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Lindsey and Stacey's home-made movie.
by Goofiegumdrops

I was at work one day when I heard a very familiar voice behind me say "hi babes! Working hard are we?"
I turned around to see my new 'friend' Stacey standing there. Although she was dressed in her supermarket uniform she still looked like one of the cutest and most fuckable BBW girls I knew.
"Alright for a quick chat babes?" She asked winking seductively at me, we walked outside the store to a private secluded corner and began to kiss passionately. I couldn't resist her as I ran my hand up her skirt to touch her warm hairy wetness through her tan pantyhose, she broke the kiss and told me she'd spoken to Lindsey and arranged another threesome at her house for Friday night. On hearing this my dick was rock and throbbing in an instant,
"I've got to go babes but I brought you a little present to get you in the mood for Friday!" Stacey said as she reached into her bag and pulled out an brown unmarked Jiffy bag and handed to me.
"Don't let anyone see what's inside that and don't lose it" she added before giving me one final long deep kiss and said "I'll see you Friday about 7 o'clock then" and walked off.
I spent the rest of the day wondering what was inside the bag and couldn't concentrate properly for the remainder of my shift.

When I got home I sat down to examine the contents of this bag. Inside we're about twenty Polaroid pictures and a plain DVD with a date written on it. The first picture I looked at had my dick 'straining at the leash', it was a picture of my other friend Lindsey who was a slim mousey- blonde haired girl, she was wearing nothing but her glasses and a big smile whilst she laid back on a bed holding her legs wide open exposing her shaven pink pussy and anus. The second picture I looked at was pretty much the same as the first but with Lindsey spreading her labia apart, the third picture was the best so far. It was a close up POV shot from Lindsey of Stacey licking her pussy. As I thumbed through these pictures of Stacey sucking Lindsey's pussy, tits and feet I came across one that nearly had me cumming in my trousers. It was a yet another close-up but of Stacey looking into the camera with her tongue deep inside Lindsey's tight arsehole and her fingers inside her pussy. All the excitement of looking through these pricelessly hot picture I nearly forgot the DVD disc that was in the bag, putting it into my player I settled back onto the sofa to watch it content.

When it began to play it was obviously homemade but there was Lindsey standing there wearing just a very short skirt and a bikini top, the voice from behind the camera I instantly recognised as Stacey's as it said "sexy girl! I can't wait to put this camera down and play",
Lindsey laughed and began to play around striking poses before saying "put it down then and let's get busy honey".
Then screen began to shake and clunk about and then became steady as Stacey my other friend came into view and embraced Lindsey and the moved so they were closer to the camera, stacey wore just a night-shirt that strained around her huge tits and large belly. They started kissing light and slowly at first whispering inaudible things whilst they groped each other and grinded their bodies together. They both began to kiss more passionately and deeper, Lindsey stuck her tongue fully out only for Stacey kiss up and down it before sucking it into her own mouth. Stacey had began to remove Lindsey's bikini top to releasing her small pert breasts, "you've such a fucking sexy body baby! I want to fuck you so badly" said Stacey breathlessly as she kissed her way down Lindsey chest and envelope one Lindsey's hard nipples in her mouth.
Lindsey giggled and replied "me too honey! I want to fuck you and make you cum".
As Stacey sucked on Lindsey's tits she began to unbutton Stacey shirt to reveal her gorgeous plump curvy figure.

After having her titties sucked Lindsey told Stacey to strip and get on all fours and stick her arse in the air, whilst Stacey got into position Lindsey moved the camera close so it could record the action. Lindsey spread Stacey's big pale white bum cheeks apart to reveal a tight looking puckered anus and her red meaty pussy lips both surrounded by a thick black bush, Stacey's crack ready glistening and creamy with pussy juice. Lindsey sniffed at Stacey hot holes declaring "the smell of your hot horny pussy and arsehole always gets me so wet" and with that began to kiss her little dark coloured bumhole working her way down to her juicy hot wet pussy then back up again.
Lindsey sucked Stacey's big labia into her mouth before pulling away slowly then returned to her anus which she began to flick at with her tongue. "Oh that feels so nice baby!" Stacey gasped as Lindsey lapped up and down her hairy arse-crack and sucked on her sweet little bumhole.

The screen went blank for a few seconds before an image the screen was filled with a close view of above Lindsey head, all of a sudden from the top of the screen slowly came Stacey's big hot arse as she squatted down over Lindsey's face. Lindsey pushed her mouth between Stacey's big dangling pussy lips and began to kiss and suck noisily which made Stacey start to fidget and groan, "is that nice honey?" Asked Lindsey as she spread Stacey's beefy pussy lips apart and began to lick and suck slowly on her pussy hole and clit.
Stacey's hand appeared and she began to rub and play with her own anus as Lindsey face now glistening with the creamy juice that was leaking from her messy pussy. "I love playing with my bumhole" gasped Stacey as she pushed half of her mid-digit into her sweet little pucker. Then Stacey's bum lifted up out of shot and was replaced by her face as the two girls kissed deeply, Stacey put the finger she had up her arsehole between their lips as they both licked and sucked on it. "bugger me Linds baby please" Stacey whimpered "fill my bumhole up for me" she added breathlessly as they continued to kiss passionately.

Again the screen went blank for a few second then the screen was filled with Stacey on all fours again but it seemed as though Lindsey was holding the camera POV style. Stacey's wagged her arse sexily and spread her cheeks apart at the camera as it panned down to a large strap-on cock that was being worn by Lindsey, Lindsey's hand grabbed the cock and pressed its large head against the tight little anus of Stacey before pulling away teasingly making Stacey moan frustratedly "fuck my pooper baby please".
Lindsey again place the head at the entrance to Stacey's arse but this time slowly began to push in, as it slowly worked its way deep into the tight little anus Stacey began to whimper and wail loudly. Lindsey began to piston Stacey's bumhole with a deep steady rhythm whilst Stacey cried and moaned into the pillow,
"you love me banging you tight arse don't you honey?" Lindsey said and she pulled out the strap-on to reveal Stacey's once tight anus was now bright red and gaping wide open. The camera panned down to show Stacey's pussy which was also crimson red and had a river of creamy juices that run from it down through her forest of pubic hair and even onto her belly. Lindsey's other hand came into veiw holding a bottle of baby oil which she squeezed a very long shot of into Stacey's gaping hairy arsehole before pushing the strap-on back into Stacey's bum again making her scream out in pleasure as Lindsey pumped her hard and deep.

The scene cut again to Stacey laid back on the bed with with her hand behind her knees pulling her legs back towards her huge breasts, her cute chubby face was bright red with mascara streaked down her cheeks. "Fuck me baby! I'm going to cum like a geyser over both of us" Stacey purred smiling whilst looking into the camera,
her smile quickly disappeared as Lindsey pushed the strap-on into her gaping hole again and began to slowly fuck her arse hard and full as well as starting to frig Stacey's hairy and messy pussy. "Tell me how much you love getting you tight little pooper fucked by me then honey" asked Lindsey and with tears streaming from her eyes Stacey replied "I love my sexy girlfriend tonguing and fucking my arsehole deep and hard! Don't stop baby I'm gonna cum" and with a scream Stacey began to squirt all over herself jerking around and squealing until her massive orgasm had subsided and laid there covered in a mixture of sweat and creamy girl-cum with a glazed expression on her face.

The next scene started still with Lindsey's POV but with Stacey lovingly sucking on her sexy painted toes, "that's nice honey! Lick and suck my soles too" came Lindsey's voice.
Stacey giggled and began working her way onto Lindsey's soft wrinkled soles sucking, kissing and biting them making Lindsey give out a giggly gasp of pleasure whilst rubbing her other foot against Stacey's massive tits. Lindsey panned the camera down to her crotch revealing that she was furiously playing with her own pussy, she stopped and held out her fingers to Stacey who stopped her foot loving and lent forward and pushed her nose against them before inhaling deeply. "You smell so fucking sexy baby! I can't wait to eat your pussy" moaned Stacey before enveloping the pussy coated fingers with her lips and sucking on the digits hard.

Stacey placed her face between the top of Lindsey's spread legs and began to move her mouth which produced a heavy sigh from lindsey. The camera moved above and gave a view from above Stacey's head showing that she was slowly sliding two fingers in and out of Lindsey's bald pussy whilst licking and sucking her clit. "Oh my god! That's so nice Stace!" Said Lindsey softly as Stacey pulled her fingers from Lindsey and sucked on them whilst looking into the camera.
She then took the camera from Lindsey and and trained it on her face as she kissed up and down Lindsey's wet pink slit before starting to kiss Lindsey's bumhole. Kisses then turn into a tongue as she gently ran her tongue around the tight little hole then wiggling the tip of her tongue at the centre making Lindsey moan, buried her nose in Lindsey's pink wet slit as she continued to orally service Lindsey's sexy little anus.

The scene cut again to show Lindsey lowering her pussy onto the strap-on facing Stacey who was holding the camera whilst flat on her back, Lindsey began to ride the cock whilst grinning into the camera and rubbing her clit. Lindsey pert little titties bounced around as she fucked herself hard before leaning forward and sucking on Stacey's huge juicy breasts.
"Turn round baby! I want to see your beautiful tight little bum whilst you ride me" Stacey said softly
She filmed as Lindsey got up and turned around shaking her shapely sweet arse at the camera as she slowly lowered her dripping wet pussy onto the waiting rubber cock. As Lindsey slowly rode the cock Stacey's hand appears and starts to play with Lindsey's tight little arsehole,
"you've got such a tight little arsehole baby" Stacey purred as she put the tip of her index finger inside Lindsey's little pooper before pulling it out and sniffing it.
"Oh my god I love the smell of you!" stacey said breathlessly before Lindsey lifted up and shuffled back squatting her bum down on Stacey's eager waiting mouth. Stacey re-positioned the camera as she filmed herself shamelessly with her nose against squashed against Lindsey's pooper whilst wildly licking and sucking her hot pink slit. She kept kissing and licking up and down in between Lindsey's spread bum cheeks groaning loudly whilst doing so before returning to munching lovingly on her lovers beautiful slit.
Lindsey turned round again leaning forward planting her mouth on to Stacey's who held the camera so it filmed closely the two girls gently kissing one another,
"I want you to fuck my bumhole again baby! Fuck me deep and slow! Make me gush again all over myself!" Said Stacey in between kisses to which Lindsey's giggled whilst biting and sucking Stacey's neck and ears.

The next cut was of a POV from Lindsey standing over Stacey who was on the floor with her knees either side of her head and her back against the side of the bed to keep her in this position. Her arse and pussy was pointing up towards Lindsey as she panned the camera down to show she was once again wearing the strap-on. Lindsey poured a slug of baby oil onto Stacey's now battered looking bumhole and began to slowly rub it in using her index finger. Lindsey placed to tip of the rubber cock at the entrance to Stacey's oily red anus and began to slide in. Stacey's winced as Lindsey inched in more and more till she had sunk all nine inches into the stretched out hole. Stacey's face was a mixture between pain and pleasure as she began to grunt and cry whilst Lindsey's fucked her arse with long deep strokes saying "this what you wanted honey? Another good hard arse fucking?"
Stacey nodded as Lindsey reached down and began to rub Stacey's pussy hard and fast causing Stacey to cry out, all of a sudden Stacey pussy let out a torrent of girl cum that erupted like a fountain and landed in her own face.
"I'm not done with you yet missy" said Lindsey as she pulled the strap-on out of Stacey revealing a big red stretched out anus and a swollen red cream leaking pussy, Lindsey then aimed the baby oil at her friend sore pooper began to squirt a long steady stream into it. Putting the baby-oil to one side she then slide the cock back into Stacey's bum but this time Lindsey went to town pulling the entire length out before thrusting back in to the hilt until Stacey was blubbing.
"Stacey honey your pussy and bumhole look and smell so fucking sexy! now rub that amazing cunt of yours! I want to see your pussy explode" demanded Lindsey as she pummelled Stacey's anus hard.
Stacey who was now crying properly now reached up and began to rub demonically at her bright red hairy pussy causing more creamy juicy to ooze in copious amount down through her pubes and onto her belly, all of a sudden she began to shake heavily before screaming as a massive fountain of girl cum erupted from her crimson swollen pussy covering Lindsey and Stacey alike. As Stacey began to calm down Lindsey filmed herself licking and sucking the squirt that had managed to cover Stacey's bare feet, sucking the toes and licking the soles making Stacey whimper again.

The DVD stopped there leaving me wanting more but knowing on Friday night I'd be experiencing this for real.......

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