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hot tailor
by roshan

I was running a tailor shop. Once a customer called our shop and said that she had many clothes to stitch. I went there to the place. It was a big house. I rang the bell and waited for the door to open. There came a house maid. She asked me if I was the tailor and asked me to go upstairs. I went and saw a lady of around 28yrs old. She was nice. I said I have come. She sat beside me and asked about my tailoring.

Then said she needs me to stitch her blouse. I agreed and asked for measurements. She said that I have to take, that is why she wanted me coming there. She said that everybody were telling my name as ladies specialist. I was on fire. Looking at the lady. She was like a statue, her bosoms were carved lovely. She had a swaying hips. And her back was so good carved. I took my tape asked her to get ready.

She stood up and made her saree to fall. My goodness she was tremendous in size it was round and firm. Never ever I had seen such a boobs. I slowly measured with my tape. When I was doing it I had to brush her tits touching her nipples, when I wanted to make the reading my tape would go tight and her flesh would bulge on top. She explained it is tight again if I loosen she would say it it loose. Then I said it must be your bras making me not to get the correct measurement. Why don\'t U remove it I asked. She went in and removed it and came wearing the blouse alone. Again when she let down her saree.

She was creamy. Her belly and bosom was inviting me to see how her pussy would be. I was having my eyes glistering towards her bosoms. It was admirable and her nipples and arola were visible. I had my prick bursting out. I measured and when she asked if I can make panty. I was on fire. I knew what was in her mind and said I will be pleased if I am allowed to measure her Pussy. She smiled and dropped her saree.

She was standing with her petticoat and her blouse. I unknotted her petty coat. Mine she was bare. She was having a great cunt. It was smelling as jasmine flower. I let my fingers in it was slippery and her juices were dripping. I was aroused the way her pussy was. It was as though in a red hot tunnel. She then unzipped my pant. He was shooting up. She went down to take him. I slowly removed her blouse and was nibbling her nipples and running my hands all over her body. She was soft and was solid. She then took mine in her mouth. And telling how good he his with his length and the diameter was great. She never had a solid meat like this. I then said I have to measure her pussy how deep it is to stitch her panty and made my instrument my prick to measure it. She was explaining how much I care for her. You being so gentle and make me coming with ease. Whereas her husband is not like that. She was widening it for me and asking me to plough in deep. As my customer wish

I made her come 3 times and shed mine for her. She said she would never ever think about other tailor hereafter. As said by others she agreed that I am Ladies Expert Tailor.

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