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knelt down
by kneeling

I knelt down on the floor in front of him and un buttoned his pants. His cock was already almost hard and is so beautiful when it comes out of his pants, I smiled and gasped real quiet at it size. Wanting to submit for his pleasure I leaned in and start licking the head as he moans 'yes that's my good bitch' I smile to myself as it slides in deep and pokes the back of my throat making me drool more than I am already. He is fully hard now, knowing I am going to swallow every drop of his cum as I moan while sucking his cock. I want him to know I like being on my knees in front of him servicing his cock for his pleasure and am really squirming as Gina moves my thong underwear off my hole and palms my ass letting me know what is coming later. I am going to submit for her to let her boyfriend use me like a whore today and will swallow his cum and beg him to fuck my asshole and cum all the way in me. She asked me if I would like that after we read some stories on the internet and blushing but hard told her it excited me to suck cock if she set it up. She had previously shaved my legs and around my ass before he arrived and she dolled me up a little more than usual when she uses her strap-on on me.

My beard is real light so when I shave I don't need to again for a couple of days. She first started dominating me when she read an email on my computer where I had been corresponding with a top and she could see I wanted to submit, she didn't tell me she read it until later but started putting me face down and tonguing my asshole which I loved and begged as she began finger fucking my tight back door. It was soon after this that she started spanking me regularly during the week and had me start wearing silky girls panties to work under my clothes. She would text me teasing me during the first couple of days until I was begging when I got in my car at the end of the day. I got home and the first time she showed me her strap-on she was in a short robe and come fuck me heels sitting at the bar.

I stopped and she said, come here and palmed and patted my ass as I stood next to her and she said 'Yes you are going to get it tonight' smiling over her wine glass and said, go to your room and change out of your work clothes and into the things I have laid out for you. I practically ran up the stairs, smiling when I saw the short nightgown, panties and heels she had laid out for me. I felt wobbly walking down the stairs but was more confident on the bottom floor as she said turn around and motioned me to her where she had makeup to put on my face and bright red lipstick. She put a lot of blue eyeshadow and black eyeliner for me with mascara to be as slutty as possible and I loved it, reaching to pull on her strap on as she smiled and said yes you are going to service me tonight babe.

We ended up on the couch her palming my ass as I stroked her thighs up to her big strap on and eventually got on my knees in front of her and smiling said, may I? She looked down and opened her robe and said yes go ahead and held it out for me and moaned as I licked the head and got my red lipstick worn off sucking and drooling all over her cock. Anyway, I went back to sucking Dan's cock on my knees while Gina lubed my tight ass with her fingers and kind of pumped them in and out for a few minutes as I moaned around his throbbing cock squirming as much as I could on her fingers.

I went to work harder and faster as I started to taste his precum and knew Gina wanted to watch me swallow my first load of cum as she got up and sat on the couch and watched intently I started to feel his cock throbbing and growing slightly and his balls pulled up as I took it as deep as possible to feel his cum squirt out hard and directly into the back of my throat, Gina asked 'Did he cum a lot honey?' As I continued working on his cock to get all of his cum 'I had him not cum for about a week so you would get a big load' I continued swallowing and almost gulping it down and when I stopped and took it out told her 'yes, wow it was a lot big and strong tasting and squirted out hard'

She said 'Good girl I wanted to watch you be a good little bitch and will keep filming you the whole night so we can have a record of your first time' I was licking my lips and his head again and was surprised he didn't get soft but in a few minutes Gina said I think you are going to get a paddling before we go down the hall. I did love feeling his cock throb in my mouth and feeling his cum shoot out hard as he was moaning and I was moaning too with my mouth full and working on his big dick. I was smiling after I swallowed all of his cum he was looking down at me and said, 'That was great' I blushed a little as Gina had helped me learn to suck working on her strap on for many nights. I leaned back on my heels. As she handed Dan the leather paddle, I climbed on the couch on his right side on my knees and slowly crawled over his lap pushing my ass up in the air as I put my chest down and spreading my legs for him to have access to what he wanted.

He palmed my ass and the backs of my thighs for several minutes and I pushed up for him to realize he could do what he wanted. He commented 'nice and firm' as he slapped my ass the first time and I squirmed up even higher for him to know go ahead and give it to me, use your bitch I said out loud as he began spanking me in earnest' Gina ran her hands on my back saying 'good girl take it like you are his whore' 'You want to take whatever he wants to do to you' as I pushed my ass up as high as I could.

He stopped using his hand and started using the paddle for a few minutes and I started to whimper, he stopped and ran his hands over my burning bare bottom, my lacy thong getting pushed around by his fingers a little as he ran his middle finger up and down over my hole. I couldn't help but moan when he touched my hole and push up for him to take the hint and finger me but he only teased me a few minutes until I was begging asking 'what do you want Dan, do what ever you want to me' upon hearing this he tapped his finger on my asshole and pushed slightly as I moaned out loud - 'Oh please Dan, do it' He picked up the paddle and gave me a few more real low on my bare cheeks and then said to Gina 'I think it's time' I felt just like a whore for their use and loved it. Gina said 'come on babe let's get up and go into the bedroom' as she helped me up and Dan got up leaving his pants on the floor and grabbed my hand and walked me towards the bedroom following Gina. It felt so good to be walking in high heels and holding on to him as we walked towards the bedroom, I imagine it was just how a hot bitch feels when she knows she is going to get fucked.

I kind of looked towards the floor and smiling as I swung my hips as we walked down the hall. Gina sat on the bed crossing her leg over and patted the bed for me to climb on up as she moved a pillow in the middle. I kind of squirmed up over and she eased my panties down and off my legs saying 'we don't need those in the way' I was so excited getting myself in position to be fucked for someone else's pleasure. It felt so hot, I was squirming as I spread my legs for him and pushed my ass up in the air as I felt him climb on the bed, I was so hot I was breathing hard and Gina said 'don't worry you are going to get it today' What an exciting feeling knowing my ass is going to be fucked for his pleasure and I didn't have a choice but to take it like a good bitch. His cock was so hard, his head though not a big mushroom was hard as a rock and his glans nice and thick, I was so horny to be fucked by him. I almost begged out loud as his head touched my asshole and I pushed back towards him - Gina said 'easy baby, he's going to give it to you deep and hard until you're sore don't worry just be patient as he slides it in you' I laid my head back down and kept my ass in the air for him as his head pressed up against my hole slowly stretching me open as he moved in closer and I felt the head kind of pop into me, I gasped and Gina said, 'just take it like a good bitch baby' Dan eased up a bit and let me get used to just the head moving slightly in and out - it did start to feel good- and he started going in a little deeper as I moaned for him 'please Dan' his thick hard glans stretching me open more and I couldn't help saying 'oh please Dan, give it to me' 'Fuck your bitch' Gina immediately said, 'Yes baby that's a good girl take it for him, submit and let him get what he wants'

He was about 1/2 way in and then I pushed bak slightly and felt him go in all the way, he is just over 8 inches and his big heavy balls felt so good as they hit against mine I pushed up for him as he started pulling out and going in deep again, moaning 'nice and tight, you're such a good little whore' I guess he liked my nice tight hips and skinny legs as he slapped my ass when he was almost all the way out and then started going in all the way again. I knew he was going to fuck me long and hard having cum a big load down my throat earlier and I was looking forward to being fucked like a horny bitch for him. I couldn't help after a few minutes begging him to 'fuck me Dan, give me your big cock hard' 'fuck your bitch, cum in asshole please Dan' he leaned down over my back and kissed my neck as he started getting closer and I reached my head back to kiss him as Gina kind of gasped 'My god that is so hot' 'fuck that ass Dan, use her like the hot little bitch she is' I want you to cum deep inside her, make her take it mark her as your bitch with your cum.

He was now pumping me pretty hard with long full strokes and I must say, it felt so good to be underneath him, pushing up so he could get as deep as possible and go as hard as he wanted. Gina just continued to urge him on and he started kissing my neck again and I turned my head and kissed him full on the mouth with my tongue going into his mouth and felt him start to tense up and moan as he went in real deep and I felt him throbbing in me, and his cum was pumping deep in my bowels and I loved it!

Fuck I did love being fucked like a bitch and had to admit Gina was right I did want this. He finished pumping me and laid down on top of me as I continued to push my ass up to him and said into his open mouth thank you Sir, I loved feeling you enjoy yourself in me! He said you were incredible and I will want to do this again, what do you think? Gina spoke up and said 'Definitely, how is next weekend for you' Dan said 'Great, same time same place?' Gina quickly said, 'Yes' as he got up and she crawled on the bed with me. Close to my face and asked how are you, I said 'Great, just hope you are okay' she quickly said 'you made me so happy tonight babe' as she slipped her leg over mine and palmed my ass. I looked her in the eyes and said 'I want him to fuck me again soon, is that okay?' She smile saying 'yes baby, don't worry there is going to be more fucking for your hot little bitch ass' as she kissed me and got up and showed Dan out.

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