Lesbian Sex stories

How I became a Lesbian
by Kamille

It was a late night and I was extremely tired. I went to be and turned on my television set. I flied through the channels until I found something I actually wanted to watch... Some late night porn. I watched as two females walked through athe door to a bar. One of them was about 5'11'' She had red hair and about a 36C size breasts. she had long legs and a slightly tanned skin color. She was wearing a tight blue dress that showed her nipples were erect. The other girl was about 5'6" she had a sort of darkish brown hair color with blue highlights. She had about a 34D and an olive skin color. She was wearing a really short and tight black dress with pink pumps. Looking at the two females enter the bar suddenly made my womanhood wet because of the sexiness and erectness of their nipples.

I knew I wasn't a lesbian and I had no-iea if I ever wanted to even consider the possibility. I just really loved to watch females to make love to each other. so back to the show. The two girls sat down at a bar and started to talk to bartender. They looked around at the pbar and it was almost empty for other than the bartender. One girl said to the bartender that they had no money. Then he was all like no money equals no drinks. Then the other girl said what if we make a deal with you? what kind of deal ask the bartender. Then the same girl said how about you give us all the drinks we want tonite then afterwards we will go in the back and give you a show. He said you got yourselves a deal. Then after they drank all of their drinks they were showed to te back. The bartender sat down on a chair.

I decided to get my purple pokadoted vibrator from under my pillow. right as the vibrator touched my clit the action started in the movie. The two girls started kissing passionitly. Then the girls decide to rip the others dresses off. and the kepp kissing. As one of the girls hand goes for the ass-cheeks of the other girl the other hand glides its way dow her stomach. Right now I have turned my vibrater on low and sluck it deep into my pussy. Ummmmmm...... i said softly. I turned up the volume on my television. The girls were rubbing the other girls clits slowly and increasing speed. They moaned louder and the girls rubbed faster. I then put my vibrator on medium and shoved it deeper into my pussy. Yea, uhh. yes... I said louder.

The girls on the show were on the ground no and one was licking the other ones clit as it sucked the oozing cum from her womanhood. The girl being aten said to the guy; come here and make yourself useful. He starting massaging her breasts. then she said eww. nevermind go sit back on your chair. I turned the volume up louder. I also turned my vibrator on maximum speed. The girls moved and now were into the 69 position. They were licking each others pussy lips while having to fingers inside her pussy hole. They sucked each others juices while licking their clits with their tounes. Yeah , yeah, ah yeah! I screamed then I screamed I'm gonna cum... Then the sticky substance of my puzzy oozed othe leaving my breathles...

The girls were done and they tried reclothiing themselves. The bartender was passed out with a boner. And i turned of my TV. I turned over and realzed that my roomate was in the roo the whle time. I said armen come closer... As she did I whisered in her ear fuck me. she didn't even have to answer. ANd that is that.

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