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I often wondered
by Liz Purser

Sometimes you lay in bed, well I do, and just wonder about things you've never done. I was half asleep and it was warm and my mind wandered and so did my fingers. i was almost clean shaven. I liked to feel myself smooth. I was wet and drifted off to sleep waking warm and still wet. It was time to get up so I showered and deressed, just shorts and a sports top and flipflops. No need for more, I had the day off and various jobs to do so I set about them working my way through a mental list I had, cleaning and tidying and generally getting things straight. I made good progress and about 11:30am I heard a car on the drive. The engine ceased and the door clinked shut. That'd be Harry, she like to be called Harry and not Harriet. harry came in as usual, we'd known each other for about 15 years. She married out of college and had two great kids. They were at school and she was half way through errands.

Any chance of a cool drink Harry asked... In the fridge as uaual I replied and thinking i could do with on too, stopped and went to the kitchen. Harry was wearing a wrap around cotton skirt and a cropped blouse and flipflops. No idea how she drove in them but she did. She was relaxed as usual and grabbed a soda and held it between the top of her breasts exclaiming how warms she was.

We sat and chatted on the lounger and laughed about lifes more insane moments. As we had done before, I swung round and laidon my back with my had in her lap looking up. i watched as she drank the soda and she dribbled a little down her chin and it dripped onto my lips. I'll clean that right up she said and bent down and licked my lips with her tongue. We laughed then she dribbled some more. Ooops... sorry she said and lisked again but this time with a longer lick and said that she was clumsy and missed a spot. I was a little bemused but liked it. We laughed again. I'll just get that spot she said and pursed her lips and gently sucked my right cheek and then my bottom lip. I responded and licked her lips. They were good. Mmm I exclaimed and then got embarassed.

Harry sad nothing ut tossed her head back to finish the soda. As she did so her cropped blouse revealed the bottom of her soft rounded breats. I was suprised that I was turned on by them. we had changed together before but I had never been aroused and that same wet feeling I had experience earlier came over me and I felt myself moisten.

Harry's head stayed back and she stretch up. I could see both nipples and i just wanted to suck them. I turned inward as if to get more comfortable and as she lowered from her stretch I pushed her blouse up and gently latched on. Harry cradled my head instinctively and held me to her. Her youngest was only 8 months and she was full of milk.

I drank, drawing from her and swallowed the warm liquid. It felt comfoting and very sexy and natural. I think you'll need the other one she remarked and softly removed her breats and replaced it with the other that was already lactating. As I drank I could feel myself becoming wetter and throbbing was very apparent as was the change in my breathing.

Harry's left hand drew the zipperon my shorts down, the button was never done up, and slid her fingers down over my pubic bone and onto my vulva. I shuddered and a small sticky gush made its way ot of my swelling lips. This felt so good. I opened my legs a little to give her full access and she massaged both my lips with her fingers and then gently inserted her middle finger inside me. She knew just where to pressure and release and how to stroke for maximum effect. I stopped sucking and shuddered. we saod nothing and Harrys pushed deeper and began to speed up her movements.

Sh lent forward and whispered, I didn't have toime to dress properly today. hse lifted my head with her right hand and slid her wrap around skirt apart. I twisted and saw that she had no underwear. She spread and hooked her right leg up over the arm of the double longer. I twisted more and caught the scent of her shinning slit. It was long and as she was olive skinned, had dark lips. I parted her as she conitinued to pleaseure me more and more, and twisted again, opened my mouth and began to suck the entire length of her vagina. Her whole body jerked and my mouth filled with her warm sticky juice. I just want more and more of her inside me and sucked harder. I didn't have much of a technique, just raw passion. i had never wanted this before but today it was just what i wanted and i was feeling more satisfied than I had in a long time.

Harry came quickly and ejaculated a stream of stiky juice in me and over me. I responed. I had heard of squirting but was so high on this episode that I letout a scream of delight and flet my avgina burst deep inside and gushed spasm after spasm of cum onto her hand and then tingled and spasm'd again and shot out clear warm liquid up into the air two or three times. I can't get the words except I was more satisfied than I had ever been and I didn't want it to stop.

When we had calmed we went out to the pool and stripped. It was enclosed and the neighbours were too far away to see or hear. We swam for a while and washed each other kissing and hugging as we did so. Harry lay back and floated, frog kicking. It was too much for me and I made my way over and held her thighs and lifted her slightly and pushed my face between her legs and just began a frenzied licking and sucking. I couldn't stop. I pushed her to the side and she spread her arms and hel onto the the poolside whiclst I sucked and suck until she came two or three times, each time harder than before until she was exhausted.

She hauled herself out and lay in the sun. I followed and the water ran off me but between my legs there was a sticky dripping. I straddled Harry's face and lowered myselfonto her mouth. she knew and she licked me gently and then sucked hard. It felt crude to say but her tounge fucked me. She curled it up and thrust it into my as I lifted and lowered myself. She made me scream with orgasm and then grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and moved me forward and began to suck ny tight wrinkled ass. I later learned the term 'reame' and she played around the edge, licked and kissing and probing and then pushed inside. I releaxed and just had never felt like this in my life. I was ecstatic and came straight away and then a few minutes later as shed probed deeper and then gently pushed three fingers into me, I moaned as I stretched and then came with the biggest hardest climax I'd had to that time.

we lay breathless and kissed and held each other and rubbed each others sore pussies until we calmed.

We swam again then dried and dressed.

It never happened again but just ocassionally in compny, she or I pas in front of each other and take the opportunity to gentle massage each other for a few seconds.

A few months later we are still good friends and still massaging for a few seconds but I have another friends who has come into my life and i made it clear fromthe outset of our friendship that I though she had a great bosy. We shave each other, suck each other and enjoy full body massages and I still gush when I come.

maybe one day I'll let my husband in on it but for now I enjoy him and he enjoys me and I've shown him how to cum inside my ass, deeper than any woman can and how i like to be suck hard and fill him witth me and enjoy watching him drink all he can get.

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Liz Purser

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