Lesbian Sex stories

kaylee & racheal
by xxkikixx

It was Monday night and Kaylee was bored, she decided she wanted some company so she invited Racheal over. Kaylee had always had a soft spot for Racheal but she knew Racheal was straight and as far as Kaylee knew, she was straight too.

Racheal arrived dressed in a cute little denim skirt and a tight tshirt. Just seeing her Kaylee knew her feekings for Racheal were something more than that of a friend.

After Kaylee and Racheal had eaten and chatted for a while Kaylee suggested they watched a film. Whilst they were watching the film Kaylee ran her hand up Racheals leg. Racheal asked Kaylee what she was doing, "You'll see" was Kaylees reply. Kaylee continued to run her hand up and down Racheals leg then began to massage her thigh. Slowly moving up, Kaylee rubbed Racheals pussy through her undies, Racheal let out a little moan.

Kaylee moved in and kissed Racheal, Racheal was hesitant at first but slowly began kissing Kaylee back. Kaylee removed Racheals tshirt and unhooked her bra to reveal her DD breasts, Kaylee circled Racheals nipples with a finger and they instantly became hard, after a while Kaylee began to lick and suck Racheals nipples and could hear the change in Racheals breathing as she got more and more turned on.
Kaylee began to unzip Racheals skirt whilst kissing her stomach. She removed her skirt and rubbed Racheals pussy again which was now wet, Kaylee removed Racheals undies and inserted a finger into Racheals pussy, Racheal let out a moan as Kaylee inserted another finger and began to move them in and out. Kaylee then decided to surprise Racheal and started licking and sucking her swollen clit whilst finger fucking her. "Faster faster! I'm gonnna cum!" Racheal was shouting. True to her word she came all over Kaylees face. "That was amazing Kaylee" Racheal said smiling as she turned to get something out of her bag. She turned back with a strap on and a double ended dildo. "I've wanted to fuck you for so long" Racheal said to Kaylee, Racheal moved closer to Kaylee. Licked off all her cum from Kaylees face and kissed her passionately whilst ripping off her clothes, Racheal fingered Kaylees pussy which was already wet then paused to put the strap on on. Once the strap on was in place Racheal positioned herself and began to fuck Kaylee, in between moans she was shouting for Racheal to go deeper and harder and she soon came.
Racheal wasn't ready for the fun to be over and removed the strap on and layed on top of Kaylee so their pussys were together, moving up and down Racheal kissed Kaylee till they both came again
To this day they are still together

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