Lesbian Sex stories

Lesbian Ghost
by DarkStar

Four young women, in their 20\'s, dressed in leather, walks deep in the woods, as they stumble around, pushing branches away to get through, they come upon a house, they search slowly around the grounds, pitch black around them. The moon and stars are not in the dark sky, they finally approach a gate, as they touch it, it mysteriously opens, the women walk through, as the gate closed. the women walk up to the house and one of the doors from the front of the house opens slowly, they hear a soft whisper to come in.

The women look at each other and walk in slowly. The door slams shut, and the bolts and chains on the door lock. It was dark in the house, then the fireplace started, as well as candles lite up in the lounge, they called out, anyone here, there was no answer, they felt chills all over their bodies, as the spirits managed, to enter their bodies, the women began to undress each other, leather halters, leather hot pants, leather bra, thongs, and leather knee high boots are removed, all the ghost were lesbians before they died, they missed the touch, the softness of a women, the women pair up, they begin to touch their breast with the tips of their finger nails, as they begin to lick around their nipples, then kissing them as they squeeze them, they slowly lick down, down, down to their luscious pussy lips, sucking them, tips of their tongue slides inside, twirling around slow, going as far as they can, then fingering them very slow and gentle, then faster and harder, as the other fingers slide inside, the other hand is on their breast, pinching, pulling, nipples, as the ghost are making the women bend over, then on hands/knees, they go faster in the women, they all moaning, slapping their ass cheeks, pulling their hands out, they have the other woman lick her fingers, they make them get up and walk down to the dungeon, they walk in the chamber doors, the women are in the middle of the room, they are being pulled down to the floor on hands/knees, they are moaning more and some screams as they get pounded harder from a strap-on, then spanked, nipple clamps are added on, metal collars on each of them, the ghost are enjoying this as they missed it, this goes on for hours, as they add new positions, they rub each others pussy, they hug they kiss passionately , they explode on each other so many times, they lick and suck up the luscious juices, as they are filled up with cum in and on their sexy slim bodies, eventually the ghost release their self from the women, as they are all over each other naked, and think it was a dream and where are they, ect. they get up and notice they have an aroma coming from them, they feel sticky on their bodies and hands and smell and taste it and have a strange feeling, this was real and they get dressed and hear a voice, as they were lead the way out, the voice said: when we want you , you will come back. the women weren't sure what to think, as they were fully clothed, and left the house and begin walking, they came to a small trail way, and were tired, from what ever happen in that house, as they begin to realize it was ghost that made us do this, as they rested, they sat close to each other and begin holding each other and the smell of leather and erotic sweetness from each other, plus feeling chills among them, they being to hug and kiss and wasn't sure if it was the ghost or they decided , they enjoy this more than being with guys, so each night around the same time, they were lead back to the haunted house of lesbian ghost, and lead back home after each session and each session was more extreme, each time they were making out as the ghost were in them, they didn\'t know the ghost were trying to take over their bodies. Do they succeed ? , do the young women become spirits? Any thing is possible. spirits are every where, Do you know if you been invaded by one or more, and wake up to think it was a dream?.

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