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How I lost my Rear Virginity - Part I
by Rashmi

My name is Smita and I now live in Patna. I was married into an affluent family and I moved to Varanasi to live with my husband, some two years back. I am now 28 years old. I was the only child and I had lost my mother when I was 12 years.
My husband and his family were every day having parties with liquor and non-vegetarian dishes. Each day I used to crave for my husband's attention and love. But after the party, it was a routine matter for him to lift my dress, push his tool, get discharged in two minutes, turn to the other side and sleep.This routine continued for over a year. Surprisingly I did not get pregnant. For the last 10 months it came to my notice that my husband was visiting prostitutes and attending to 'Kothas' in Varanasi. I immediately brought this to the notice of my father, who called me over to Patna and we filed a divorce petition in the Court. The court decided through with the divorce and this is how I got rid of my unfaithful husband.
At Patna, I started to pursue my higher studies and was doing M.A. through correspondence courses. I also joined a Computer Training institute to learn the basics, internet, animation and web designing courses. At home in Patna, besides my father, we had a servant boy named Chander Yadav, whom we called ' Chandu', aged around 19 years. He was from a village in Chhapra and was working with us for the last 10 years.
My father's brother in Deoghar passed away and so he had to go for about 15 days. I was alone in the house with Chandu. Here I will like to give a brief description of my vital statistics. I was 5 ft 8 inches tall, quite fair complexioned and had a slim and long body. My statistics were 34-24-42. I had voluptuous and bountiful buttocks. As I was quite tall, I could carry myself very well. I was atheletic and used to practice yoga every day. I was proud of my figure and took good care to maintain it.
It was November and raining in Patna for the past one week and the weather had become extremely pleasant. It used to be cool in the evenings and cold through the night. I always favoured rains to be a season for love and making love. But I was feeling very lonely.
It was 10.30 p.m. that night and I thought of giving Chandu a blanket as it was cold. Suddenly, I heard some sounds in the room below. Anxiously, I went downstairs. There was a light in Chandu's room. His window was slightly ajar and so I took the liberty of peeping inside. Chandu was standing naked in the middle of the room and was masturbating. It was dark outside and so Chandu could not have seen me peeping. Chandu's cock was glistening with oil. It was around 8 inches in length, quite long but thin. The base of his long cock was thick. Chandu was moaning and all of a sudden, he started to ejaculate. The first splurge of his semen spurted on the wall opposite. That was the force of his spray. I stood transfixed and amazed. My hand went inside my salwar and I found myself very wet down between my legs. Suddenly, I found myself wanting this little boy. Although he was our servant, I started dreaming of having sex with him. I tiptoed back to my room and frantically masturbated myself by rubbing my clitoris and pushing my fingers inside. While doing so, I was fantasizing & making plans of having sex with Chandu.
Chandu used to respect me and also talked freely with me but was afraid of my father. On the next day, I helped him to complete his daily chores in the house. In the evening we both had dinner and were seeing a Hindi movie on TV. The movie had also intimate scenes and also a kissing scene. I was watching the expression of Chandu and asked him ' Chandu, kya dekh rahe ho? Kuch samajh mein aa raha hai?' He simply grinned and smiled back but kept on watching the scenes intimately. At around 10 p.m. I went upstairs to my bedroom. I heard Chandu locking up the doors and switching off the lights in the kitchen and go to his room. This was the moment. I had to take a bold step. I was sure that Chandu would not dare to tell anyone of our affair. This made me bolder and I called out his name. Chandu came running upto my room. I told him, ' Chandu, aaj tum mere kamre mein so jaana. Mere pass extra Kambal nahin hai aur baahar bahut thand pad rahi hai'. He replied ' Theek hai Didi'. In the meantime, I removed my bra and panties and put on my nighty. He ran down and brought his pillow and a sheet which he spread on the floor of my bedroom to lie down. I said ' Chandu'tum paagal ho..Maine kaha ki ek hi kambal hai'toh hum dono ko upar bed par ek saath sona padega'isme sharmaane ki koi baat nahin. Aa jaao upar kambal ke andar' Hesitatingly, he came up on the bed and lied down besides me.
I was not able to sleep and so was Chandu. After an hour or so, I pretended to be asleep and gradually shifted to my side and put my hand around Chandu. He did not say anything. So I slowly exerted pressure and pulled him close towards me inside the blanket. He willingly drew himself to me with his buttocks sticking to my front side. I put my arms around him touching his lower stomach. I knew he was not asleep but was pretending and so was me. Inadvertently but purposely, I brushed my left palm towards his crotch area and found that he had a massive hard-on. His long cock was strongly erect. My plan was working to perfection. So I turned around to the other side and lifted my nighty upwards. While doing so, I purposely pulled the blanket and pretended to sleep. Chandu was left shivering. So he also turned close to me and put his arm around my breast. His hardened cock was now sticking to my bare buttocks. I put my palm on his hand and gently pressed my bubbies with his hand. He could sense my intentions and pressed himself more towards me. His cock inside his pyjamas was now between my butt-cheeks and Chandu was applying pressure now and then at frequent intervals. It was 'now or never'. There was no need for pretending anymore and so I took my hand around and placed it on his cock and gave it a gentle press. I turned around and faced him eye-to-eye. We both felt shy'..and so I took his head and pulling him close to me, gave him a tender and passionate kiss on his full lips. I asked him to open his mouth and put my tongue inside. His arms encircled mine and my game plan was being put to action.
I tugged at his pyjama strings and pushed his pyjama down. I sat up and lifted my nighty free and also asked Chandu to pull out his shirt. We were both stark naked. I bent down and took his magnificient cock in my mouth and started to lick and suck it. He had huge balls which I was also fondling . I placed my one leg on top of him so that his face was pressed to my pussy. We were in a 69-position inside the blanket. For some reason Chandu was not reacting and was doing nothing. So I got up and asked Chandu ' Kya hua'tumhe kuchh nahin karna hai kya? Tume mazaa nahin aa raha hai?'. He said'' Didi, main yeh sab sirf ladkon ke saath hi karta hoon ( He was gay)' I replied ' Nahin Chandu'mere saath jab tum so rahe thei toh tumhara lund kyoon khada tha? Isliye tum gaandu nahin ho'tumhe mouka nahin mila hoga pehle..isiliye tumhe aisa lag raha hai'aao mere pass'main tume sikhaoongi bhi aur mauka bhi khoob doongi'Theek Hai?' I saw a glinter of happiness in his eyes and he agreed. ' Leking Ek vaada karna hoga tumhe'Yeh baat tum kisise bhi nahin karoge aur bataoge bhi nahin'Sirf hum dono ke beech rehni chahiye' He gleefully replied ' Theek hai Didi'.
Chandu's cock had gone limp. So to pep him up, I brought my laptop onto the bed, sat down on the bedrest, pulled the blanket and put on a Blue Film on the laptop. Chandu and me were both sitting naked beneath the blanket on the bed. While watching the blue film, Chandu gradually placed one hand on my breast and with the other hand he tried to push his finger inside my wet cunt. I was very happy. I had prepared my stud to perform. I placed my hand on his cock. His cock had started to rise magnificiently. The actual act had started in the blue film. Chandu removed the laptop and put it on the floor. He bent down and had started to lick my pussy. I pulled his buttocks on my face and started to suck and lick Chandu's strong cock and have my face-fucked. So now Chandu was on top and was face fucking me by pushing in and out of my mouth and at the same time was licking my pussy clean. Old Habits die hard and Chandu had also cupped my buttocks with both his palms and was fingering my ass-hole and also sucking my clitoris and pushing his tongue inside my pussy. I was enjoying myself and so I let Chandu have his wish and enjoy himself thoroughly. Suddenly , he increased speed of his pumping inside my mouth and his long cock was banging my throat. I felt the continuous splurge of his semen coming in short spurts'.I loved the taste of his semen and started to gulp it down my throat. After a few minutes the flow of semen stopped and his cock got limp and he pulled it out. He rolled to one side and smiled. He had a satisfied look on his face. I still held onto his cock and licked it clean.
We both were lying naked on the bed face to face covered under the blanket. I asked ' Chandu, tumhe mazaa aaya ? ' Chandu replied ' Didi, aisa mazaa toh mujhe jeevan main kabhi nahin hua. ' I told him ' Chandu, abse tumhe mooth maarne ka man kare toh akele mat karna'seedhey mere pass aa jaana'. Chandu was stunned ' Didi, aapko kaise maalum hai yeh baat?' At the same time I was fondling his cock with my hands inside the blanket. After some time, his cock was again ready and standing magnificiently erect for another round and I said ' Chandu, ab tumhe mujhe bhi khush karna baaki hai'. Chandu said ' Didi, abhi toh raat bhar samay hai'pehle main aapke gaand mein ghusaana chahta hoon. Please Didi, aapse vinti kar raha hoon.' I replied ' Parantu Chandu, iske pehle maine kabhi bhi aisa nahin karvaya hai'mujhe dard hoga bahut'. ' Chandu immediately said ' Didi, aapko bahut mazaa aayega'aap haan toh boliye'. Seeing his confidence, I agreed. He was so happy and asked for some oil or cream. I told him to get it from the dressing table. He put on the lights and got it .
I turned around with my buttocks up. He placed a pillow under my stomach so that my ass would lift up. He straddled to sit on my legs and parted my ass-cheeks. He took some cream and applied it liberally into my ass hole. As he was pushing his finger inside my ass, it was hurting and paining me and I screamed. Chandu started to roll his fingers across my ass hole so that the pain will subside. He massaged cream on my butt cheeks also and started to spank them. Whenever he was spanking me, it felt great and I started to enjoy the act. He took more cream on his fingers and pushed it inside my ass hole. His finger had started to slide in with more ease. So he took some more cream mixed with oil and poured it inside my ass and started to roll his fingers gently inside my ass. The pain had subsided and had given way to pleasure. Chandu also pushed one finger inside my cunt. So now he had one finger inside my cunt and one inside my ass. I started to moan in pleasure.
Seeing my pleasure, he applied cream on his long cock, placed it on the entrance to my ass and gave it a gentle push. Some two inches of his cock had gone in, but suddenly the pain increased and let out a shriek. So Chandu lifted my ass and poured oil inside. Then he gave another thrust and more than half of his cock was inside my ass. He let his cock remain in that position and lied down on me and encircled his hands around my breasts and started to pinch my nipples. I had closed my eyes and was moaning with pleasure. Chandu was licking and kissing my ear lobes and whispered ' Didi, aapki Gaand itni gol aur sudoul hai. Maine aaj tak itni khoobsurat gaand nahin dekhi hai. Aapko mazaa aa raha hai na Didi? ' I replied ' Haan Chandu'bahut anand aa raha hai'. Hearing this he gave another push and his entire long cock was buried upto the hilt of my ass. Slowly he started to move his cock up and down, in and out. His cock was freely sliding inside my ass. He increased his pumping and I increased my moans. He removed his right hand from my breast and started to rub my clitoris and push his finger into my pussy while his entire weight was on my ass which he was thrusting with his magnificient long cock. I was loving this ass fuck which I had never experienced before in my life.
Chandu started to pump more vigorously and I felt he was about to cum. He was uttering all nonsense and kissing and sucking every part of me. Suddenly, he pressed his cock deep inside my ass and sprayed loads and loads of hot thick semen inside my ass. It seemed to never end and I wondered how much semen is stored in Chandu's balls. It was a sensual feeling and heavenly. I had lost my virgin ass to Chandu.. I also had my orgasm twice during this entire period of ass fucking and I felt fully satisfied.
Chandu pulled out his cock and wiped my ass and also his cock of all semen with a towel and lay besides me with the most satisfied smile. He embraced and started to kiss me. He was now an expert in kissing. Our love session had started at 10.30 p.m. It was now 3.00 a.m. in the morning. So we both drifted into a deep sleep, fully satisfied'..

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