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hooked on black
by hornyhousewife

hello readers i have to write about my expericence that has just recently turned my husbands and i life style and sex in a total 360 direction. we have been married for 16 going on 17 yrs and my hubby has always been open about sex. he introduced me to so much during our marriage and never boring. he has a average size cock that can fuck and fuck. my husband does not come quick.
well thru out our yrs toys and dirty movies were part of our sex life untill one night my hubby was watching a three some. two guy and a girl. my hubby had a crazy college life and i new he had threesomes and tried many things. me never did till i met him. love him. anyway he was so turned on about the 2 guy thing that he started talking about it during sex and he came hard cuz it turned him on thinking i would like to try it. it was uncomfortable at the time but the more and more we talked about it the more i came interested. so that went on a few years and never tried anything.
until one night i was up late and was working while watching tv. i was fliping channels till i saw real sex on HBO and the espisode was on black men. OMG i could not belived the size of thier cocks. i watched and as soon a over i went to bed and woke my hubby up by sucking his cock till hard and just jumped on his cock. he asked what was going on and why so horny and i told him everything. with out hesitation he thru me over and started to fuck me hard for a good while i was telling him what i saw. i said i wish i had experienced that in high school and college. to my surprise he said "its never to late"
i instantly came and while cumming i was screaming i want to fuck a black cock. well that lasted a about a year and i bought me interracial porn only and would tell me look at that black guy while we were out. he would give me website to look at with black cock. well one day while we were playing i saw this scene in one of the interracial videos that i loved. this gorgeous black man fucking this women. i was horny as hell and had watched that scene over and over. tell my hubby i want to fuck a guy like that. at that moment i thought about my sons karate teacher a beautiful black man with greenish eyes i was wet everytime i saw him and only my freind at work new what i would love to do to him.
well then a few nights later my hubby while fucking me asked if i had ever seen a black men i would love to fuck and i told him yes and who he was. my hubby came so much and stayed hard that he turned my over and started fucking my in the ass. i did not usueally care for anal sex but the thought of having a three some with my hubby and a huge black man was very over powering..
well the impossbile became possible when my hubby and i had gone to shoot some pool at a bar and the karate teacher walked in and said hello. my hubby instantly invited him to join us and we played pool. a couple of hrs later and drinks later it was time to go and he had been dropped off. so we gave him a ride. while he was in the back seat my hubby was rubbing my clit thru my dress and i was so wet. mike the black guy asked if we got high and i looked at my hubby and said yes. so then we invited him back to place and had our own little party.
well down in texes november feels good out side so we were on patio chatting and smoking and then hubby suggested we get in hot tub. to my surprise i could not breath. so i suggested let me go change and the mike said he had no cloths. well hubby said just jump in our under cloths. well i said "let me get in first so youll turn around, then when youll get in ill turn around\" of corse i did not want to.anyway a little drink and smoke i was feeling pretty good. my hubby got in and took off his boxers when he sat down and when mike started taking off his cloths his body was so perfectly formed it was amazing. as i was turning around my hubby told me that mike was already in so i turned back around and he lied to me mike was just stepping in and i could see his beautiful cock and it was big just limber and bigger than hubby hard.
mike said "sorry" and seemed embarrassed. then hubby said if i have seen one i have seen all. and i said "but not like that" we all laughed.
so as we were in jacuzzi shooting the breeze and smoking i reached over and started to jerk hubby off and the next thing i new i had a finger inside of me but has my hubby was running his had down my thigh he was stopped only cuz it was mikes finger inside of me. and at that moment i did not think it was mike. i then kissed my hubby and whispered he has a big cock he then said back how do you know and i told hubby cuz i while i was stroking him mike grabbed her hand a started to stroke his. my hubby then told mike that i give a great blow job and if you stand up you get a damn good blow job.
i was gone and so was hubby by the sight of such a big beautiful black cock in my hand and about to enter my mouth. i sucked on this god of a cock for a good while and completely ingnored hubbys cock. did not mean to but this guys cock was amazing. i never did like to fuck in the jacuzzi cuz it maid my pussy dry just did not like it so i took my mouth off his cock without letting go and said lets go inside. i kept my hand on mikes cock and walked him in while hubby followed and while hubby was grabbing video cammera i sat on corner of the couch and glided this guys cock in. i came before he could even get have way in. it was the most amazing fuck of my life. well two have past and we r regulars on black cock. hubby says i can only fuck black men. and mike visits about twice a month and we just had two gorgous black men moved in next door. yes we have already introduced our selfs and haveing some adult fun.

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