Lesbian Sex stories

by alexa

Cindy was new in town and had already made a bad start spilling a bottle of water on the head cheerleader. Beth. Beth was beautiful. huge breasts that Cindy wanted to cup, suck, bite, tanned legs that Cindy, imagined slipping her hand up. Shaped ass she could imagine putting her fingers in and seeing her long blonde hair from behind.
As Cindy imagined Beth she slipped her pale hand down her pink g-string panties and rubbed her pussy. She thought back to the moment where the water had hit Beth's white blouse. And the moment where she couldnt stop staring. "Mmmm, Ugh, ugh" Cindy rubbed her clit she moved her free left hand up her bare torso. Cuppiing her bare breasts. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Cinde took her hand out of her g-string and pretended to be asleep. "Cindy?" Cindys Mum was tall, beautiful, and very sexy. In secret Cindy had masturbated over her Mum, and had dreamed of touching her Mum. She had hid in her cupboard and watched her use vibrators and play with herself. And this is why Cindy loved that her Mum was a single Mum.

"You feeling any better today sweetie?" Cindy had been faking a cold to avoid seeing Beth "No, can i stay home again today?"
"sure sweetie" Cindys Mum placed a parcel on her bed and hugged her goodbye.

Cindy waited till her mum left and opened the box. In the box was a pink vibrator a lesbian porn dvd. And a note. from. . . Beth.

Hey Cindy
I know(;
hope this helps(:
love Beth

Cindy was embarrased her Beth knew she was a lesbian. But pulled the dvd and put it on. It started with two girls kissing in black lingre. Beside being embarassed the sexy lesbians turned Cindy on and she pulled out the small vibrator. Shes never used a vibrator and turned it on slowly. It pulsed in her hands and she removed her g-string and shoved the vibrator up he hole. immediatley she felt amazing. She watched the lesbians on the screen play with eachother and rubbed the vibrator all over her vagina.

After about half an hour. a knock was at the door. She paused the dvd and put on a t shirt and shorts. She stumbled down the stairs and opened the door. And was suprised to see Beth. "Beth. . . what are you doing here?!" She was wearing a tight short pink dress and black stilettos. Immediatley Cindy was staring at her breasts. "Can i come in?" Cindy pulled Beth into the house. "Nice house, Can I see your room?" Cindy stuttered and totally foregot about the dvd. "Sure. . I guess" Beth walked up the stairs. and walked into Cindys room and stopped. "Im glad you liked the dvd"
"How did you know i was a . . . "
"Lesbian" Beth winked. "Well after gym i was in the showers and i saw you leave your locker and in there there was a journal. With drawings and stories. I have to say it turned me on. I really liked the journal can i see it?" Cindy blushed "uh. . . um . . . sure" Cindy went over to the bed and pulled a pink journal out from the pillow. Beth pulled it out of her hands and opened it. "You know Cindy I saw you in the changing room. Your really pretty, nice body, nice tits. nice pussy" Cindy blushed and moved closer to Beth. "Beth. . . Can I please touch your. . . " Beth Smiled "My boobs? I thought you'd never ask, go ahead" Cindy went to reach for the large breasts when Beth stopped her.

"Get Naked"

Cindy pulled her t-shitrt over her head and pulled down her shorts. to reveal a beautiful naked body. Beth looked up and down. Cindy smiled. "Cindy's a nice stripper name" Cindy laughed. Beth unzipped her dress and dropped it to her feet. Cindy felt very horney and lunged for Beths boobs. Beth reached under the covers and picked up the wet vibrator "you used it?" Cindy squeezed the soft breasts "uh huh" Beth smiled and felt around for Cindy's hole. when she found it she shoved the pink toy up there and listened to Cindy scream. Cindy spread her legs and arms as she burst into an orgasm. Beth felt Cindy's Hard breasts and licked the side of her face. "Cindy as soon as i saw you I had a fantasy about us. Together" Cindy smiled a huge smile "Oh yeah. Mmmm, ugh, Ugh, UGH, more more" Beth removed the vibrator and moved her head down to the vagina.
Holding up her pinky she shoved it up cindys ass, and thrust it in and out, "FASTER" Beth cooed Cindy "baby be patient. Now tell me how often do you masturbate?" Beth licked the clit "oh god. . ugh more than once a day" Beth licked faster and faster. "first time with a girl?" Cindy looked up "more, more! uh yeah" Beth moved her head back down and shoved her tounge in as far as it could go. "I feel bad for being such a bitch the other day. this is my sorry present" Beth got up and left Cindy breathless on the bed gasping. Beth tore the white sheets into pieces and tied Cindy to the bed post.
"See you tomorrow in school girlfriend" Cindy smiled. And Beth snapped a picture of her naked body on her camera phone. "Im gona think of you tonight" Beth masturbated, she stuck the vibrator up Cindys hole. Then she put on her dress and left.

Cindy lay there tied to the bed all day vibrator pulsing dvd playing, until her mum came home. She listened to the shower going and watched helplessly as her mum came in naked. "Sweetie can i burrow your...oh, you did have a good day didnt you, and its about to get a whole lot better"

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