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It would be special for me
by Dream angel

Still . . I would have loved having date with Sophie, although I'd never attempted to find out if it was possible. It would be special if I could be her escort to be with her to fuck herself with me along to make the night special. Oh! I was really creamy and pretty when my madam introduced me to Sophie. It had been quite some time since another lady had fucked me, and I'd not being forgotten how fun it was with a lesbian.

I didn't think much of that at first, but then I realized that my "special someone" would be a female. Closing the door behind myself, shutting out the early afternoon heat and feeling immediately refreshed by the air conditioning, I felt some nerves, realizing I was alone with a patron. So that I could made her think she really wanted to do that night with me.

I felt silly, like a schoolgirl, but my sudden lust for the exotic-looking woman was taking control. Standing face to face, she wrapped her arms around me, so did I while our lips were together, smashing in a hot kiss, tongues immediately probing each other's mouth. I tasted the sweetness of the patron, the aroma of a soft musky perfume mixing with the fresh flavors of the her lips and tongue. I felt two hands groping my butt cheeks through my jeans, and I did the same, sliding my hands down to her buttocks, fondling them through the jeans, finding them firm and squishy.

She panted, stepping back from the kiss, and without hesitation dropping to her knees. She pushed me backwards , so I found myself flaying on the bed. nowhere to go, as she was reaching to my crotch and unfastening my jeans. I stiff, my knees together, weak, anxious for her to pull my jeans and thong down. She had the jeans unfastened and, curling her fingers around the thong's straps and the jeans over my slender hips, with a yank pulled them both down my legs simultaneously.

Maybe I was in the mood for a good cunt-licking instead of a straight-up fuck.

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Dream angel

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