked gate where another truck was waiting. A younger version of the woman got out and opened the gate and after we pulled through she locked the gate and got in with me. "You going to be our slave master?"
"Seems like. You like being whipped?"
"Oh yes! My husband is a little scared but he gets really turned on when a man shoves a big dick in me and then him."
We went into the house and there were four gurneys and a box of straps and whips etc. I noticed that there were at least four cameras located in the room and out on the patio there were five or six more. I made the men undress the men and the women undress the women then strapped them each to a gurney, the women face up and one of the men face down the other face up.Once they were strapped down I located the computer that controlled the cameras and made sure all of them were running and recording. "We'll all want copies of this, I am sure."
The original guy was the one face down and I rubbed a doubled belt around on his ass and legs. The women were already begging for me to fuck them. The guy laying face up was trembling and moaning, "OH GOD. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME TOO BAD! I AM SCARED! I WANT YOUR DICK IN MY ASS BUT DON'T HURT ME TOO BAD!!PLEASE!!PLEASE!!PLEASE!!"
I said, "The more you beg and cry the more I get turned on. I think you are a queer! You are a whore! You are going to be my personal slave!You are just a slut, a bitch, a cunt! You are something for me to beat! You belong to me to do with as I please!"
I reached down and stroked his dick which was growing hard. I squeezed his balls and he screamed. "AAAAIIIEEEEEAAAHHHH!!"
I went back over to the first guy and after rubbing the belt on him some more, proceeded to give him a hard spanking."You ready for a dick up your ass?"
I got up on him and began to tease him a little with my hard dick. "OH YES!! DO IT!DO IT!DO IT! OH GOD I AM SO HORNY FOR IT!!PLEASE!!"PLEASE!! OH DON'T STOP!!I HAVE TO HAVE IT!! I AM YOUR SLAVE! YOUR QUEER! JUST DON'T STOP!!"
I got down and went over to the older woman and without preamble got up on her and started shoving my dick in her pussy. She was breathing heavily, "OHHH!!OHHH!!OHHH!!OHHH!!HAROLD IT IS SO BIG!!FUCK ME HARDER!!FUCK ME HARDER!!"
I pulled out of her and she was screaming, "OH NO!!DON'T STOP!!PLEASE DON'T STOP!"
I slid up and shoved my dick in her mouth and she was sucking and moaning, "MMMMMOOORRRREEE!!OHHHH!!OHHHH!!OHHHHMMMM!!AHHH!!"
I went over and started fucking the younger woman and shoved the gurney next to her husband. I started whispering in his ear, "You like it when I am fucking your wife! She'll be screaming in a minute! You want to scream too? Maybe I will fuck your ass next! You want it?"
I slid over and shoved my dick in his mouth. "Take it all the way down your throat you slut!"
I walked back to the first guy and stood at the head of the gurney and shoved my dick in his mouth! "Suck my dick Harold!"
While he was sucking my dick I whipped his ass hard with the belt. He was sobbing and tears and snot were running down his face onto my dick. I whipped him harder!
I rolled his gurney over and folded the front end down and shoved his face on the other guys dick. "Suck him!" I commanded.
I went back over and released the older woman and made her bend over the younger womans pussy. "Eat her pussy while I fuck you, you slut! You are all a bunch of sluts and whores and bitches. Make that ass move on my dick you slut! Fuck me bitch!! Do it!!Do it!!Do it!!Do it!!"
I was getting closer and I was slamming her pussy and my balls were slapping against her ass. She screamed, "OH YESSSS!!IT IS SOOOO BIGG!!FUCK MEEE!! SLAM IT IN ME HARDER!!OHH BIG DICK!BIG DICK!BIG DICK!BIG DICK!YESS!!YESS!!YESS!!YESS!!I'M CUMMMMING!!CUMMMMING!!CUMMMMING!!CUMMMMING!!EEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!"
I released the two men and threw all three of them on a bed that was there and made the younger one stick his dick in her ass and the other in her pussy. "Both of you fuck her until you cum!"
They were fucking her and I got the belt and started whipping their ass some more, turning first one and then the other on top.
I got on the gurney and shoved my dick in her pussy hard. "Talk to me you slut! Make me cum!!"
I released her and shoved her on the bed with the others and went off to find a toilet and a shower.
I spent the rest of the day there fucking them and whipping their ass then decided that one day was enough for now and the younger woman rode up to the gate and opened it for me.

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El Tejano

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