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Just turned 18 fucked all over 1
by TurnOn

Hey guys I am 21 years old , I am going to be telling you about some of my real life experiences and about my sex life which is as happening as it can get . Hope you enjoy it ;)

It was a week after my 18 the birthday , my parents were out of town for a few days which was not new to me since they both loved travelling but I had to stay back because of college which just started .
My boyfriend was two years older to me who happened to be the cutest guy on campus too . I had known him just for a few weeks when he asked me out surprising a lot of people as he was not too much into dating then he was into getting in bed with girls . All my friends advised me against it but I still agreed , he was always so nice with me and I kinda had the biggest crush ever on him too . He Threw a party for me on his farm house and everything but I still had not let him lure me into his bed so he was always anxious around me . So when I told him my parents were away for a few days I had not expected him to suddenly show up at my door with a bouquet of rose . Hell ya I was surprised but I didn't let it show " Rahul I thought you had plans " I asked calmly . He bent in to give me a deep kiss " oh yeah hell I still do " I pulled alawy and laughed it off . "Come on i will grab u something to drink " I went to the kitchen and started making a cup of coffee which he was addicted to . Suddenly before I knew he was behind me with his body pressing hard against mine " what the .." he put a hand on my mouth and whispered " shhh ... baby its just me , just give me a moment OK just stay calm " chills ran down my body as he kissed my neck for several minutes with his pelvis pushing harder and harder against my ass , his hands holding the kitchen counter in front of me pinning me to it . " coffee is ready " I said and tried to turn around but he forced me against the counter again this time his huge warm hands were trying to cover ever inch of my body . He cupped my big breasts over my thin linen t shirt and moaned loudly . My knees were getting weak I swear I could have fallen to the ground if he was not pressing me against the counter . I was nervous but liked him way to much to stop him from the fear of making him angry or uninterested in me . "Oh I love your boobs Sneha " he whispered with an animal like roughness in his voice . Fear stirred my heart , I was not ready for it I could not let my first time be like this . He finally let me go after harrasing my breasts and digging against my ass for what seamed like infinity .
He turned me around , I never met his gaze but surprisingly he was not looking in my eyes but everywherelse like I was his dinner and he was hungry for months . He pulled me to the living room and pushed me on the clutch quite roughly while taking off his clothes at a super fast speed as if his life depended on it . I was surprised to see his about 9 inch penis almost touching his stomach . I felt a strange sense of desire inside me while my pussy throbbed . " like it huh " he suddenly jumped on me struggling to open my denims . "Not on the couth " I protested trying to escape out of the situation . " where is your room " he asked bluntly then picked me up and carried me to my room leaving me no opportunity of bailing on him . He threw me on the bed and started undoing my jeans as fast as he had undone his . " baby stop , I am not ready . I am a v....irgin " I stammered " oh I know , why else do you think I have been showering you with money " I lay dumb stuck as he ripped off my jeans . " bitch you have been fooling around me for weeks but I am gonna make you my stul tonight " I just stared at him in horror , too surprised to react as he tore away my shirt exposing my breasts . As he jumped on to undo my bra I scored " stay away you jerk " putting on all my strength pushing him away " oh you want it too whore I saw that in your eyes you want me " I struggled as he toured away my bra too . He was sitting on my stomach making it impossible for me to move . "I am going to let you go but don't try to act smart OK he said . I nooded like a slave his hard penis digging on my stomach ........

( to be continued )

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