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Helpfull Shop assistance
by Davina2

Just another shopping Saturday in Crewe, Son didn't want to come, and husband watching football. Well at least i get to brows without rushing, love shoe shopping, but today I must get a new bra, maybe something a little sexy, it might even excite him indoors a little!!

I am in the shop looking through the hundreds of different bra's there appears to be now, i am a 36b and never have had a good comfortable fitting bra, As i am browsing and walking back and forth, the usual thing happens (which i hate) "may i help you madam" came the voice of the young female shop assistant, well at 41 years of age i would have thought by now i could choose my own bra, but then thinking that to find a comfortable fitting one as well as maybe a little sexy, i may as well gain the help of this girl who is anyway paid to help.

Oh yes i am looking for a Bra that is not only comfortable but also has a little sex appeal! so what do you suggest?

"well if madam would like to go into the changing room and remove your top, then i will measure you and we can choose a style once we have the size" who was i to argue seemed sensible to me! So i did, i went into the room, drew the curtains and removed my blouse, withing a second or so the girl asked if she could enter, i replied, and she came in with a tape measure, i turned, as asked, to face the opposite wall, (which had a full length mirror attached to it.) This i did, the girl (who's name tag told me her name was Nicole) asked me to also remove my bra, so as to get a measurement and cup size, as i tried to reach around to undo the clasp, i met her fingers on the clasp, "allow me madam" she said, she undid the clasp and i let the bra slip off my shoulders, and i placed it on the hook to the right of me.

She asked me to raise my arms a little so as to pass the tape around me, this i did, as the tape touched my nipples i noticed that it was a little cold, and being so had the usual effect on them, they hardened a little, I noticed looking at the assistant through the mirror that she noticed the effect also, and said "oh i am sorry madam, was that cold?" and a little cheeky smile came over her lips.

I must admit i didn't know how to take that, but she was showing competence in her work, so i dismissed it as youthful fun!

"Right Madam you are a 36 B So we will try just any bra first to see if it is comfortable, and then if it is we will look at style", and away she went, arriving back with a few different bras over her arm.

I was facing her and noticed she did take pride in her work, she held up the bra to my boobs and slipped them in, then reached around me and fastened the clasp, i was aware of her breath on my neck, she brought her hands up to my bra and adjusted it and made my breasts comfortable in there new home, she stroked them down, and i noticed that little smile upon her lips again, you like your job don't you I asked? "sometimes more than others" she replied. "ok madam slip this one off and we will try for the look now"

i slipped it off myself, and she offered me a really nice lace half cup in cream, she once again offered it up to my boobies and i had noticed by now that my nipples had become very erect and hard, She commented on the possible need for a padded bra to hide them and then laughed, as it was obvious i don't need a padded bra for any other reason. I appologised for their state and missbehavoure, as a joke.

She immediately responded with "Thats ok madam today is a good day at work" and she plumped up the cups with the palm's of her hands, and as she did her thumbs rubbed over my nipples, i was sup prised to find that the feeling was very pleasing to me, i opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out, i just stood there frozen to the spot and my lips slightly parted, i noticed that she was looking me right in the eyes, looking to see what my response was, and it didn't take her more than a second to realize it was surprise and pleasure combined, she asked if i liked this one or would i like to try on another?

I picked up a lovely Black open lace at the top and soft smooth bottom that was under wired, she undid the clip for me and eased the cream on off of my shoulders.

As it was dropped onto the bench, she looked me in the eye again, and ran a hand under my left boob and cupped it's nakedness, this sent a chill down my back, and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. my pleasure must have been obvious in my eyes. "Does madam like this?" I believe my breathing was a give away.

I think i whispered in a quivering soft voice "oh yes madam does like it"

She lent forward, and i surprised myself by doing the same, our lips met, (i have never kissed or been kissed passionately by another woman) her lips were soft and warm, she kissed my top then bottom lip, sucking them into her mouth a little, all the time her hands were fondling and caressing my boobs so expertly. she parted my lip's with hers, and kissed me deeply and very wet.

I could feel moisture begin to build inside my pussy. she pulled away from my lips and kissed me down my neck and to my boobies i was watching her through the mirror, and she returned my gaze with a smile, and licked the tip of my right nipple slowly and deliberately for me to see.

holding my right boob with one hand and kissing licking and a little nibbling, her other hand worked it's way onto my knee, she eased me onto the bench, i sat there facing the mirror, her hand worked its way up the inside of my thigh, i put my hand on it and stopped her, she whispered "it's ok we are safe in here. let me have you" i pulled my hand away, my knickers were soaking, and when she lifted my skirt, i could smell my own juices, her finger played with my clit through my knickers, the she slipped her finger under my knickers easing them to one side, i believe i groaned or moaned loudly, as she put a hand over my mouth and motioned me to be silent, i smelt myself on her hand.

she then pulled up my skirt up to my waist, and began to kiss me down my tummy, and to my belly button, she licked that, and theneased my legs apart with both hands, i didn't resist that much. she eased my panties down my legs, and slipped it just off one leg, then parted my legs again but this time wide, she opened my pussy with her hands and licked my harden clit, i could feel my juices starting to leave my body, i have never been so wet ever,

As i looked down i saw her head begin to move up and down, in and out, and the view through the mirror was of her on her knees, and her head buried in between my thighs. The feelings i was getting were out of this world, a hand slipped into me, palm up and pulled out again she was lapping my juices off her hand, this just sent me wild, i started to have the most incredible orgasm of all time, as i started to cum, she nibbled me and licked me deeper and deeper, i could see that she was rubbing herself against foot rail, she was beginning to orgasm too.

one hand came up and squeezed my nipple hard, and i played with the other, as i let my juices flow, i came so heavy, as i stroked her hair with my other hand and pushed her deeper into my open wet pussy, we both orgasmed heavy and together. she looked up at me and gave me that cheeky smile, her lips and chin were soaking with my love juices, she came up to face me and said "is Madam satisfied with the service"?

Oh my God madam is very satisfied i said, she then leaned forward and kissed me, and i tasted myself on her lips, she licked her lips, and then licked mine. "Has Madam decided on the bra yet" she asked? Oh yes i replied, it has to be the cream one, it will hold memories for me!!

I stood to pull up my knickers and straighten myself and redress, and realized my legs had gone weak.

She took the bra, and left the booth, saying your purchase will be ready for y

ou to pay for and collect when madam is ready. I took a few moments and did as she asked. One day i will need another bra or even a new pair of knickers. it will deffinatley be shopping in Crewe again.

I still get wet when i think about tht day.

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