Erotic Couples stories

Indian wife has a new husband and all love happily ever after
by iloveall

Friends. This is a true story of a friend of mine. It does not appear convincing. Had I not had the personal knowledge of them, I would have brushed it off as a total lie. This story is not porn. In reality, sex is an unspoken truth of our life. Since explicit sex scenes are described in the story, it could be dubbed as porn. However, this is an actual real life story. I have described it in the first person, although the involved parties exclude me.

I am Nalin. I was in Mumbai in those days, working for a Multi National Company. I was about 30. My wife Neha was 26. We were married for about six years then. My company transferred me to Mumbai from Ahmedabad. By then, we had a son. We had no place to stay in Mumbai. One of my cousins offered me a temporary accommodation, which was too small. I took permission from my company to keep my household belongings in a company's warehouse, until I got an accommodation. I started looking for an accommodation. I contacted our friends and relatives.

Ours was a love marriage. Neha and I studied in the same town. Neha was educated but rather conservative in her approach to sex. In her college days, she felt fully comfortable with men. At the same time, she would not closely befriend anyone easily, particularly men. Of course, she had more male friends than women in her college. She would however, keep a limit in her relationship with men. She was five feet 5 inches tall. She has sweet smiling round face and has dimples on her cheeks. She is well endowed with an eye-catching figure of 36 30 36, breasts of 36 D cup size. For watchers, her breasts and hips gave a tempting occupation. She dressed normal, avoiding exposure. However, she dressed well. Her beauty oozed from her lips, smile, radiance and her figure. She wore saree and occasionally Punjabi suit. She was conscious of her larger breasts and made conscious efforts to keep them well covered.

perhaps Mumbai water was unsuitable, or due to weather, my son was not keeping good health. I gradually built up a good circle of friends and relatives in Mumbai. Amongst them, Mukesh Bhai was our star friend. He was actually, more than a friend for a variety of reasons. He was my oldest friend in Mumbai, because we studied together in college. He was also liberal in spending money. Every time we went out, he would not allow us to pay. This happened almost all the time and Neha felt bad that Mukesh Bhai paid the bills and we did not share the bills.

It was true that Mukesh Bhai was the only person who could afford to pay for all of us. Many times, we offered to pay our bills. However, he would just not allow us. At times, we proposed to share the bills. However, Mukesh Bhai did not like the sharing system and always insisted on paying the bills. His argument was that he earned more and this expenditure was nothing. That was of course true. This made us feel indebted to him. Ladies in our group and Neha in particular, felt obliged to him for this particular reason.

Mukesh Bhai's wife, whom we called Anu bhabhi, was short, frail and rather normal type of woman. She was attractive and quite charming, at the time of marriage. She was caring and very affectionate. I got along very well with her and did not lose an opportunity to tease her in a friendly way, in front of her husband. She took my jokes in her stride and would laugh off at my banters.

Although, Mukesh Bhai kept smiling, he was carrying a heavy burden of sadness. We learnt that his wife (Anu bhabhi) was detected with terminal cancer. The doctors had said that it was just a matter of time. When we heard this, we were terribly shocked. We were amazed by Mukesh Bhai's strength. How a man could have so much grief and yet not show it on his face. This also explained why he was missing for almost a month, before we learned of his wife's sickness.

More or less at the same time, health of my son deteriorated speedily. Mukesh Bhai had contacts in medical field. He helped me get my son the best possible treatment. He was very popular amongst his friends by virtue of his extremely helping nature. We admitted my son in a good hospital. I ran out of money. Mukesh Bhai financed me Rs. 100,000 for treatment. However, my son could not survive. That was a rude shock to us. Neha in particular was shattered. In a way, she blamed me for my son's death. She felt that I did not pay adequate attention to my son's treatment.

All through this crisis and after the death of my child, Mukesh Bhai stood behind us as a rock and helped us in all the way he could. He was particularly spending a good deal of his time with my wife Neha to convince her that I was not wanting in my efforts to attend to our son. He persuaded her to go out to movies, for dinner and other entertainment programs and tried his best to make her feel better. During our time of crisis, none of our relatives could come due to the distance and the fact that we had not informed most of them, because they lived far away. Mukesh Bhai did not let us feel the lack of our relatives. He was there, whenever we needed him. He provided us his personal, financial and moral help, when we were in dire need.

His contribution in tackling this crisis in our life was so great, that for us, he was more than just a friend. He was an indispensable member of our family. I called him my elder brother. Mukesh Bhai made Neha get over the pain of son's death by arranging for her a part time job, close to our house. Our income then was enough to enable us to meet our expenses and have some surplus. When I offered to pay, what Mukesh Bhai had spent on my son's treatment, he was very angry. He asked me whether my son was not his son. He said that he had always treated my son as his. He blasted me off for even thinking of paying back. He said that he had spent the money on his son.

In spite of his effluence, Mukesh Bhai never made it a point to show off his wealth. He easily mixed with us and was very happy in accepting us as his friends. He would mingle with us as our own and paid great respect to us as his friends. He and his wife made a wonderful couple. His wife was simple and charming. She was particularly friendly with Neha. When Anu was better, we teased each other. Mukesh Bhai also teased Neha very much. He would speak double meaning sentences with subtle sexual touch; to tease Neha. He would do this in front of his wife also. They were just friendly banters to tease her or to tease me. We enjoyed exchange of such teasers.

Mukesh Bhai never made any sexual gesture or gave an indication of his sexual inclination to Neha or any of the women in our group. However, I noticed that he was attracted to Neha. I had seen him stealing glances at Neha's breasts. He would not miss an opportunity to target Neha or me in making some comments with sexual undertones. For example, when he would visit us and if we took some time in opening the doors, he would say, 'Well, I hope, I have not disturbed you in your intimate programs.'

If we insisted on leaving any party early, he would ask Neha if we had planned to go to bed early and then sleep until late at night. Neha would also respond in equally brazen manner. She would retort saying that she had indeed scheduled the program; however, they had to put it off because of the party.

Before Anu's (Mukesh Bhai's wife's) sickness (or before we knew of her sickness), I would also target Mukesh Bhai and his wife in similar ways. There would be many such lighthearted exchanges. I enjoyed them. Such exchanges brightened, somewhat, our dull married life and would give us something to talk about in bed.

However, the fact was that after more than six years of our marriage; like any other normal married couple, the fun of sex had paled. Ego, fatigue, arguments etc. replaced excitement of Sex. Our sex life tapered down after we had the first child. We lost our child soon after our arrival in Mumbai. This further drove us apart. I got busy in my work and Neha got busy in her job and household chores. The sex became routine and monotonous.

She began avoiding sex. I felt that sex had become a duty or labor for her. We had unspoken problems. Our sex frequency went down to once in a week or so. I felt frustrated. I expressed my frustrations to Neha at times. However, she could not change. I did not know what I could do.

In the meanwhile, our search for the accommodation was proving fruitless. There is saying that, in Mumbai, one may get a spouse to marry, but not a house to live on rent. Then one evening Mukesh Bhai visited our small room. I was about to narrate my woes of failure to get a house on rent. However, he said that he had come to talk about his problem.

He said that he had purchased a house in Bandra and was planning to return his old flat in Mumbai to the owner in return of a fair pugree. Pugree is a system in Mumbai, whereby a tenant pays the owner a sum prevailing at that time unofficially (out of account books). In return, the owner gives out his house on very low monthly rent. When the tenant vacates the house, the owner has to pay 65% of pugree at the prevailing rate at that time to the old tenant and collect 100% pugree from a new tenant. This would benefit the house owner a sizable amount; yet give the tenant, who was moving out, also some money. Mukesh Bhai's house owner refused to pay a fair amount. This caused Mukesh Bhai a lot of frustration and he did not know how he could persuade the house owner. All his efforts to try to persuade the owner directly and through some intermediate wise men, failed to persuade the owner.

Suddenly an idea cropped up in mind. I suggested to Mukesh Bhai that he should shift to his new house and let us move into his house. We should do this shifting, quietly in the night. We would just move in without moving our stuff on the first day. Then gradually, we would move in the stuff every day.

We decided that when his house owner would ask me, I would tell him that we were Mukesh Bhai's guest and would stay on for a few weeks. Eventually, the house owner would realize our ploy and would come under pressure to negotiate with Mukesh Bhai with better and reasonable terms. We would, by then find a better accommodation.

Mukesh Bhai agreed to this and we moved in. Mukesh Bhai shifted to his new house. We gradually brought our baggage, without yet bringing in, our furniture. Mukesh Bhai had left his furniture for us to use. This gesture of Mukesh Bhai completely bowled over my wife. Even earlier also, she was a staunch supporter of Mukesh Bhai. However, with this gesture, she felt greatly obliged. Of course, I did too. At least, finally, we had a reasonable house, even if temporarily. At least, it gave us time to look for an accommodation at leisure.

During the period following shifting into the new house, Mukesh Bhai's wife became critical and she expired one evening in the hospital. Mukesh Bhai was inconsolable. His relatives and we tried our best to console him. For me and Neha it was a double blow. After losing our son, this was another setback. Mukesh Bhai found it difficult to live alone in his house. He would stay away from his house as much as he could, and spent majority of his time in his factory or with us.

He would come to our house. He and Neha would talk to share their grief. He felt better talking to us, as we discussed a lot of things to make him forget his loss. We tried to offer him family feel and comfort. He would talk about his business and I would offer him suggestions on how he could possibly tackle his business problems. Many times my ideas would work. He would then come and thank me for my suggestions. He was a welcome VIP in our (which was actually his) house. After all, it was because of him that we got a house to live, in Mumbai. His immense help during my son's last days were invaluable.

Whenever Mukesh Bhai came, Neha would cook for him and try to make him feel at home. She served him food, snacks, drinks etc. I and Neha decided that we would give him company for as long as we could. I asked Neha in particular to spend time with him. She made it a point to be with him, even if she had some other work. She would sit with him and talk to him for hours. When he was with Neha, it looked to me that both were trying to make the other feel comfortable in helping the other person overcome his or her loss. Neha realized that Mukesh Bhai missed his wife and was seeking a shelter in her company. I told Neha that at this moment she has to handle Mukesh Bhai delicately.

One evening, when Mukesh Bhai came, we were in the drawing room. Neha was sitting and I lay with my head in her lap. When Mukesh Bhai came, I got up. Mukesh Bhai said that he had a slight headache. I immediately rushed to get a balm and made him lie in Neha's lap. Neha massageed his head and applied balm. Mukesh Bhai fell off to sleep in Neha's lap. He must have slept for about fifteen minutes. During this period Neha kept on mildly caressing his head and his chest. She inserted her hand through his shirt and caressed his chest lovingly. She was now free with Mukesh Bhai. I saw that Mukesh Bhai loved her gesture and caught her hand occasionally with affection. I enjoyed the sight.

Neha and I wanted Mukesh Bhai to overcome the loneliness and pain due to demise of his wife. As the time passed, the deep wounds began to heal. Almost six months passed. Mukesh Bhai had almost got over the shock. However, he lost his naturally charming and disarming smile. His smile was pale and strenuous. We could spot the dryness in his laugh and emptiness in his eyes. The only time, he appeared somewhat affable was when he was with Neha. She could make him smile from heart. Neha did her best to make him feel at ease. She told me that although Mukesh Bhai appeared normal, he was missing his late wife, Anu. I told her that when he talked to Neha, he appeared to be a different person, laughing, smiling and trying to enjoy the life.

One night, after Mukesh Bhai had left, I asked Neha, if she was attracted to Mukesh Bhai. Her reply was that any woman would be attracted to him. She said that as far as she was concerned, she thought that he was a pillar for us. She said that of course, he was an attractive person. When I pointed out to her that, I caught him stealing glances at her breasts; she asked me if I was feeling jealous. She said that Mukesh Bhai was not the first or the last man who stared at her breasts. Her breasts were too big to be hidden or ignored and what was the big deal if he stared at them surreptitiously, she asked. After all, he had lost his wife and if he felt any better, it was ok with her, she said.

Neha and I attended my company's official parties occasionally. Invariably, Neha would be the centre of attraction due to her youthful charm, beauty, dress sense and luscious figure. She would attract lusty glances from my colleagues and superiors. She was the cause of jealousy amongst the wives of my colleagues. During our love making sessions, sometimes, I asked her, how my colleagues or friends' looked at her with lust in their eyes. I asked her if she found any one in particular staring at her and if she found any one attractive enough for to take a second look. Initially, she refused to enter the debate. However, when I insisted, she said that many people looked at her breasts. However, she said, none of the persons were worth a second look; there was no question of her feeling aroused.

One evening after returning from a meeting with Mukesh Bhai, I casually asked her how she felt about Mukesh Bhai. She surprised me by counting all the positives about Mukesh Bhai and admitting to me that amongst all the males, she had met, she found him the most attractive. She described him as macho, mentally tough, simple and affectionate. This made me think of some interesting possibilities.

Once, my wife and I were travelling by Mumbai suburban train. It was grossly over crowded, as usual. She was stuck between one man and a seat. I was a few rows behind her. I could see one fellow enjoying the thrusts of the train and consequent rubbing of their crotches. She could not complain because there was no space for him to move away. I did not know how Neha felt. I should have got angry and flared up. Instead, I was highly aroused seeing my wife's crotch rubbed against the crotch of another man. I felt erection building up between my legs. I realized suddenly, that this incident surfaced hidden desire in me to experience the feeling of seeing another man fucking my wife and her enjoying it and giving pleasure to that man. I was aroused even at the thought of how another man would enjoy squeezing the sweet round globes of my wife and how he would suck her pussy and insert his rod into her.

That night, in bed, I asked her how she felt, rubbing crotch with a male. She said in a matter of fact voice, 'What could I feel with a person, whom I do not even know. It was no pleasure. It was more of a torture. If it was not for a situation, where none of us could move, I would have slapped this fellow.'

I asked her, if it would be different with a known person. Her teasing answer was 'May be.'

I was excited. I decided to push her more. I asked, 'Suppose, a known person, whom you like, was there in such a situation with you, would you have enjoyed it?'

She asked a counter question. 'If a woman, whom you like or desire, was with you in a similar situation, would you not enjoy it?'

I had to say, 'Yes, you are right, I perhaps would.'

She said that, that was also her answer. I was pleased to hear this from my wife. I wanted to hear something like this for a long time. I decided to press my luck further.

'When you say of a known person, whom you like, could you hint at someone?'

'Why should I?' was her reply.

'Could it be Mukesh Bhai?' I asked.

'Could be.' She blurted out. However, after she realized that she had slipped out her secret, she tried to cover it up and said, 'I didn't mean that way. There is no such possibility. Why do you ask such questions?'

Our talk ended there. That night, I asked her again in a loving and innocent tone, if she would have enjoyed a similar situation with Mukesh Bhai. She avoided the answer. However, after our conversation, she rolled over to me desiring sex. I noticed that there was fire in her. As soon as we lay in bed, she took the initiative and began to woo me with foreplay. It was a long time since we tried to please each other to lead to the inevitable sexual intercourse. The foreplay went on for about half an hour. She was aroused so much that she climbed on top of me and gave me a solid fuck, lasting more than half an hour. She had orgasm twice during that period. My guess was that she was perhaps fucking Mukesh Bhai and not me.

I had found a key to open her closet of sexual arousal. For nights after that, we had fabulous sex. I would titillate her by taking the name of Mukesh Bhai in one way or another. I would ask her to imagine, what would happen if Mukesh Bhai squeezed her in a deep embrace and fondled her breasts. Just the mention of such or similar fantasy would drive her into a world of ecstasy. She would get visibly aroused and catch me tightly. She would have repeated orgasms. I saw this as an opportunity to have my fantasy realized.

On my way home, from the office, there was a swimming pool. It belonged to a club; in which, Mukesh Bhai was a member. I was very fond of swimming and so was Mukesh Bhai. We visited the pool often and swam for almost an hour. Both of us learnt to swim well. I tried to persuade Neha to join us occasionally. However, she did not show much interest. I was eager to see Neha in a swimsuit and wanted also to see the impact she would make on the other people. She always stoutly refused to accede to my request.

I talked about my desire that Neha should wear swimsuit and join us in the swimming pool. I told Mukesh Bhai that Neha was scared of water and refused to come. She did not have any swimming suit and that could be one of the reasons, I said. I told Mukesh Bhai that I would go to buy one swimsuit for her, so that I could persuade her to join us. I could not go to buy the suit for about a week.

One evening, Mukesh Bhai came to meet us with a gift-wrapped package in his hand. With a great fanfare, he presented it to Neha. Both of us were curious to know, what it was. It was a swimsuit for Neha. Neha opened it. It was rather expensive, made of good material. It was one-piece suit. Neha liked it very much and profusely thanked Mukesh Bhai. All that week, I was planning to go to buy a swimsuit for Neha. I had told her that I would buy one swimsuit for her. However, Mukesh Bhai beat me to it. Mukesh Bhai said that thanking would not help. She had to use it also.

I demanded that she should wear it and show us. Neha told me angrily that if I had bought it, she would have been pleased to wear it and show it to me. Since Mukesh Bhai bought it, she said it was his right to ask her, when she should wear it. Mukesh Bhai suggested that she should wear it, when we go for swimming. He said that he would like that we should go swimming on Tuesday afternoon, when there would not be many people in the pool. He asked Neha, if she would agree to join us. Neha readily agreed. I was pleased with the outcome.

This fulfilled my three desires. The first was that she should come for a swim. Second was that she should agree to wear this skimpy suit and expose her body to other men and particularly to Mukesh Bhai. The third thing was that I saw this as an opportunity for her to be more receptive to Mukesh Bhai.

Initially I could not understand my husband constantly probing me regarding my affairs with other men. I felt that perhaps, he had some reasons to suspect my fidelity. However, after his further probing, one thing became clear. It was not jealousy. It was his desire to see me seduced by some other man in his presence or with his active participation. This was baffling for me. Why would he want any other person to seduce me, when I really was not interested in it? I kept thinking about it and after his constant goading, I had never even thought of flirting with any man. The culture in our house was that girls should not get closer to boys. During college days, I had noticed some girls getting sexually attached with some boys and the prospect appeared adventurous. However, I was too scared. There was also not a boy, whom I liked, until I met Nalin.

That was a long time ago. During the period of our marriage, there were too many things apart from sex. There was family, job, relatives, society, child, house chores and all. There was no excitement. Sex was just a routine. All the charm of sex was gone. It was just hump, hump in the night and finished. I lost interest in sex.

Suddenly, when we were in Mumbai, my husband began constantly to persuade me to try and consider for a possible extra marital sexual fling. I realized that he was also bored with our daily sex routine and wanted some change and excitement. It was not that I was not interested in sex. I was and am aggressive sexually. I began to think. Then one night I thought, 'What the hell! If my husband desires that I fling with a man of my liking; then why should I resist him too much and invite his displeasure?' Almost during that time, I noticed a look of desire in the eyes of Mukesh Bhai. He had lost his wife and was missing her. I thought it would be very difficult for a man of his fitness and virility to manage without the love of a woman. I realized that I was also sexually attracted to Mukesh Bhai. I considered the consequences of emerging situation, which appeared exciting, to say the least.

I began to consider the possibility of having sexual flirting with Mukesh Bhai. I started to give my husband my tacit acceptance as he tried to persuade me more. I gave him vague answers instead of clear 'NO'. One night, he made himself almost clear. He mentioned the name of Mukesh Bhai. I was excited to hear him talk about Mukesh Bhai. Mukesh Bhai was an extra ordinary person. He was genuine, macho, charming and friendly. He was always very sensitive to our needs. If there was one person, who deserved my sexual affection, I thought it was Mukesh Bhai.

The way he offered his house to us (it was said that one may entrust his wife to someone; but would never entrust his house to anyone in Mumbai), was extra ordinary. I would never be able to repay his debt. He was extremely decent to me. During my most difficult period of my son's sickness and hospitalization, he stood behind us and helped us to the best possible extent. Even after I lost my son, he spent so much of his time with me to make me feel better. I thought that he also had a special liking for me, because whenever he phoned or visited; he would make it a point to talk with me. He would ask well being of my parents and not just as a formality but seriously. He remembered all my close relative's names. He would meticulously ask about welfare of all my close ones.

I had seen him get over the tough period in his life, when his wife died. He was completely shattered and yet he recovered with remarkable strength. I tried to be with him at that time and it was then that I saw a glimpse of desire for me in his eyes. This was the first time that he looked at me with that kind of look. I could see that he was undergoing a great turmoil in his heart. He was fighting with himself. On the other hand, when his relatives and friends tried to pressure him for considering proposal for another marriage, he ruled it out completely.

I had immense respect for him. During this period, I also began to look at him differently.
He was tall and well built. He did not have a belly, like my husband. When all of us walked, he always walked ahead of all of us. He was the fittest of us all. I liked his dress sense. He was immaculate in his dresses. The most beautiful part of his personality was his smile. Whenever I saw him smiling, I felt something. Of late, when my husband began to fantasize about Mukesh Bhai, I would get aroused. I felt that my husband noticed it too. I knew that Mukesh Bhai liked me because, whenever he came to our house, he spent a good deal of his time with me, chatting with me wherever I was. If I were in the kitchen, he would pull out a stool and sit on it to talk. If I was washing clothes or attending to something else, I would do the work and he would sit and talk with me. This was his quality, which I liked so much. My husband never sat and talked with me, when I was doing some work.

My husband exploited my weakness for Mukesh Bhai. He began to fantasize situations clubbing Mukesh Bhai and me together. When Nalin fucked me, he would ask me to imagine that it was not him but a man of my dreams. I knew that he meant Mukesh Bhai. I also enjoyed his fantasies. The mention of Mukesh Bhai began to drive me crazy. I had flow of juices from my pussy. Normally Nalin made me ride on him. This position made both him and me acutely vulnerable. I would have orgasm after orgasm. In this position if he mentioned the name of Mukesh Bhai, I would explode in no time. Nalin exploited the weakness of mine.

The high point in the drama came when one evening Mukesh Bhai brought a surprise present for me. He came and handed me a gift wrapped package and asked me to open it. My husband and I were wondering what it was. I opened it and saw that it was a beautiful swimsuit. I had never before worn a swimming costume. I had seen in films female actors wearing such provocative dresses. The dress was provocative. I was shy even to look at it. It was short. I could see that it would barely be able to cover my pussy lips. Plenty of my cleavage would be visible.

My husband suggested that I should wear it then. However, Mukesh Bhai said that he would like me to wear it when we would go to swimming pool. I was excited at the prospect of wearing this in front of people and particularly, Mukesh Bhai. We went to the swimming pool on Tuesday evening. There were a good number of swimmers in the pool. We went to separate compartments to change. There were women wearing different types of suits. Some were very short. I felt more confident seeing that I was not alone wearing such a dress. I changed and came out after shower to the pool with some hesitation. I saw Mukesh Bhai and Nalin swimming in the pool.

I hesitatingly went near the pool and stood on the edge of the pool. I did not know swimming and I was afraid to enter the pool. When Mukesh Bhai saw me, I could see him dazed. This was the first time that he had seen so much of my body, exposed. I saw him forcibly looking away from me, so that I would not feel offended by his stares. He swam close to the edge and asked me to jump. He was standing in shallow water. He could not avoid staring at my generous cleavage. I was trembling out of shyness and fear of water. Nalin also saw me. He saw that Mukesh Bhai was talking to me and asking me to come in the pool. He therefore waved at me and continued swimming away from us.

Mukesh Bhai extended his hand asking me to catch it and jump. I sat on the floor and called Mukesh Bhai closer. I gradually lowered myself and slipped through his arms into the shallow end of the pool. Mukesh Bhai put his arms around me affectionately. I told him that I was afraid of water. I did not know how to swim.

He asked me not to worry at all. He said that he would see that I did not drown. I laughed. Suddenly he came closer to me and said in very low voice, 'Neha Bhabhi, if you will not get angry, I want to say something to you today.' I looked at him puzzled. I nodded my head.

He said, 'This dress is just made for you. You look very sexy in it.' I could not control my blushing.

I was not to give up. I said, 'I can see the impact of your seeing me in this pose.' I did not know, if he quite understood that I was hinting at the tent in his trunk. Then I quickly added, 'I can see that you are trembling. It could be due to cold water. I paused and said, 'I am scared of water. I do not think I can learn swimming. However, I do want to learn swimming.If I fail to learn, please promise that you will not shout at me.'

Mukesh Bhai asked me not to worry. He asked me to hold the stairs. He put his hands under my belly and lifted me up, trying to make me lie flat on water without my legs taking support from the floor. He asked me to try to lie flat on water surface holding the steel stairs and stroke my feet as if I was cycle peddling. I did my best. I remained afloat for a few seconds but again my feet touched the floor.

He held me firmly from my waist. However, his hands slipped up or down and touched my boobs or my crotch for a few seconds. Perhaps it was not intentional. However, his touch made me hot. I felt as if I should grab him and make him touch me all-over. Suddenly I slipped and fell in water. I gulped some water. Some water also went in through my nose. Although I was in shallow water, I was scared of drowning. I struggled to catch whatever I could. I grabbed Mukesh Bhai's body, hands, whatever I could, to stay afloat. I caught hold of his swimming trunk and felt his hard penis in my hands. I fumbled and felt it getting bigger in his swimming costume. Although it was barely semi erect, it was sizable. I felt an electric current pass through my body. However, struggling to come out of water I had to clutch, whatever I could.

Since I was in shallow water, soon my feet touched the floor. I regained composure, left Mukesh Bhai's rod (which, by that time had hardened to full length) and stood up shaken. I was shaken half out of excitement and half out of fear. I was in a daze. I looked at Mukesh Bhai. He was equally shaken because of my accidentally grabbing his cock. I told Mukesh Bhai, shaking off water from my hair that I could never learn swimming.

As he saw me struggling in water, Nalin came near us and said that if I followed the lessons given by Mukesh Bhai, I could learn to swim soon. Nalin said that what Mukesh Bhai taught me was the first mantra of swimming. He asked me to continue following Mukesh Bhai's instructions. As Nalin swam away, Mukesh Bhai again asked me to carry on with this exercise. By then, I became calm and felt more comfortable with him. Although, it was not necessary for him to hold me, I asked him to lift me by grabbing my tummy. I told him that it is my lower portion that is not coming up.

He placed his hands just above my crotch. I did not know what sensations, he was experiencing. I was erotically excited. Nalin was swimming far away. I took his hand and placed it on my crotch. He now literally lifted me up; pushing me up, thrusting his hand between my two legs; just on my pussy (please imagine my condition!); keeping his other hand on my buttocks. It was highly titillating.

It must have been more than half an hour since I was struggling to learn the first lesson of swimming. I did not know for sure, whether it was my inability to learn or my secret desire to continue his support (so he could touch on my sensitive body parts). I was breathless and tired with the struggle. I told Mukesh Bhai that I would like to come out. I climbed the stairs and came out. I told him that it was very nice of him to help me learn and I had decided that I would not rest until I learnt swimming.

Since then I went to learn swimming from Mukesh Bhai about seven to ten times. My husband could come only once as Mukesh Bhai made it a point to come early in the evening; during week days, especially for me. I had told him that I could not stay there after 5 pm as I had to attend to my house. During this period I had learnt to stay afloat and could swim a few feet using my hands and feet. Also during that period Mukesh Bhai and I had developed very good chemistry. We talked of many things. I casually asked him about his fling with girls in the college. He mentioned about his fancy for a girl in college. However, nothing ultimately came out of it, as he had no courage to talk to her. Mukesh Bhai asked me how our married life was. I told him that we had lost interest in each other. I knew Mukesh Bhai's situation. He was reluctant initially, but admitted in a disguised way; that he missed sex.

He said that since his wife was unwell for quite some time, he could not have any physical contact with her. He implied that he was without sex for almost one year. I understood what he meant and sympathized with him. I could quite understand how a man of his virility could remain without sex for such a long time. He hinted that after he had closer association with me, he was feeling a bit better. I asked him, if our intimate talks caused discomfort in his mind. He said that our intimate talks helped him and he felt better. I guessed that he perhaps masturbated in his house in the night, fantasizing about me remembering our talk.

Since then, during swimming lessons, I encouraged him to touch me. He caressed my back and once his hands felt my boobs. I pretended not to notice it. Once he squeezed my buttocks and probed my pussy area with his finger (of course over the swimsuit). However, he did it, pretending that this was by accident. In turn, once I caught his cock pretending that I was scared and clutched his body. Our embracing each other was so common, that all in the pool, swimming at that time; thought that we were husband and wife. Fortunately, there was no one around, who knew either of us.

I was truthful in narrating to my husband; all details of our touching etc. I described the incidence of our touching as accidental. However, I told him that I was excited. Nalin's fantasies knew no bounds. He became very vocal in the night in teasing me about my encounter with Mukesh Bhai. After that incident, my sexual urge increased many folds. I wanted Nalin to screw me every night. I had such sensation in my pussy that I was unable to control the urge. Nalin added fuel to the fire by asking me teasing questions of how I flirted with Mukesh Bhai. He asked me openly about my desire to have sex with Mukesh Bhai. He titillated me and drove my sexual urge.

One night, Nalin drove me crazy with his arousing talk, foreplay and asked me if I was ready to fulfill his fantasy, I told him that I thought that fantasy was ok; but practically doing it was risky. When I reacted negatively, he felt let down. Then to pacify him, I told him that implementing the fantasy in real life would depend on the circumstances. I asked him if he was sure that he wanted this to happen. Nalin said he was as positive as he could be.

I cannot forget that date and day. Mukesh Bhai picked me up to go to the pool at about 4.30 pm. He was far more somber than normal. I could see the seriousness on his face. I remembered that it was exactly one year after his wife passed away. I felt sad for him. I caught his sleeve as we walked to the car and squeezed his arm in expressing my solidarity with him on this anniversary.

We reached the pool. By that time, I had learned to swim a bit. Mukesh Bhai had told me that it was then just a question of stamina and improving my style and rhythm of swimming. He told me that I would have to practice a lot to improve. That day, when we reached the pool, there were only a few people in the pool.

It was a working day. It was humid and hot. Mukesh Bhai was somber. He said that he would not enter the pool and would watch me swimming. I changed and after changing, I went to him and caught his arm and squeezed it again. Ho looked morose and sat dispassionately. I looked around to ensure that no one was looking at us. I went close to him and kissed him lightly on his cheeks quickly. I mumbled 'I love you,' and swam away. I saw him just stand there wondering what got over me. That was the first time perhaps, that I dared openly express my emotions for him.

For me that was a thrilling experience. This was my first open expression of love for him. Perhaps, I wanted to kiss him on the lips, but could not gather the courage. Very soon, some more people joined in the pool and I started swimming. That day, I saw him for the first time, not paying attention to me. He looked lost. I decided to come out of the pool. I took shower, changed and we came out of the club. It was raining rather heavily. We ran to the car. However, by the time, we reached the car, we were drenched.

As usual, Mukesh Bhai dropped me at my flat. However, I felt that I should spend a little time with him to help him alleviate some of his pain, if I could. As I came out of his car and saw him ready to leave, I said, 'You are completely wet. You better come up and change into dry clothing. Nalin's pajamas will fit you fine. I shall leave your clothes for drying and iron them. Besides, I have some special sweets from Baroda. Eat some sweets, put on your dry clothing and then you may leave.' I knew that he had a sweet tooth. He agreed and came up to our flat.

It was about 5.30 pm. It was still about one and half hours for my husband to reach home. I gave him my husband's night dress. There was a cricket match between India and Pakistan on that day. As soon as we came in, Mukesh Bhai hurriedly rushed to the bathroom, changed and switched on the TV and said he would watch the match for a while. He said that he would not go that day to his office and instead, he would spend his evening with Nalin and me. I was wet too. I wanted to take a shower. I told Mukesh Bhai that I shall take a shower and then we shall sit and eat the sweets. He was too pre-occupied watching the match to answer me or perhaps he did not hear me due to the din made by the crowd watching the match in the TV.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower. After the shower, I came out of the bathroom into our bedroom, wearing my night gown. I wanted to dry hair and relax for a while. For drying hair, I went to take my hair dryer out of the closet. As I was taking the box of the dryer out, a picture, which was perhaps stuck under the box, fell down. I bent down and picked it up. It was my picture about one year ago; when I was breast feeding my new born son. My husband was very enthusiastic about taking my pictures partially dressed or nude. I strongly resented that. I forbade him to take my pictures in such a condition. However, he somehow managed to deceive me, or goad me and was still able to take some pictures. Once, when I was bathing, he made me open the door under some pretext and took my pictures, even though I kept protesting.

This was amongst those pictures, which he took, when I was not aware that he was taking the picture. The picture quality was good. The picture showed my breasts swollen big, fully exposed and full of milk. I was not properly dressed; my hair fell over my eyes and partially covered my face. The baby was playing with my breasts with his two hands. He had an innocent toothless smile. I remembered my baby. I could almost see him smile. If he had been alive, he would have been almost one and half years. Tears welled up in my eyes. I kept remembering his smile, his crying and all other incidents. I sat in a corner of the bed with tears in my eyes.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. Mukesh Bhai was standing behind me, watching me crying. I tried to control my emotions and looked up at him, as I tried to control my sobs. He said, 'Neha, we are both in the same boat. It is one year today, since Anu passed away.' I looked at him and nodded. He sat opposite me, raised his hand to wipe my tears and said, 'You have shared my pain to a great extent. Was it not for you, I would have been a broken man.'

I said, 'You too have been a great support for us. You are more than any family member for me.' I leaned and placed my head on his chest. The atmosphere in the room was somber and emotional. Suddenly, he looked at the picture lying in my lap. He took it to see it closely, as I tried in vain to snatch it from him. He would not give it to me.

'My God, you look so beautiful in this picture, Neha.' He exclaimed inspecting the picture closely.

I was blushing head to toe. This was the first time; Mukesh Bhai ever looked at my half nude picture. I was too nervous to speak. I lowered my eyes. Mischief replaced emotional atmosphere in the room. Perhaps, he wanted me to get over the sadness that had gripped me. He was looking closely at my picture. I felt awkward, but could do little. On the other hand I felt erotic excitement building up inside me, as he looked at my breasts in the picture. It was clear that he was also turned on looking at my breasts in the picture. I faintly saw a small tent building up between his legs.

'They look so good in the photo, how good they would look in real!' he exclaimed. He could not bring himself to say 'breasts'.

He sat next to me. Bringing his face closer to me, he whispered in my ears, 'Can I see them?'

I was too stunned to speak. I did not expect such a situation to develop. Yet, I was so turned on by the development that I felt too weak to reject his demand. I looked directly into his eyes as if to check if he really wanted to see my breasts. I saw the depth of an ocean in his eyes and a craving that was the result of months of depravation of female companionship. The craving was not just his. I felt huge leakage of juices between my legs. I craved for his love so much. The fantasies my husband and I were nurturing for a long time, were taking their toll on my body. Instinctively, I slid closer to him. Perhaps my silence and my sliding closer, was my consent. I felt his hand slide over my shoulders down to the neck sliding below, brushing my breasts. I shuddered and simply surrendered to the demands of my body. I took his hand and placed it on my breasts, without speaking.

He looked at me. I was sitting inclined then, resting my back against the wall. I knew that my cotton gown was forming seductive contour of my boobs. I had no blouse or bra underneath. He picked my breast over the gown and lifted it up a bit to feel its size and shape. He whispered in my ears, 'I love you Neha.' I felt waves of ecstasy driving my desire to its crescent. He moved back, stretching his arms, which encircled me completely. He pinned me into the wall behind me, brought his mouth and lips on mine and kissed me on the lips for the first time. I was thrown off balance. He kissed me on my lips, face, nose etc. mumbling, 'I am sorry, Neha. I do not know if what I am doing is right or not; but I cannot remain without you.'

I stopped him, putting my fingers on his lips and said, 'Do not say anything, please. Just relax.'

I forced my lips on him and we both began kissing each other with all the force at our command. As we were kissing, Mukesh Bhai's hands were exploring my back. He ran his fingers through my hair, brought his face down a little to push my mouth further into his. He ran his fingers down on my back feeling the cavity between my shoulder blades and then ran his hands down to my buttocks. We must have kissed for almost two or three minutes. We then separated.

I took his hands in mine and asked him, 'Do you miss Anu very much?' I saw his eyes wetting up. He did not say anything. I caught his hands in mine and said, 'I am sorry for reminding you of her.'

He said, 'Do not say that. Neha, I hope, you will not misunderstand me; but whenever I see you, I feel that I am seeing her. When you are with me, I feel her presence. You know, Anu and I used to sit just the way we are sitting now. She would catch my hands and play with them. Sometimes, I would tease her and play with her body. She would easily get excited and would look up at me. I would kiss her and do all kinds of things with her.' He stopped suddenly.

I said, 'I know that I can never measure up to Anu bhabhi. However, I would love to give you some pleasure that Anu bhabhi gave you.' I looked straight into his eyes and said, 'Will you please make me yours? I want to be your Anu at least for today. Please come to me and make me share your pain. Make love to me please.' I was drowning in the ocean of lust and love. I literally begged him for his love.

He looked at me with affection mixed with lust. From his body language, I could sense energy building up in him. I took my hands and kissed them. I squeezed his hands hard to indicate my aroused state. Mukesh Bhai slowly brought his hands down to just above my tits. He felt the cleavage and pressed his palms a little. At that very stage, I almost had an orgasm.

I shuddered noticeably and pressed his hands on my breasts to indicate that I wanted him to feel them and to play with them. He was overwhelmed with excitement. It was as if his compressed emotions suddenly burst out in open. He felt my breasts under his palms. I had no bra under the gown. He instinctively began squeezing my breasts over the cloth. I let him feel them for some time. Then I turned to face him. I brought my face as close to his, as I could. Our lips almost touched. He caught my head and pressed his lips on mine.

That was the day, when I decided that I would fulfill the fantasy of my husband. I wished he were there. Mukesh Bhai and I were locked in the kiss for about two minutes. His hand began fumbling on the buttons of my gown. I helped him unbutton them and push it down my shoulder. I saw him mesmerized by the swollen breasts overflowing out of his palms. He looked like a child looking at some new item with wonder. My breasts swayed slowly as I moved. He cupped them. I felt constant flow of juice flowing out of my pussy.

He cupped my breasts. My boobs were swollen and pointing straight at him. My nipples ballooned to the point of bursting. There were tiny goose pimples on areolas. Areolas of my tits were fully swollen. I was amazed at the impact of my arousal on my body. I felt as if my breasts were full of milk. They were craving for a hard and ruthless mauling. I had such churning of sensations and desire in my breasts that I wanted him to suck them, squeeze them and bite my nipples hard. The feeling of his cupping my breasts was driving me mad. My body language revealed of my horny state. I was queering on the bed almost as if begging him to fuck me. I felt almost like reaching the climax. I had such twitching spasms in my pussy that drove me crazy with lust and itch to be fucked hard.

At that point, I wanted him to fuck me dispensing with the foreplay. However, he was so calm. Perhaps, he wanted to drive me to a stage that I would beg him to fuck me. I was surprised that after so many months of celibacy, how a man could remain without penetrating. Perhaps, he satisfied his urge masturbating, visualizing this situation. Perhaps because, he felt that it was important for him to make me enjoy this love making more than to satiate his physical urge. Perhaps, he wanted to titillate me to the point of no return. All the same, his foreplay was driving me crazy.

Until then, Mukesh Bhai was fully dressed. Instinctively, my hand reached his crotch, as I found him pressing his crotch into me. I had to squeeze my hand in the tight space between our bodies. He moved a little, to let my hand reach his fly. I felt his meat rod pressing into his trousers. He inserted his one hand to unbutton his trousers. His trousers fell down on the floor. He had no underwear beneath. He was fully erect and hard. I could feel a sizable mass of meat in my palm. I saw his big cock point straight at me.

Perhaps it was the result of all the pent up feelings over the past few weeks of seeing me half-naked in the swimsuit; or the result of his suppressed sexual desires. He came behind me and grabbed me in his arms from behind. Due to the thrust of his push, I fell onto the bed. He quickly loosened my pajama and threw it on the floor. I lay on bed completely naked in front of him for a few seconds. Those seconds were enough to drive him and me out of our minds. I instinctively, tried to cover my breasts and my body. He pulled me up in sitting position and brought our lips together to kiss me hard on my lips.

As he kissed me, he removed my hands, which were making a bad job of covering my exposed body. I opened my mouth and took his tongue into my mouth. I could not control my urge caused by days or weeks of fantasizing sex with him and the tidbits of flirting we had in the swimming pool for the last few days. I wholeheartedly accepted his tongue into my mouth and sucked saliva out of it. His saliva tested sweet and erotic. His hands caressed my naked back. His fingers explored the cavity of my rib cage. As he explored it, his fingers reached the crack of my ass. He squeezed my buttocks with the fingers of his one hand. This was an indescribably ecstatic experience for me.

I pulled away from him and murmured in his ears, 'Do you want me now?' I knew his answer. He nodded his head in affirmation as he took my hand and made me feel his erection. It was big. I could estimate that his must be one and half times the size of my husband's. I kept caressing his cock. I was too ecstatic and aroused to think of any logic or restraints. I began shagging his cock and felt a lot of his pre-cum on the tip of his cock. It was easily the biggest one I had seen. I admit that I had not seen many, apart from my husband's and some men, peeing on roadside.

I inserted my one hand into his shirt to feel his chest and his nipple. He quickly removed his shirt. He was fully naked. His hairy chest felt so erotic. When we were fully naked and the veil of shame or restraint evaporated, I made him lie down by my side. I had his hard cock in my palm. I stroked it gently. He had his hand on my buttocks. We looked into each other's eyes. I asked him, 'Tell me Mukesh Bhai, what is this we are doing?' without giving it a second thought, he said,'Neha, I want you. I want you forever. I want as much of you as I can have.' Then after a small pause, he added, 'I want you forever; if you and your husband agree.'

I blushed at his announcement. I whispered in his ears, 'I do not know about my husband allowing me to be yours forever. However, what I know for sure is that he will certainly not complain, if you take me now.' That was all the talk we could have; because Mukesh Bhai was on me sucking my fully matured melons, suckling them one time and biting my nipples other times. His action threw me in a tizzy. I began to feel spasm and twitching inside my pussy. Whilst he kissed and sucked my breasts, his one hand constantly worked on my ass, squeezing my bottoms and inserting his fingers into the crack. I was experiencing spasm of erotic waves going on between my mind and between my legs. I was leaking juices.

I gyrated on bed moaning loudly then. I sighed out, 'Please, suck my breasts, I am coming'

As he sucked my one breast and squeezed and pinched the other, I jerked and said, 'Harder. I am cummminggg..' He sucked me hard as I had my first orgasm with him and with any man other than my husband.

I lay on bed with Mukesh Bhai/s mouth on my breasts.

I pulled his head to my lips, prompting him again to kiss me. This time I wanted the kiss to last forever. Whilst he kissed me and squeezed and pinched my buttocks with one hand, he inserted his other hand between our bodies. He lowered it to reach between my legs. He could sense the smoothness of my shaved pussy. Nalin always told me that it was an experience to slide his hand over my mound and feel that perfect smoothness. That day, my newly found lover was having that experience. While kissing Mukesh Bhai, my one hand was always occupied caring for his mammoth manhood.

After separating, I made him lie next to me and with both hands; I sat looming above him and worked on his cock. More than giving him the pleasure, I wanted to feel his large cock in my hands. This was the experience, I longed for quite some time. I caressed his testicles so lovingly that Mukesh Bhai could not control his oomph!

His hand, which travelled down to between my legs, reached my G-Spot. He slowly inserted his one finger into my pussy hole. He must have sensed flow of my juices. He rubbed the upper part of my pussy lips lovingly. I had a small hole and his finger in it made me jump in arousal. I held his hand and whispered in his ears, 'Please..' He made me lie on bed and he sat up. He began pushing his finger in and out of my hole. I get highly aroused on finger fucking. He started vigorously stroking my pussy with two of his fingers. He increased his pace much more. I was on the edge. I started to have a huge wave of spasm catching me between my legs. I reached the crescent of my pleasure again and began cumming hard at his action. I shouted, 'Mukesh Bhai, don't stop I am cummmming oooooohhhhhhhh!: There I had my second orgasm.

I lay in bed exhausted, eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, I saw Mukesh Bhai surveying my fully naked body. His eyes were focused on my breasts and flat belly ending at my belly button, then tapering down into the navel to culminate between my legs. I wondered if he was puzzled seeing how my big breasts remained so upright. Was he wondering at the smoothness of my body, as he slid his palm over my flat belly reaching down to the end? I had no way of knowing.

I asked him, 'What are you looking at?'

He replied, 'I am wondering, how lucky I am and how lucky Nalin is. Neha, believe me; I am not just going to be your lover only. I would love you to be mine, forever. If I can help it.' The conclusive way he said it; had butter flies flying in my stomach. I realized a serious situation developing. Would that lead to a conflict between him and my husband? I did not know. I did not know what shape it would ultimately take. However, at that time looking him sitting naked with his hairy chest looming large on me; I did not care. I just said, 'We shall see, but at this moment, you are my husband.'

My simple sentence was just enough to make him come out of his thinking. He looked at me lying naked in front of him. I caught his cock in my palm. It had contracted somewhat. I made him lie on bed and began stroking it. The lusty meat rod began to expand rapidly. It felt like the eyes of a greedy man looking at the heap of wealth in front of him. I rotated my palm over the tip of his cock's eye. I saw a flow oozing out in rapid succession. Mukesh Bhai began squeezing my breasts and simultaneously squeezing my buttocks also, as I pumped his cock harder. Very soon, his rod assumed the fullest erection. It was at least six to seven inches in length and might be about two inches thick. That was as big as I had ever seen or imagined. I wondered how it could have gone into Anu bhabhi's (His late wife's) hole. Well, I had to worry of the same problem for me then.

Mukesh Bhai lay flat on the bed, with his long rod in my charge. I slowly rose from the bed, kneeled in front of him, with my tits hanging and turned to his Lund (Cock, in Hindi language). Turning 180 degrees, I climbed on top of Mukesh Bhai and rested my full weight on his body. I let my pussy close to his face. I went down to kiss his cock. In this short time, I had become quite fond of his lovely Lund. We were in 69 position. Mukesh Bhai must have felt my pussy hole leaking rather heavily with drops falling on his chest.. He adjusted his position and I felt him licking on the periphery of my love hole. Again, I felt a surge of high voltage current making me vibrate with ecstasy.

I shuddered as I felt his tongue entering my pussy hole. I had a spasm in my pussy as I sensed his tongue inside me. My pussy twitched in contraction. He kept swapping his tongue into and around my pussy for quite some time. Then he slowly began stroking his finger in and out of my pussy once again. As my love hole accommodated his finger, he inserted another one into my love hole. A crescendo of ecstatic waves was building up inside me. As I mentioned, I am very vulnerable to finger fucking. I can have a number of orgasms, simply through finger fucking. I cried out ooooooohhhhhh as Mukesh Bhai began stroking harder. As he reached a faster pace, I had an uncontrollable huge orgasm. I cried out, 'Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh mukesh.. please fuck me now. I cant control..'

Sensing my orgasm, Mukesh Bhai slowly reduced his finger fucking and stopped. I collapsed on the bed, exhausted after so many quick orgasms. I rested for a while. I saw his Lund losing erection somewhat. I felt a pang of sorrow for this man, who did so much for us and who loved me heartily. I rose after a slight break and moved to his cock. I opened my mouth and I lapped up the drops of juice forming at the tip of his cock. This aroused Mukesh Bhai further. I felt him twitching under me. His cock was rock hard by then. I wrapped the tip of his cock between my lips. I slurped on it for a few seconds. Under me I felt him shudder a little. I continued lapping around his tip and suddenly pushed it into my mouth lovingly enveloped by my lips and the tongue. With my tongue and lips, I began stroking him slowly.

I felt his body becoming tight. I realized that since he was devoid of sex for a long time, he might eject soon, I stopped. I did not want him to cum in my mouth. I had waited for so long. I wanted him to cum in me. Secretly, that was the reason I was on the pills for quite some time now. I gradually slid down from atop his body and stretched flat on the bed next to him. I motioned him to come on top of me. He was highly aroused at that point and quickly mounted me.

I took his cock in my hand and stroked it gently pushing the foreskin back and forth. This was also somewhat difficult moment for me as I had to accommodate his rather big cock into my small hole. I lubricated his cock and rubbed his leaking cock on my fully over flowing pussy lips. After lubricating both, I gently pushed his cock in my cunt. I motioned for him to push it further down. He was as gentle as ever. He perhaps realized that I feared his big size cock in my small hole; he pushed his cock in, a little and pulled it back. Again he rubbed it a little onto the pussy lips and pushed it in, gently again. It was so sweet of him. I knew that he wanted to push it in and fuck me out of my wits. However, his action of controlling his urge made me completely his.

He gradually began stroking his cock in and out of my love hole. He made sure that I almost did not feel any pain at all. It was so sweet and marvelous to feel him inside me. When he inserted himself fully inside me; I asked him to halt for a while. When he looked at me questioningly, I smiled and told him, 'I want to feel you inside me. Please let me feel you for some time.' He stopped and waited for a while. He was in a high state of arousal and as such, he still made very tiny strokes inside me, whilst he halted. It was such a wonderful feeling experiencing Mukesh Bhai's fully engorged cock inside my body. I told him, 'Mukesh Bhai, whether my husband accepts you or not as my husband, I am and will be your wife by heart forever. Even if socially, I may not be accepted as your wife, by heart I shall ever be yours.'

With that, Mukesh Bhai started fucking me with much greater vigor. It was then just raw and simple sex. It was two bodies asking enjoyment from each other and making efforts to fulfill the other partner's demands. I, in turn, matched his strokes by raising my belly and meeting his thrust to ensure that his cock entered deep recesses in my body, where even my husband's cock had never reached before. His balls swayed and slapped on my pussy lips and ass crack; making slapping sounds. This exhilarating experience; formed a very important memory and history in my life span. I will rate the fuck, Mukesh Bhai gave me on that day, as the best, I ever had until then. It easily surpassed the fuck my husband gave me on the night of our honeymoon.

Mukesh Bhai became vocal as he fucked me. He kept on saying, 'Neha I love you so very much.. Your entry in my life has completely changed me.. I will never leave you. I am yours for ever. For me you are my wife and I am your husband. ....

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