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how a woman can REALLY fuck a man. MFA
by the fuckmaster (the only one)

Sexually open but discreet when asked by a sexual partner... Voyere but more experienced than every encounter so far! 63, lived in Santa Fe when it had only one paved road. I enjoy women but have male encounters occasionally... especially when a or several married people want to learn what only I know. Many women just cannot believe they don't already know what I end up showing them and they adore the effects both physical and mental as well as giving them the closest experience to being their male partner and usually vise_versa with their male partners.
I am in complete mental and physical controll of all my sexual encounters but also relinguish that at will to partners if they show me trust and respect as well recieve the same. Dynamic Versible Direct and Addaptable I am the fuckmaster. Michael (after St. Michael) I learned my secrets after being sexually injured in the Vietnam war. I had to study hard and believe that sex was what YOU make it. In the process I became very different than I thought possible. After the experimention of youth I began to find things that noone else seems to use or realize or had ever tried before. The benifits are quite theraputic to everyone I have introduced it to. It is also the most physically enjoyable experience that many of the people I showed and me can have an organism at will anywhere anytime alone or with others! Sometime when I have more time I may write all who are interested insuch an experience about just how to do it. Most have to be shown! Peace Michael THE fuckmaster. Love one another untill laterMEH

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the fuckmaster (the only one)

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