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Johnny and the Cheerleader
by Johnny_the_Stud

I'll start off by saving that I am on the best looking guys you'll ever meet. Woman would kill to be with me, and men would kill to be me for a day. And because of that, I have a sexual experience with a woman almost every day whether it be by my hand or hers. Anyway with that said, you'll understand where I'm coming from when I tell you about a wonderful sexual experience I had with a cheerleader a while back. I'm on the football team and she's head cheerleader and a stunning blonde bombshell. We'll call her Hannah to keep her identity safe. Anyway, a while back after football practice, I convinced her to come back to my place since it wasn't that far from school. She agreed and I don't need to tell you why.
I was drenched with sweat and excused myself to take a shower and freshen up. As I did, I made out my plan on how I was going to seduce Hannah. I knew it would be simple but I still had to know exactly what to say. I couldn't come off as cheesy or crude or she wouldn't take me seriously. As I thought about what I'd with her, I started getting a throbbing red erection the kind that almost hurt and make just slightly light headed. I knew I'd need it for later so I let it shrink back up. Then I got out of the shower, dried off, tended to some other personal hygienic duties before getting dressed and going to find Hannah. I found her in my bedroom (total invasion of privacy) but in her hands was a pair of handcuffs I had stashed away for some kinky sex some girls like. How she found them I'll never know because she refuses to tell me. (what a naughty girl).
'Oh shit. How did you find those?' I gasped.
'I found them.'
'But I had them stashed.'
'Obviously not well enough.'
She dangled them from her finger as she looked me up and down. At this point she looked freakin' hot in her tight cheerleading outfit and questioned look on her face. My erection from earlier started to return. Hannah must've noticed it because that's when she got an idea and walked over to me.
'Since you hide these, you must only use this to go crazy wild.'
'You could say that.'
'In that case, I wanna use them.'
'I can live with that.'
'Oh you're gonna way more than that.'
She took of my wrists, fastened the cuffs around then put my hands behind my back and bound my hands behind my back. Now I was completely at her mercy. Thoughts raced through my mind about what she was gonna to do me. Just those thoughts made my erection nearly burst through my pants.
'Jesus, that's a big erection.'
'All this foreplay is driving my trouser monkey crazy.'
'Then how 'bout I let him and show him a good time?'
Before I could say anything, Hannah unfastened my pants and pulled them down causing my boner to pop out. A surge of pleasure ran through my body as Hannah's hot breath made contact with my erection.
'For the first time, I'm not sure I'll be able to fit my mouth around this.'
'You can always try.'
Hannah wrapped her lips around my erection and well what do you know? She got the entire thing in her mouth. I could feel her breathing through her nose as she started working my sausage. (corny I know). I wanted to grab hold of her head and fuck her mouth, control the speed, but the handcuffs were keeping me from doing so. I guess that's what Hannah was going for. Since I had no control, I just leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and let the cheerleader pleasure me.
'Oh yeah, work it like that,' I moaned.
Hannah listened to me and worked the shaft like a pro.
'If I could use my hands right now I'd fuck your mouth.'
'That's why I used the cuffs. So I get all the control.'
'You're such a smart and dirty girl.'
Hannah laughed. It tickled me.
'What do I have to do to get you to cum?'
'Work my sausage like a fucking banana. Faster. Harder.'
Hannah listened and started working the shaft faster. An orgasm started to build and within a minute, I exploded into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop, licked my head clean, and got to her feet.
'How was that?'
'Incredible. Remarkable. Actually, no words can describe that.'
Hannah kissed him and I could taste myself on her tongue. It salty and quite fowl, but I was able to get through it. After a minute, Hannah broke the kiss.
'Should I remove the cuffs now?'
'Yes please. The keys in the same place the cuffs are.'
Hannah found the key in a flash and undid the cuffs. Then we resumed kissing. With my hands now free, I took her face in them and stuck my tongue into her mouth. She must've liked it because her hands grasped my still recovering penis and started jacking me off. It felt incredible. I have no other way of describing it.
'Now it's time I remove something of yours.'
'Take your pick.'
My hands moved to her top and I pulled it up and over her head, leaving her topless. Then I buried my face in her cleavage and kissed it like crazy. Hannah started moaning, and I knew I was doing it right.
'You like that, don't you?'
'Oh God yes. You're so gentle, it tickles.'
'That's what I strive for.'
Suddenly I cuffed Hannah's hands behind her back to return the favor and removed her skirt leaving her in a pair of blue panties. I could almost her juices through the fabric and I knew I'd definitely done a good job.
'Now you are at my mercy,' I whispered to her.
'Make me scream,' she whispered back.
I spun her around, pushed her onto my bed and pulled down her panties revealing her moist pussy ready for my red hot cock.
'Are you sure you can handle me?'
'I handled you in my mouth didn't I?'
'Fair enough.'
Suddenly I shoved my cock into her pussy, and a moan escaped Hannah's lips.
'Oh my, God, that's incredible.'
'You ain't seen nothin' yet.'
I grabbed hold of her hips and started thrusting into her. Hannah started moaning almost instantly.
'Oh yeah, give it to me, Jonathan.'
For some reason when everyone anyone calls me Jonathan during intercourse, I become a sexually beast. I can't explain why. It's just my trigger word.
'Keep calling me, Jonathan, slut.' I was joking of course, but I couldn't let her know or it would ruin the moment.
'Oh, Jonathan, your cock is so big,' Hannah moaned burying her face in my bed.
'That's right, keep saying my name slut. And if you don't, I'll spank you hard.'
'Give it to me right, Jonathan. I wanna be fucked like a woman.'
Deep down I was hoping she'd forget to call me Jonathan so I could spank her.
I continued thrusting at full capacity and could feel the orgasm building.
'Any minute now,' I announced. 'Get ready for the explosion of your life.'
'I'm ready.'
There it was. She forgot to call me Jonathan so I spanked her on the ass. Hannah screamed pleasure.
'Forget the name calling. Just spank me until you cum.'
I spanked her again and felt her buttcheeks clench around my cock so I wouldn't slip it. I spanked her again and felt her juices lubricate my cock. I spanked her again and suddenly exploded inside of her just as she screamed out. Then she fell silent, and I pulled out of her. My cock was wet with juices and some cum on the head. That's never happened before. Hannah slid off the bed and laid on the floor as she recovered from the large amount of pleasure she had just received. I on the other hand used several tissues to clean off my cock then removed the cuffs and stowed them away.
Hannah finally got to her feet and kissed me again.
'We should do this again.'
'Indeed.' I was lying.
Hannah stuck her tongue in my mouth, then gathered up her clothes and left. She's never been in my room since.

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