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Hiking Guide
by trailmovin

I'm often called by people wanting to go into the wilderness on a day hike, but are afraid to go on their own. I got a call from a lady asking if I could schedule her for a day hike in the mountains, to which I replied by asking her about her physical condition explaining many of the trail's are very steep and rugged. She assured me she was in excellent shape from running track in high school , and was going to college in the fall. I agreed, and set up a time to meet at the trail parking area, asking her if she would be alone, to which she responded "yes."

I drove up to the parking area to access the trail and parked. I quickly gathered my pack and gear, when a young girl walked up to my vehicle. I asked her if she was Kelly, to which she said "yes," and appeared to be quite shy as she looked to the ground with a smile. I was struck my her beauty and innocent look as I talked about issues of safety on the trail. She was pretty, and I felt myself getting aroused looking at her facial features. She was wearing a blue pull over shirt, and grey hiking short's which showed off her toned muscular leg's. I couldn't help running my finger's gently down her neck as I helped her adjust her pack.I warned her to be alert as we headed out, as the terrain was going to be steep, with alot of rock and uneven ground. She assured me she was up to the task, and moved along gracefully. I followed her as the trail began to up a narrow path, and couldn't take my eye's off her beautiful cream colored skin and brown hair, she very conditioned and fit.

We stopped for water at a creek after hiking for two hours, to hydrate and rest. I noticed as I sat across from her on the rock's she was sweating, from the heat making her skin shine. I noticed her hiking short's had worked there way up her leg's exposing her inner thigh's, when she caught me looking down at her leg's and looked to the ground again in shyness. I was wearing loose fitting hiking shorts and she could see down the inside of my hiking short's at my muscular leg's.I'm older but well conditioned, and have a muscular body. I positioned myself so she could get a better view as we talked, she was reluctant to look and seemed embarrassed to look, but my arousal was growing hard, and easy for her to see every time she glanced.

The time had arrived to continue the hike, as we had rested, and we needed to make the top in time to turn around for the hike back to the parking area.We put our packs on and started to move on up the mountain. We hadn't gone more than a mile when Kelly's leg cramped up, and we needed to stop. She was not in pain, but a cramp requires stretching to loosen up. I found a flat area where she could lay on a ground cloth I had brought along. She began to stretch, when I asked her if she wanted me to put her leg over my shoulder for more leverage to stretch her leg, with shyness, and reluctance she agreed. I placed her calf over my shoulder and began to massage her thigh's with my strong hands. I noticed her facial expression change as I firmly massaged her leg working my hand's up her smooth and white thigh. The heat of the day made her skin wet as my hand's easily slid up and down her toned soft leg. I massaged up to the edge of her short's, her thigh now exposed up to her underwear, with her leg over my shoulder. I noticed her eye's darting back and forth as my finger's moved up her inner thigh, when she asked if that might not be enough. I assured her it was ok, and how important it was to loosen the muscles up for the rest of the hike.. The oppurtunity now allowed me to move my finger's into her underwear, which made her pretty face show she was now clearly becoming aroused. The more I rubbed, the more her soft skin began to tremble, her breathing increasing. I could feel her wetness as I skillfully rubbed faster and faster, increasing the speed in and out, as her young body began to wimper and sqirm, her head tilted back and face showing the want, her body was beginning to feel. I placed her other leg over my shoulder, and put my lip's on her inner thigh tasting her softness with my mouth, running up and down her exposed leg's with my tongue. She was panting now, and I could hear the sound of my hand slapping against her wet skin , as she arched toward my finger's. My tongue and mouth raced along the slickness her thigh's, as I smelled her skin, and the wetness of a woman. Suddenly with a loud cry, she arched her hip's hard against my hand and lip's, and let out a deep moan.......satisfaction.

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