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Hospital Encounters
by Courtney

She stood in the middle of the hall, waiting patiently, her white uniform neatly pressed, and well fitting. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail, the white hat perfectly in place. She held a clip board in her delicate hands, looking down to see the name of the new patient she was to take care of for the next week or so. "Chris King.", she mused as she smiled, fixing her short skirt and running her fingers through her hair. She made her way down the hall to room 280, with a bright smile, but when she entered the room she was surprised to see the bed was empty and neatly made. A man looking to be in his mid twenties stood at the window, dark brown hair standing in spikes, his lean muscles just barley showing under the tight gray shirt he wore. She stood quietly in the doorway, wondering why the hospital would give her a room number that had no patient. The man heard her high heeled white shoes on the linoleum floor and turned to face her, his brown eyes lighting up as he saw the small, thin, well figured woman. "Hi." His voice was deep and soft and she blushed slightly, "Hi.. Umm I'm Lea.. I was sent here to take care of.. A.. Chris King." He smirked, "I'm Chris King, I'm the new manager of the nurses staff, I like to have a private.. Interview.. With all my nurses." She nodded slightly, setting the clip board down on the bed as she felt his eyes watching her, the fire starting to burn, she tried to push the feelings away. She pushed up her bra a bit, as if she didn't know he was watching, his eyes glowed more. "What would you like to know?" She asked, looking up at him with crystal blue eyes and a smile like no other. He took a step away from the window and then walked to the door and let it close, immediately locking it. She saw this but didn't move, standing near the edge of the hospital bed. He turned to face her once more and he smiled widely, "Well, how old are you Lea?" She looked up at him, seeing he stood about six foot, where she stood about 5'7" in her heels. "I'm 19." Her voice suddenly quieter than before, and she blushed as he stood right in front of her, her breasts brushing against his chest. "19.. That's a good age.. You're an intern right?" She nodded, feeling his warm hand as his fingers brushed along her thigh. "That's nice.. And.. Do you know how to take care of your patients with special love and care?" She bit her lip and nodded again, feeling his hand slide up and under her short skirt, working its way up to feel along her black thong. "I think you'll like working here." His hand moved away from her, "You'll do fine." He went to turn and walk away and she grabbed his arm and turned him back around to face her, "Wait.." She took his hands and pressed them to her breasts, letting him feel her through her top and bra. Her smirked, "What's this.. You liked that?" She nodded rather eagerly and moved into his hands, he moved them away and placed his hands on her hips, moving her backward and pressing her against the wall. She looked up at him, just as he leaned in and kissed her cheek, then quickly tore her button down blouse open and slid it off her shoulders. Blue eyes wide with the sudden excitement, she reached her right hand forward and lay her hand against the front of his jeans feeling that he was starting to get aroused himself and she smiled, quickly pulling at his jeans, undoing the button, pulling the zipper down and pushing them down on his hips a bit. He let out a breath as he felt her warm hand slip into his boxers and gently trail over his length. He pushed her hand away reaching back and unclasping her bra pulling it away quickly, moving down taking her now erect nipples one at a time into his mouth, sucking hard. She let out a soft moan, arching her back into his mouth, feeling his rough hands pull at the zipper in the back of her skirt, the pushing it down letting it fall to the floor. She kicked it away, feeling his fingers trace her through the now soaked black thong. He kicked off his own jeans, the bulge pushing against his boxers, her smile growing. He pulled her away from the wall, turning her and pulling her to the bed, where he bent her over the edge, pulling her panties down and away from her, leaving her in nothing be her white high heels. "Nice.." He smirked and pulled his boxers off, his penis fully erect now as he let his middle finger slide over her opening, feeling how hot she was, seeing how wet she was. He didn't bother to take his shirt off, his hand running over her ass, as he leaned over her from behind. He took her breasts into his hands and placed her nipples between his thumb and fore fingers twisting and pinching, causing her to moan more. "Put it in me please.." She looked back over her shoulder, looking to see his long pulsing cock, "Please.." she said again and he smiled to her, pressing the tip against her, seeing that she truly wanted it. Without another word her kept her bent over the bed and thrust his cock deep into her pussy, feeling him surround her as he let out a slight grunt. She moaned more and closed her eyes, her small hands gripping the sheets on the bed as he pulled out half way then slammed back into her, deeper with each thrust and as hard as he possibly could. He let one of his hands reach back away from her, holding her hip, holding her too him. It had been a while before he had ever felt this good, as he felt his orgasm nearing pretty quickly. He could hear her moaning a little louder, his hand holding her breast, squeezing gently. Suddenly she started to tighten around him, her orgasm hitting her hard. He moaned, feeling her swallow him, as her juices flowed over him, he pulled her back into him slamming deep into her, his cock swelling when he suddenly exploded inside of her. He was quick to pull out and watched her slide down onto the bed, "Wow.." she whispered. He looked to her, "Wow is right.." She slowly stood and he helped her. Lea smiled up to him and he smiled back. "So.. How about.. We have our little meetings here twice a week.." he said in a sensual voice giving her a wink. She smiled more as he handed her uniform, "Yes sir.. I'll see you Friday.." She quickly dressed and made her way out of the room, giving him a little wave as she left.e off. The others stumbled over and we lay in tangle of legs, arms and naked breasts, all soaked with pool water and each other's come. We lay there for the remainder of our time in the pool, occasionally liking and playing with each other, flushed with our exertions and in absolute heaven. It was the best Birthday party I ever had.

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