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How i seduced my Landlord's wife
by Ranjit

MY landlord's wife, Mony is a pretty woman with an absolutely clean character. She was a devoted young lady and had got all the prosperities of life. She was blessed from all sides except that she had an unfaithful husband. Her husband was a master cheater & had screwed half a dozen women after his marriage.
She respected me a lot and i too regarded her as much as she deserved of being a gracious lady. We barely spoke to each other except exchanging pleasantries when we met at the staircase. But i never knew that this cute little lady had a secret desire for me until certain events happened in our lives.
One day I heard a noise below in the balcony of my landlord. It was husband and wife fighting it out bitterly. Few minutes later the landlord's wife came up to my door & complaining about the shameless deeds of her husband with a young lady of the town. I tried to pacify her but she was furious and told me to help her find a lawyer to file a divorce suit against her truant husband. I told her to be calm and sometime later she went back downstairs to her floor. But it was shocking to see her running up to me as if I was her saviour at that moment & openly complaining about her personal life.

On another day after that incident was passing off the aisle to the staircase, a shrill voice called me from the rear. I turned back and was surprised to see Mony calling me from behind the curtain. She invited me to their drawing room for a cup of tea. I obliged her and set on the sofa. I realised that at that nobody was there in the home except both of us. After few minutes Mony brought hot piping tea and some snacks. She sat in front of me as I started sipping tea. Soon I saw Mony sobbing silently. I asked her why she was sobbing. She didn't utter any word but went on sobbing further. I felt so awkward to see a cute women sobbing in front of me. I could not hold myself and in an effort to console her i took her on my arms. For few minutes i was confused but soon realised that Mony & i were in a hugging position. The warmth of Mony's body felt like a comfort and she also seemed to me safe in my arms. As Monys sobbing continued i gave a kiss on her forehead to pacify her. She tightened her hug around me. We felt so near to each other that we seemed lost in ourselves. I immediately realised it was not safe to sit in the drawing room. Therefore i took Mony while holding her to her bedroom. By now i knew both of us were carried away by our wild desires. I laid up Mony on her bed and gave her a hot kiss. Soon Mony too gave me a hot smooch. Embolden by her smooch i realised it would be unjust on my part to leave a women midway in an aroused state. Therefore i went about slowly disrobing her beautiful body. In a few minutes Mony lay stark naked in front of me. The sight of her big well contoured boobs brought the beast in myself to the fore. I began with kissing her neck down to her breast. Soon i was rolling my tongue around are berry shaped nipples. Mony was coiling and holding around me in great ecstasy. I too felt as if i was on cloud nine. To give an icing on the cake i then decided to give Mony a spine chilling touch to this intimate session of ours by sliding down to her groin and licking her wet pussy. As i licked her salty pussy Mony moaned so wildly as if she was in intense pain. I now realised how a cute gentle looking gracious lady had a wild beastly self inside her when she begged me to enter her without delay. Therefore i could not refuse her and without delay mounted on her and inserted my huge dick inside her pink pussy. Mony hold me tightly as i vigorously copulated with her. In a few minutes Mony perhaps reached her orgasm when she lifted her pelvis against my groin & dug her nails on my scalp as my dick lay deeply buried inside her soft wet pussy.I too could not hold me back for long. Finally i gave up in this hot game of love with Mony by releasing my jet of semen deep in to her pussy canal & felt the eternal bliss of the carnal world. Soon after i left her bed room after planting a warm kiss on her lips.

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